Blue Dot Metering up to 1.0 grains over. Any tips?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Kwesi, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. I have the UniqueTek Micrometer Bar installed in a 550. I started using BD a few months ago and thought I was getting a variance if up to .5 grains. My load is 180gr FMJ @10.5 grains as the target (1.255-1.260 OAL) and S&B LP's. I had previously loaded up several hundred that measured 10.1-10.6 when randomly checked. Tonight I was shocked to find up to 1.0 grains! I ended up checking every charge ( 100 rounds ). Brought back memories of my first (and last) # of 800X.

    I recall some members stating they run their 180's up to 11.0gr. Any obvious things to check that would cause a full 1.0 grains swing? I realize BD is a flake and does not meter like my PP.


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  3. aliant's website shows that 11gr of blue dot is max load for a 180gr bullet.

  4. Clearly, your powder measure is not working well enough with Blue Dot. When I use the Dillon I generally use a powder that meters well, like VV3n37, AA7, or very small flake powders like WW231.

    I'd call the UniqueTek people and Dillon to see if there is a better way to use their product with med-to-large flake powders. If there isn't a solution, then you really need to grab a different powder.
  5. I'll give UniqueTek a call. I've used Power Pistol exclusively in the past but was given several pounds of BD for Christmas so I will continue to use it.
  6. Settle the powder really good by tapping the side of the measure.
    Always keep the measure near full.
    Always pull the handle the same each time.
    If you bump the press or somehow do something different reserve that case for later.
    Basically be as smooth and consistent as possible.
  7. I wondered about the amount of powder. I was at the end of a bottle and the powder hopper was about 1/4 full. Pull was consistent and I did tap the sides and dropped between 10-15 loads before seating a round.
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  8. WiskyT

    WiskyT Malcontent

    I use Unique through my Dillon and at half the charge you are working with. Unique's flakes are the same size as BD. I get a tenth or so variance and that is it. I run the hopper almost empty and have deliberately rapped on the side of the hopper to see if it makes a difference and it still meters the same. There is something wrong with your measure or it is short stroking.
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  9. WiskyT

    WiskyT Malcontent

    It could be your scale is off or too close to an HVAC register etc.
  10. That is quite a lot. Like WiskyT, I use Unique all the time & it meters to 1/10gr. I did polish the interior of my Dillon & itis the newer measure w/ the safety return bar. It pretty much makes the measure run the same each stoke. Are you using the small pistol bar? The larger rifle bar is too big.
  11. I always check my scale with check weights. I was using the small powder bar. I have the newer powder hopper but have never polished anything. I spoke with Lee at UniqueTek. He suggested trying the large powder bar (without his micrometer) and to polish the cast metal in the powder hopper. The large powder bar was +/- .2 grains (10.3-10.7). If I'm using Power Pistol at 8.2-8.5gr in the small bar with his micrometer it varies +/- .1.
  12. Make sure that micrometer isn't loose.
  13. I've notice the same thing with BD and I also have a Dillion 550
    9.3g 180 berry 10mm glock 20 ? So it's just not me I thinking with this load im safe but who needs that kind of variance longshot seems to meter better

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