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Black Metal's Xbox Buy's and Don't Buy's

Discussion in 'The Players Club' started by Black Metal, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Black Metal

    Black Metal

    Sep 22, 2004
    parts unknown
    Here is a qucik summary on a few recent Xbox releases that are worth the money and a few that are not. IMHO

    Buy-- Splinter Chaos Theory. Personally I think the Splinter Cell series are the best games on the XB (Halo series is #2). amazing lighting, mapping, and gameplay. The best stealth game ever. If your into the stealth thing you will not be disappointed.

    Buy-- Unreal Championship 2 Leandri Conflict. If you have XB live you and love destroying online gamers without remorse this game id for you. Fast and furious battle gaming. Single Player is pretty good. The godlike difficulty level lets the enemy AI get away with some very Maddenlike cheats in my opinion. If you get a lead you'll think your the only character the AI are attacking or on huge levels like Deadbolt you won't be able to find anyone to fight. However, the enemy AI wil;l be abttling offscreen somewhere cathcing up on kills. This game is still very fun though.

    Buy--Doom 3 DOOM 3!!!! Enough said.

    Buy-- Jade Empire Very deep RPG gaming with on the fly healing and attacks. You can also map styles to your d-pad for on the fly changes during battles. This game is right up there with the KOTOR series. Nice job by Bioware.

    Don't buy--- NARC This game sucked!!!!! Horrible missions, horrible, repetitive sound, and a horrible camera. The undercover cop concept was kinda cool but just done in the worst game ever. Dont waste you $20.00 "friendship price" on this game