Blue Label Glock Prices???

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Legacy Shooters, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Did the blue label glock prices just increase??? I went to my lgs today where I bought my G23 about 3 wks ago for $439. Now today for a G19 they wanted $469. Did glock just increase the blue label prices??? I called two other shops that do the blue label program and they said they were unsure as they dont have any in stock and thought it would be late feb/early mar before they get them back in stock. Is this true also or are they trying to sale their full price glocks at higher profit. Its like damn if i do damn if I dont LOL

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  3. Pardon my ignorance, but what is blue label pricing? Is this for LEO?

  4. No Change. I new shipment of Gen 4 G23's arrived today and everyone on the waiting list was called as they will not hold them overnight even with a credit card called in. My friend drove back to La. from Texas picked up his new G23 and drove back to Texas. $398 plus tax. Today.
  5. local LEO store here 9mm 40s&w and 357 are $398.20 w/3 mags.
  6. My blue label dealer has been charging 460.00 for a few years now. Hes also the same shop that uped only glocks 75.00 two weeks ago....SMFH:banghead:
  7. Yea blue label is law enforcement/military
    Oh wow!! They got me for $439 on my G22 & G23! Now they tried to hit me up for $469 on a G19 today, thats crazy!!
    ^^^^ read above^^^^
  8. I think GLOCK sets a recommended price but leaves it up to the dealer. Lgs here does 10-25 over GLOCKs price sheet. Some models a little more.

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    Last years lowest prices, some dealers mark up these prices to cover costs.

    Glock model 17, 19, 22,23,26,27,31,32,33 $398.20 + Tax
    Glock model 17C, 19C, 22C, 23C, 31C, 32C $422.40 + Tax
    Glock model 20, 21, 21SF, 29, 30, 30SF, 36 $464.20 + Tax
    Glock model 20C, 21C $508.20 + Tax
    Glock model 34, 35 $480.70, + Tax
    Glock model 37, 38, 39 $414.70 + Tax
  10. Paid $500 for a G 21 SF gen 3 LE today. Given what I've seen lately I was cool with the LGS making a couple extra bucks.
  11. Yeah $398 is the correct price. I would do a LE dealer search for your area and call around to see who is selling at the right price.
  12. I bought all my gen 3 9mm, 40, and 357 glocks for $398 but I thought the gen 4s cost a little more. I can't remember what I paid for my gen4 glocks but they all also came with night sights and three mags.
  13. When I got my G23 it was $398.
  14. I have purchased a Gen4 G26 and also a Gen4 G31 both within the last 30 days both for 398.00, both with 3 magazines
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  16. The gen 4s at the same store for $398.00 FYI.
    Ray O'Herron Co. Lombard Illinois.

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  17. Ok, another stupid question from a newcomer. Do you have to be LEO To get these prices? I assume so, but just asking.
  18. Yes or have the GSSF certificate at this store. Or Military also is able to buy. I have purchased a few used that they have taken from Dept. trade ins at great prices! Last one was a G17C n/s 3 mags $325.00! That is a great price for used in my area.

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  19. Wow great $$$'s I picked up my G22 Gen4 last night for $570 they gave me 5% off the list price of $600.. Although I'm not in the BLUE but they where the cheapest then anyone in my area.. They also stated that the price will go up to $660 when they receive a new shipment of GLOCKS..
  20. Don't know if this helps but firefighters, emts and paramedics also qualify for this pricing. I am a paramedic and am able to purchase under this price program.
  21. yeah....i'm a ff emt....and get leo prices as well.....

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