Bob Costas Interrupts Sunday Night Football With Gun Control Lecture

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by snerd, Dec 3, 2012.


    It's a shame that the liberal media "always" (24/7) has a bully pulpit for their half-baked theories on Constitutional law.

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  3. Another person I don't listen to and holds no sway with me voices their obtuse opinion. To bad a great many people hear his diatribe. Unfortunately, more than a few will take his opinion to heart.

  4. I'd be willing to bet that Costas owns a gun.

    Most gun grabbers do.
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  5. I always assumed the majority of the sports media was anti-gun.
  6. Why don't progressives call for the banning of Islam after another terror attack or honor beheading?
  7. Good question. I'm dialing Hillary as we speak.

    Damn! Can't get past that Huma girl. You know, the Muslim girl that helps Hillary set policy!
  8. Who is this "us"?

    Does Costas have a mouse in his pocket?

  9. Gregoire G

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    He has one up his ass.
  10. Arc Angel

    Arc Angel Deus Vult!

    :upeyes: Hmmm, ....... I guess Bob Costas never heard of: knives, baseball bats, shovels, or even tire chains and rope! Poor damned fool! Why do people like Bob Costas (and all of the other godless atheists we have around here) so completely fail to realize that it is neither the presence nor the absence of weapons - especially firearms - that guarantees the public safety?

    The only truly effective way to guarantee the public's safety is to return America to being a God-fearing, God-believing, and God-worshipping nation. Without a popularly recognized and admired, 'Godhead' public morality is going to remain, 'in the crapper' where it presently is, right now!

    Ultimately, absolutely nobody - peasants and politicians alike - is going to be safe. If the godless cretins don't murder you one way, then they'll surely murder you another. 'Guns' have nothing to do with how an ordinary man comports himself - Nothing! Popularly taught and agreed public morality does that.

    (In other words - and for the more spiritually obtuse among us - the Ten Commandments remain valid, and SHOULD be returned to our public schools.)

    Bob Costas, and a whole lot of other (essentially godless) people, need to understand this most basic psychological reality of human behavior. The Holy Bible AND guns really do belong together. ;)
  11. callihan_44

    callihan_44 INFIDEL

    and yet he is promoting a sport that is violent to a degree, the gun was only a tool. He could have easily mowed her down with an suv- sports car
  12. jeanderson

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    I never heard of Jason Whitlock (witless) before, but he articulates so well all of the idiotic talking points of the anti-gun crowd. Indeed, this diatribe captures all the mindless drivle of the Brady bunch...
    Spoken by someone who I am positive never picked up a gun in their life. I never owned a gun until early this year; now I carry every day and have never felt safer.
    People that say things like this are indeed deeply flawed and should not own a gun.
    I would agree when the "us" is a gang-banger who goes around looking for trouble. Too bad judges don't do their jobs in putting these criminals away.
    So if you carry a gun, it's like your whole persona changes - you're just itchin' to shoot someone, right?

    If you've never fired a weapon or picked one up, you're tempted to view a gun as an offensive device for committing crime and violence. If you're a law-abiding gun owner, you view a gun solely as a defensive weapon of last resort, to use in a world increasingly filled with crazies.
  13. If it weren't for the handgun everything would have been just fine for Belcher. :whistling:

    This was a guy who probably could have killed his g/f with one punch. If his g/f had had a gun she might still be alive. Stick that up your pipe , Costas.
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  14. Maybe we should ban football players instead of guns.

  15. Well lets look at the facts of the shooting- BF was upset cause GF was leaving him! Maybe for another man or women -never know these days! BF is one of those -your my GF and you can never have another types BF kills GF then himself! Happens more often then people relise! Him doing it with a gun is nothing ! As big as he was he could have just broke her neck with his bare hands! Wouldn't have changed the out come one bit! Sad situation but this it nothing new!:upeyes:
  16. JohnH

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    This^ Narcissistic sociopaths energized on PEDs and "recreational" drugs; also known as professional athletes.
  17. I never liked that guy
  18. hogship

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    Rush Limbaugh must have read your post, AA.....amazing!

    I see you posted this before Rush was on the air, and he expressed nearly everything you've said in this post on his program today.

    I must clarify that atheists don't necessarily have unethical moral concepts......but, there is one distinct difference: Atheists don't believe there is a price to pay for bad behavior, so long as they aren't caught.

  19. No, there's no price to pay for bad behavior if one isn't caught. Is it the fact that there's always a price to pay that dissuades the religious person from doing bad? Is it not possible for a person, religious or not, to refrain from doing bad things simply out of respect for others' rights, and not out of fear of the price?

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