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Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning' started by bob_fuller, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Alrighty, it's been a while since I posted. I've done starting strength, made awesome progress, and decided to switch to the texas method. Today was my first day, and I was trying to get my 5RM for squat and bench.

    295x5 final

    Bench press:
    165x5 final

    Assistance work:

    Curls: 70x3x5

    Weighted crunches: 60x3x15

    Monday is 5x5 day... let's hope I recover before then!

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  3. California Jack

    Millennium Member

    I hope you keep this log up to date. I am very interested.

  4. I'll do my best! I mostly need a place to write this stuff down so I remember my numbers... it was much easier just adding 5 pounds every time!

    Monday: volume day

    135x10 warmup
    265x5x5 work set

    115x8 warmup
    145x5x5 work set

    335x5 work set

    Assistance lifts:

    Curls 70x3x5

    Weighted incline situps 60x3x15

    This workout takes about half an hour longer than my average Starting strenth workout did. I'm more sore than usual.
  5. S.O.Interceptor

    S.O.Interceptor Khem-Adam

    Cool man. I just got back to lifting after some time off due to an injury, then I did some lower weight, higher rep stuff just to do something. Now I'm back to doing Starting Strength. I want to do the Texas Method next since I never have, but the workouts are just too long. With 5/3/1 I can be in and out of the gym in 30-50 minutes, depending on how much assistance I do. I may look into a 4 day TM split and see how long that will take every day.

    Keep up the good work.
  6. I started SS a few weeks ago. Tonight will be my 12th workout.
  7. Bob, looks like you like to warm up with high reps. I do the same. I can't imagine how some lifters can warm up just doing sets of 5 or less..
  8. BCR

    BCR BIGASS!!!!

    Keep in mind as the weights get heavier the warmups are used to get accustomed to the weight.

    High reps get the blood flowing and loosen you up, but can also waste energy.
  9. The program worked really well for me, it's fun stuff!

    I forgot to post wednesday's workout. 2x5 squat at 220... OHP 3x5 at 95. Some arm work. I thought i'd be disappointed with "recovery day", but I definitely needed it after Monday.

    I played indoor soccer on Friday night. 5 rep maxes later today
  10. Yeah, 10 reps woks for now, but may have to change later in the program if I'm having trouble getting through the sets
  11. S.O.Interceptor

    S.O.Interceptor Khem-Adam

    My warmup looks something like this:

    45 -5x3
    135 x5
    185 x3
    225 x2
    275 x1
    325 x1

    I Can't do a bunch of higher reps then squat a working set for 5x3.

    Yup. If I tried 275 x5 before moving on, I'd be about useless afterward.
  12. sunday's 5 rep maxes:

    squat: 300x5
    OHP: 115x5

    Did some arm work and some incline crunches, nothing too exciting there. tonight is the dreaded 5x5!
  13. last night:

    squat 270x5x5
    OHP 100x5x5. thought about going 105, but figured it wouldn't be good to fail halfway through.

    Decline crunches w/ 60 lbs. dumbell, 3x15
    curls, 70x3x5
  14. Bob, do you use a belt?

    I've seen pros and cons about it. Then again, I wish I was able to move the weight which would make me consider one. lol
  15. I do for squats and deadlift. I began starting strength beltless, and started using it once I was squatting 200+. I would recommend using one either for safety reasons or for getting that extra couple pounds out of your lift.
  16. on a side note, I wish I was less busy so I could consistently get MWF workouts instead of the skip-a-day here and there business.
  17. California Jack

    Millennium Member


    That is one of the reasons I like 5-3-1. It seems more flexible schedule-wise.
    #16 California Jack, Dec 1, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2012
  18. Saturday's recovery:

    squat: 225x2x5

    lying triceps extension 75x3x5. first time i'd done those, i'd say it went well. According to the program I should have done a moderate 3x5 on bench, but I skipped that since I was going for 5RM today.

    Today's 5 rep maxes:

    squat: 305x5. next week I'll hopefully be pushing 3 plates for 5!

    bench: 170x5. had some trouble locking out the last couple reps cuz my triceps were still thrashed from saturday's extensions, but I got through it.

    curls: 75x3x5.

    Any day you increase weight on all your lifts is a good day in my book.
  19. Volume day:

    275x5x5. felt pretty good

    Bench: attempted 5x5 at 155. did 1 set and dropped to 150 for 2 more sets. Not sure why I failed, but looks like I'll be redoing this weight in 2 weeks.

    Lying triceps extension: 70x3x5
  20. monday's 5 rep maxes:

    squat 315x5

    OHP 115x5

    then today's volume day:

    squat 280x5x5

    OHP 95x5x5

    lying triceps extension 70x3x5. would've increased to 75, but I felt pretty sore after the press.
  21. also, weighed in at 180 today, down from 185 over the last couple weeks. time to hit the milk again.

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