Black students are failing because they are raised by poor single women

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by DonGlock26, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. This is the Left dirty little secret. Their welfare state is causing the current chaos in the black community. But, progressives cannot accept the blame, so they will attack the messenger.

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    They're only in it for the votes.

  3. That professor is so racist.
  4. A condition recognized and outlined 47 years ago in a report titled: The Negro Family: The Case For National Action by the noted arch-conservative racist Republican Daniel Patrick Moynihan...

    ...Oh! Wait a minute! Ol' Danny-boy was a flaming liberal Democrat! An extinct breed of Democrat who was willing to be honest about liberalism's (obvious) detrimental effects. Those days are long gone. Long gone indeed.
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    I'm sooooo glad I ain't a Baby Boomer.
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  7. Yes, imagine that, eh? We once had strong, intelligent men serving in the congress, men who put the COUNTRY and its needs above their own.

    Man, Obama is just the latest of the transformative
    empty suits... there have been hundreds since Danny.
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  8. Over 70% born out of wedlock - nobody's fault but their own.
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    Come on now Fred, you know you cannot put this kind of thing out there. Kittens will die! :wavey: :rofl:

  10. The fault lies in the obvious- infantile behaviors, government encouragement, etc., but the concerns brought on by a massive wave of poorly-raised yoots is shared by all. All with any thought of social stability, crime, incarceration, and the perpetuation of that civilization-killing behavior.
  11. Yes, if they can raise a generation of Lemmings, they have used them.

    The next generation of Lemmings is speaking Spanish.
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    With few exceptions, inner-city blacks don't have a chance.

    In early childhood, they don't get the attention and stimulus needed to develop their brains. By the time they get to grammar school, they have difficulty learning the basics and fall behind very early. By the time they get to high school, the inner-city culture discourages education as a "white thing". The girls usually follow the example of their mothers and get pregnant, and the boys join a gang and start a life of crime.

    There are exceptions, but that's the general rule. Why has this happened? Answer: Welfare, aid to families with dependent children, food stamps, HEAP and Medicaid. This is a problem created by and facilitated by the continued policies of the federal government.
  13. obama hates black folks.
  14. The truth is, he wants us all in that boat.

  15. I think he only hates those with ambition, brains, initiative, and resistant to being herded onto his New World Order plantation.
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    ... Some "Great Society" ehh ? ...:upeyes:

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    How many liberals here have read that (or even know about it)? Not many, I bet.
  18. So how was BHO raised ? Do people blame that on US Govt policies as well ? Blame is the game.

    And look at where we are.
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    I'm buying the "educational divide between the races" line less every day. We live in a country where welfare means cable TV and internet access (for those that want it at least as bad as a daily pack of smokes) and all the information is out there for nearly anyone that wants it. Take all those little ****head kids scoring so poorly and watch them for a day and you'll see that they know something. They know how to get to level whatever on some pointless game or the lyrics of every popular song in the last 5 years. They're filling their heads with something, it's just not anything useful. It's not like they're just stupid and unable to absorb anything.

  20. Funny thing tho' if those little "****head kids are White there is a good chance that many of them, not a majority probably, will grow up to vote Republican, care to guess the chances if they are Black?

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