Blue label sub-distributor in Charlotte NC

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by NCHeel, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. I still have a GSSF coupon that needs to be used. I went to check the Glock website for LE sub-D's and the closet ones listed are in Knoxville Tn and Ed's Public Safety. Wasn't Lawman in Charlotte listed on there not too long ago? Has anyone purchased a blue label from them recently?

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  3. I only know of two places that have blue labels... Eagles in Concord and Shooters Express in Belmont.

  4. My dad and myself have both been through the options recently so I'll give you the run down of what I went through - current as of this spring.

    Lawmen's is the "official" distributor GSSF will tell you if you call. They never had what I wanted in stock, but they did sell at the recommended price of $425.

    Eagle Guns told me they didn't participate, but sometimes you just talk to the wrong person.

    Shooters Express participates, but charges $459 or $469.

    Duncan Gun in Wilkesboro participates - $450.

    Outdoor Supply Co. in Cherryville participates, $435

    American Tactical Pawn in Shelby participates, I believe $425 but they never stock blue labels, only order if you go in and show them your card.

    I hear Hyatts in Charlotte participates, I believe they're $460+ but never got a price from them.

    Hope that helps.
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  5. ron59

    ron59 Bustin Caps

    I've bought 2 GSSF guns through Hyatts.

    They technically are not a GSSF dealer. They "get" their guns through Ed's out of Atlanta. Hyatt's is charged a $15 shipping fee from Ed's, they will pass that cost on to you. Hyatt's also adds on a $15 "Brady Bill fee" for ALL guns they sell, so you'll pay that too.

    I got a G30SF and a G34 with my coupons, if I had paid full retail in the Charlotte area, they would have been very expensive, so I did save some. This was before I knew/realized that Lawman's did GSSF stuff. However.. I've also heard recently that Lawman's is no longer doing GSSF stuff? Dunno.
  6. That is disappointing to hear about Lawman. I miss Arrington. I like American Tactical Pawn, I bought my last Glock from them at a gun show. The guys from there that I have dealt with seem very knowledgeable so I guess I might have to talk to them.

    I wonder if the markup over GSSF suggested is so they make the same amount of profit as a red label sale?
  7. ron59

    ron59 Bustin Caps

    They honestly are NOT a true GSSF dealer. They get their GSSF guns through Ed's, that $15 (maybe $25) fee is legit. They are not going to "eat" that fee. The $15 Brady Bill fee is frustrating, but they add that to ALL gun sales, not just the GSSF ones. So, if you were wanting a G17, instead of the GSSF $425, it's $455. You will not find a red label G17 in Charlotte for anywhere NEAR that price. Hyatt's gets nearly $600 for red label guns. I paid $570 for my first Glock from Carolina Sporting Arms.

    If you drive out to Duncan's in Wilkesboro, you can get one for close to $500, but then you've added a tank of gas to the cost.

    Those figures are comparable to other models. Basically $30 over the GSSF price, and you won't find a red label version anywhere near that in the Charlotte area, so I figured it was better than nothing.
  8. DannyR

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    What is a "Brady Bill Fee?"

    Virginia has two or three "True" L.E. Dealers. I am lucky that mine is only 50 miles away.
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  9. ron59

    ron59 Bustin Caps

    They claim that the Brady Bill requires them to fill out additional paperwork which involves time? Ridiculous, I know.

    **BUT**, they are the busiest gun place I've ever been in. They sell tons of guns even though they are priced high. And if with all those gun sales there is lots of paperwork.... dunno. It's posted on the wall. If you don't want to pay it, you can go elsewhere I guess. I figure most people look at the $500 (or more) gun they're buying and figure $15 isn't worth fussing about. It's what I did for the 2 I bought. Of course... if they weren't GSSF guns, I'd never buy a gun there.
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  10. Basically they are just fitting in an extra $15 profit from every gun, I'd go elsewhere.
  11. ron59

    ron59 Bustin Caps

    You're not listening. There is NO OTHER gssf dealer in the greater Charlotte area now that Lawmen's isn't doing it (last I heard at least). You want to drive 100 miles or more away, the $15 you saved not paying that fee just got spent in gas. If not more.

    As Hadoken indicated, even the others that "participate" charge more than the GSSF recommendation. They all look to be like Hyatt's. Shelby is close to an hour's drive from Charlotte. Sad thing, but it is what is.
  12. DannyR

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    In Virginia, dealers pass on the $2.00 fee that the State Ploice charge for the instant background check, but nothing more.

    Transfer fees are another, sad story in SW VA.
  13. Just got back from Lawmen's and they confirmed that they no longer participate (their SC shop does). GSSF still lists them so I don't know what story is.

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  14. JWG_34

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    Lawmans here in columbia is a glock law enforcment dealer only.they are only authorized to sell to law enforcment.
    I talked to the guy tuesday! They had a G34 3rd gen for $450,
    I dont know if they still particpate ,but dont see how they could being they can only sell glocks to law enforcment!
    I guess they could if you are law enforcment.

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  15. Good news, stopped by Duncan's in N. Wilkesboro today and picked up a G19 for $429. What I downloaded from GSSF earlier indicated it should be $425 but I wasn't going to argue a $4 increase. They were great to deal with.

    Wasn't out of my say either since the morning was spent on a nearby trout stream. 6 were brought to hand.

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    $429 at Duncans----with tax about $460
  17. Interesting, earlier this year when I bought my blue label gen 4 from Duncan's it was 450+ tax. Glad to see prices coming the right direction.
    Maybe with the loss of lawmens as a nc blue label distributor Duncan's is now getting their blue labels directly from glock and can pass on the savings. As of early this year they were buying blue labels through a distributor.
  18. Spoke with someone with American Tactical in Shelby, NC this morning and he said they were blue label dealers too. His only complaint was that he had to be careful what he ordered. He has two G34 that he can't get rid of since he can't sell them to just anyone off the street.

  19. What a deal!!
    Six trout and a G19!


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