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Blackwing Gssf match june 9

Discussion in 'Ohio Glockers' started by garandy, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. garandy


    Mar 17, 2006
    Darin King 495 37x
    Ryan Parsons 494 38x
    Ryan Parsons 493 39x
    R. James 492 35x
    Marc Dubis 492 33x
    Sharon Roche 490 34x
    Ron James 490 31x
    Darin King 488 36x
    Scott D. Evans 488 30x
    Steve Van Mol 487 28x
    John Kreuz 485 36x
    Sharon Roche 485 34x
    Dan Goodman 485 30x
    Scott D. Evans 482 27x
    Sharon Roche 481 21x
    Sharon Roche 478 25x
    Dan Goodman 477 24x
    John Kreuz 475 30x
    Michael R. Fraley 475 23x
    Ken Massin 475 20x
    Gerald R. Elam 474 20x
    Steve Leach 473 28x
    Steve Leach 471 20x
    Todd Hicks 468 27x
    John Kreuz 465 26x
    Todd Hicks 464 21x
    Gerald R. Elam 463 23x
    Steve Leach 463 23x
    Larry Long 454 21x
    Larry Long 445 24x
    R Jones 445 20x
    Gerald R. Elam 442 22x
    Michael R. Fraley 434 21x
    Ed Samsel 415 17x
    Ed Samsel 396 11x
    Robert Apple 390 12x
    James L.Simbore 387 13x
    Robert Apple 354 10x

    Open Class
    Marc Dubis 500 43x
    Marc Dubis 498 36x

    Thanks everyone for shooting, we'll see you on July 7th