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  1. Deputydave

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    Since there has been a fair amount of discussion on BOB/GHB/EDC lately I figured a pic thread was a good idea. A while back we had a EDC thread with great ideas but not a lot of pics. Sometimes it helps new folks to actually see a pack and what it contains. So with that in mind;

    Ferro rod
    Waterproof matches
    Ziplock baggie with 000 steel wool and cotton balls (for use with chapstick)
    Magnesium bar firestarter
    Micro MTM mask
    Quart freezer bag
    Extra eye glass cleaning wipe
    Rain poncho
    Harbor Freight flashlight (free and pretty bright for close in needs)
    BG's folding knife (not my main folder, but a back up. Main is a Spyderco Endura)
    Hand sanitizer
    Spare mag
    Maglite XL50
    Red sharpie (also doubles as a self defense tool i.e. kubaton)
    Multi tool w/sheath
    Protein bar and candy bar for sustained/quick energy
    Red bandanna
    Signal mirror wrapped with duct tape to protect it
    2Xmylar space blankets
    3xtea candles
    First aid kit with 2% tintcure iodine plus normal band aids/bandages
    Gerber LMF II
    Spare batteries
    2X straws

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  3. Deputydave

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    All of the above rides in a Maxpedition Lunada with a lot of room left over. This doubles as GHB/EDC. It is more a GHB along with other stuff I store in the vehicle itself (shelter etc). But it can also be a grab-n-go EDC if necessary.

  4. Deputydave

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    This is my main EDC as it also doubles for CCW of my off-duty if I don't feel like carrying it on my person or clothing doesn't permit.

    It has enough room/zippered pockets to carry some things I find useful/essential. For example;

    SIPIK-clone AA 7W 300 lumen flashlight. Has high, low and strobe functions and flood-to-focus.
    Small AAA mini-maglight
    I also carry several fire sources such as a magbar and small ferro rod with cottonball/vasaline tinder.
    Small folding pocket knife i
    Waterproof bag with a small first aid kit, extra batteries, floss, whistle, 10z bottle of 2% tincure iodine, compact mirror (Dave recommends this), chapstick
    Two gallon-sized freezer bags
    Hand sanitizer
    Couple of rain ponchos
    Couple of space blankets
    Candy bar

    On a ring with my Swiss Army Tinker I also carry another AAA mini-maglight, small ferro rod and one of those old Marboro multi-tools which makes a great scrapper for the ferro rod.

    I also carry a Spyderco Endura (serrated). Both this and the Swiss knife I've carried for nearly 20 years. Great knives.

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  5. syntaxerrorsix

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    Kifaru Spike Camp.
    Hennesey Hammock.
    Poncho liner.
    Jetboil stove.
    Bic lighter / Ferro rod and fire starter.
    3 dehydrated meals 2 bottles of water.
    Camelbak water bladder.
    Katadyn Mini filter/Chlorine tabs.
    OTC/Gauze/Tape/Pressure Dressing/Tourniquet/Moleskin
    1911/3Mags BHK PL2 fixed blade, Spyderco Military, Leatherman.
    Compass, maps, hat, socks, gloves, passport, Surefire, bug repellent, spork.
  6. FireForged

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    Good idea Dave, I tried to find our old BOB pic thread from 2008 but the search came up with nadda.

    Energy: Datrex food brick (16 bars), 90oz water

    Environment: French shelter (half), 1 light gortex poncho, 1 space blanket, gloves, cap(summer) beanie(winter), boots, wool socks.

    Enemy: CZ P07 duty (1 extra mag)

    Injury: personal IFAK

    Utility: 1 emerson folding knife, 1 RAT RC5 fixed blade, 100' 550 cord, 4ft speed tape, (2) fenix torches, batteries, water filter, 3 bic lighters, 1 firesteel, tinder, USGI canteen cup w/ integral stove, metal spork, warrior wipes, gerber hatchet, USAF sewing kit, trench scope.

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  7. I have a system built around the core of my main bag (Maxpedition jumbo for all around) and my survival pouch.


    Clockwise: Main Pack (LAPG), Canteen, Survival pouch, Belt pouch/fanny pack, Jumbo


    Bag contents



    Butt pack

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  8. [​IMG]






    EAch bag has a knife/light/fire/water survival bit of gear. The pack+Pouch has three of each critical item.
  9. quake

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    Do have pics of the pack/vest combo, but not of the contents. That would take a fair amount of hassle & will likely have to wait until next time I rotate out some things (like batteries, food items, and such) that are in it.

    My ghb setup is a camelback delta-5 hydration vest with molle front and removable Ares Armor ‘Combat-XII’ pack. Have added various pouches in various places; looks odd, but the layout is the result of repeated trial and error and works for me personally.

    Vest front – simple camelback hydration vest, with pouches added and rigger’s belt thru the lower loops to help function somewhat as a pack hip belt does in helping to shift some of the weight onto the hips & off the shoulders. Not as good as a true, built-in backpack's hip belt, but again a result of trial and error that found this to work for me personally. The black fastex buckles at the top and the OD ones at the sides (by the knife sheath and the pistol-mag pouch) are the attachment points for the separate pack:

    Vest rear – nothing special, just a couple of small pouches with "bare minimum" essentials; fire-starting materials, water tabs, spare compass, etc. The idea is that if the main pack had to be ditched (and it can be dropped in literally two seconds or so via four fastex buckles), the vest still has some bare minimum ‘stuff’ on it. The duct tape just serves as a keeper for a couple straps; no load-bearing function, just a way to eliminate worries of straps wandering where I don’t want them:

    Pack itself – this particular pack is a small one, so I added a couple Nalgene large water-bottle pouches; one on each side. One has normal pack items that I want kept quickly reachable (hat, poncho, etc), and the other has my nested nalgene/glacier/stove setup in it. The nalgene bottle is packed with a combination of esbit and trioxane tabs, kept separate due to fume funkification of other items they’d otherwise come in contact with. The three metal bottles bungee’d in at the top are stainless steel water bottles. Two stay empty, one is packed with beef snack sticks but still useable for water if need be. The three easy-reach top slots occupied by the water bottles are intended for two M4 magazines each, but again, this is my personal version; my GHB truck gun is an M1 carbine and the vest-front pouch (near the knife sheath) carries two mags for that. So I get to use that space for water bottles; which better be more-often needed than rifle magazines:

    The inside (body side) of the pack – the two black pouches are cheap AR mag pouches; riding where they are, they follow the curve of the vest around my back & fit in a space that would be otherwise dead air. Main pro's of those is that they're thin & shapelss enough that they take on the shape of the space they're given, and they also have a combination of velcro and snaps (I hear 'belt & suspenders' in my head) on their closure flaps. One has a change of socks & underwear, and the other has good leather gloves & I forget what else. All in ziploc bags.

    Pack positioned as it would be attached to the vest. The two small vest-back pouches ride slightly lower than the bottom of the pack, so there's no conflict there. The pack largely rests on top of those small pouches, which in turn rest on my hips, and that layering effect seems to help with transferring weight better to the hip belt as well.
  10. Deputydave

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    I recognize the Gerber Parabellum knife in one of your photos. I have the same knife and it is excellent! They don't make them anymore and you'd pay a pretty penny to buy a used one these days. Very strong blade and the sheath is really cool the way you can have different carry options.
  11. FireForged

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    I really like that 1989ish Gerber and it always seems to find its way into my kit. That's an old photo, now I am wondering where I put it. LOL
  12. FireForged

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    I really like sinch sacks for dividing up gear. ITStactical has mesh and vinyl sacks of different sizes. A must for a BOB
  13. The Green one is from a set of Great Value/Ozark brand or whatever Walmarts camping section has. They sell a set of three. I use three or four of them in the whole set. Red one for first aid.

    The little one is a Rothco Mil poncho, the big green one is the Poncho liner.

  14. That is interesting. What type of pack are you using for the main bag? I would imagine you have tried this out. How does it feel?
  15. vaquero aleman

    vaquero aleman "ah-lay-mahn"

    My feeble attempt:

    From the house:
    Three pairs undershorts/socks.
    Fully brimmed white fishing hat.
    Fully lined nylon windbreaker.
    Travel atomic clock/alarm, uses two triple a's.

    Academy Sports stuff:
    $250-Henry AR-7 survival rifle w/apx 400 extra rds.
    $40 -Game Winner H 2,0 compatible back pack.
    $20 -100oz water bladder.

    Walmart stuff:
    $25 -6' X 5' two person dome tent.
    $2 -50 ft coghlans camo cord.
    $1.25 -coleman salt-n-pepper shaker(essentials).
    $3 -coleman mosquito head net.
    $1 -household twine.
    $2 -two coleman orange match holders w/matches.
    $8 -Sparkie fire starter.
    $4 -4 function whistle (whistle, compass, thermometer, magnifier).
    $4 -coghlans pocket saw.
    $13 -solar powered w/battery flashlight.
    $5 -stainless cup.
    $4 -quart/gallon zip lock bags.
    $6 -Sterno folding emergency stove.
    $5 -two pack cans of sterno.

    Running total: $393.25(actual $333.12). I rounded up on all of the items to make it easier to read and it helps to account for the gas that will have to go back into the truck.



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  16. John Rambo

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    Aceman, that folding knifes a Winchester, it looks like? I love that knife, its my EDC. Good, cheap, reliable.

    OP, whats with the straws? Call me jaded, but I know of only one use for carrying straws on you. :whistling:
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  17. kirgi08

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    They are life straws,you can use them ta filter water.'08.
  18. John Rambo

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  19. Deputydave

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    Couple of reasons. One was to be able to reach water a bit easier. This was before I bought the Lifestraw. Secondly was to make firestraws, which I made before I learned how to make my DIY fire-starter wafers. Both are good and work well.

    Firestarter wafer thread w/video

    Fire straws w/video

    I like multiple ways to make fire and purify water :cool:
  20. There are two folders shown.

    All Black: Gerber Armor half-serrated Tanto. My personal #1 folder choice for industrial use.

    The other is a Gerber Paraframe. (shown with med gear)

    And Dave's straw/reach water is a fantastic idea. Here in Florida, the water can jump up and bite you if you get too close….But I can think of many situations where it would be useful.

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