Black Gun Owners: Rock and a Hard Place

Discussion in 'Gun-Control Issues' started by glockman66, Oct 28, 2012.

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    The supreme court justices is the scariest thing IMHO...

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  2. Must I? Says who?

    As I have said, the right-wing way-back machine or out-house time machine is ready and waiting. Fired up and ready to go. The destination… 1920, or 1930, take your pick. But, we know that the right wing way-back machine is NOT destined for the 21st century.

    So, don't miss your trip to yesteryear, because we don't need you folks here.


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    Well said jerry!!
  4. PhotoFeller

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    I don't want to get embroiled in the argument that has pretty much dominated this thread, but I do want to offer a comment or two from the sidelines. By the way, I'm a Republican through and through, not a troll or a mole or an agitator.

    First, I have Democrat friends and acquaintances who love guns and shooting, belong to gun forums, NRA and clubs for sportsmen. They love to hunt. They CC and protect their families with firearms. These guys respect and defend their 2A right to bear arms just like we do. They work and pay taxes, go to church and look after aging relatives.

    Not all Democrats are flaming progressive liberals, just like not all Republicans are raging far-right conservatives. Between the two extremes is where most of us find a comfortable spot. My Demo friends are closer to the middle; some are strong Right To Life advocates; all are disgusted by government waste and social program abuses. These guys are good, gun lovin' Americans who happen to be Democrats. They are not socialist/Marxist/commies. Nor are they stupid.

    Because we are so inundated with disgusting progressive crap from Maddow, Matthews, O'donnell, Sharpton, Schultz, MSNBC, Comcast and others, we tend to lump all Demos in with the radicals. Actually, that demonization isn't fair. And, we need their party to make the system work. Constructive legislation can only be enacted when both parties find a way to come together. God knows we need for that to happen in 2013.
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  5. Jerry

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    So you disagree with Lincoln's words.

    There you have it folks. A socialist through and through.
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  7. As I see it, the 2nd amendment needs our continual support. The idea of limiting gun rights is pervasive. I've talked to gun store employes who don't understand the song amendment. We never stop. And for me it's a stepping stone to a desire to retain and many times, re-establish out liberties. This is not a party issue, unless you are libertarian. Both dims and Repubs have been guilty of restricting gun rights.

    As far as this election goes, O. has said he wants more gun control (awe and handgun control) , while R. Has said he does not.
  8. Jerry

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  9. PhotoFeller

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    I agree with your words, Providence. I fear the passion among some Republican politicians for preserving 2A has waned because they value getting elected/re-elected more. The huge economic problems we have now and going forward may dilute or draw attention away from the fight over gun rights; the path to compromise in Congress on the big issues could be a slippery slope.

    If Obama wins, our 2A rights will be in greater jeopardy than ever before because of his disdain for firearms and the court appointments he will be able to push through. In a second term, he can afford to be more bold, and he will try to chalk up as many progressive agenda wins as possible.

    Our fight doesn't end tonight if Obama wins; it just begins.
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  10. :agree: And thank you.
  11. Jerry

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    The Obamination and the rest of the Lefties keep telling everyone it's Bush's fault and the MORONS lap up the Cool-Ade and believe. What the Lefties won't tell you and don't want you to understand/realize/know is that the Demorats held the majority in the HOUSE and SENATE for the majority of Bushes terms and the first two of the Obominations. If they didn't send it to Bush he couldn't sign it. They could also overrule and pass anything he didn't sign. They gave the Obomination everything he wanted for two years. WE HAVE TO PASS IT TO SEE WHAT'S IN IT". So would one of you "brilliant" lefties like to try to explain how it's the Conservatives fault? Oh that's right, if you repeat it often enough the lie becomes the truth. :yawn: :rofl:

    Edited to add: Recalcitrant, after rereading that it may sound like I'm calling you a lefty. I'm not. I don't know your politics. Just presenting the truth and revealing the lies of the lefties.
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  13. Sour loser!
  14. Jerry

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    Oh, so that was supposed to be a joke. Funny you should interject a joke when you have been so serious. I'm sure the homosexuals really appreciate you using them for amusement.

    Lighten up? Why? I've said it before. I have no use for socialists and you have proven to be one.

    If I can't stand the heat? You don't even qualify as tepid.

    Exactly what is that you believe I've lost. The country as a whole lost but personally I haven't lost squat and don't intend to.

    Neither will the "rich". They'll just lay people off move businesses overseas and raise prices. And who will pay? The givemes. Why? Because The Obimination isn't going to increase your welfare. So who is it exactly that lost? :rofl:
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  15. Ha! I thought this was a discussion about AR-15s. Thought-provoking article by Ann Coulter, though.
  16. Jerry

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    It is. But I can't seem to find my...

    [​IMG] :rofl: :whistling: :rofl:
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  17. OK, well, I’ll take back what I said before. Don't lighten up. Remain pissed off at the world. Who cares? These United States have shown no love to your party, just as your party has shown no love to a majority of this population of this great nation. That is poetic justice.

    What have you, as part of a rejected and bankrupt philosophy lost? The country! Your party has lost the power to sell off this great country to the highest bidding super pack. This country has rejected the backward, lying, hate filled, ignorant, and misguided ideas of people support the Republican Party and Conservatism. If that describes you, then so be it; Dude!

    Have a nice day!
  18. Jerry

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    I'm not pissed off at the world just the Liberal Morons that don't have a clue. You have proven again you don't have a clue. What party would my "party" be? You have access to my voter registration information? If you had half a brain you'd have see I call the Democrats DemoRATS and the Republicans RepubliCANTS so which party is MY party. To feather show your lack of intellect, I haven't lost a country, I still live here and I'm still making money. I'll continue to make money and YOU will pay every-time you make a purchase. You loose because your savior won't give you more welfare money so you won't be able to purchase as much as you have in the past. As for bankrupting the country... how many TRILLIONS has The Obomination thrown away on failed companies and where did he get those TRILLIONS? CHINA! When your free lunch comes to end we'll see who lost what. :tongueout:

    He can't tax the rich he can on cause trickle down poverty. People get laid-off and prices go up. The rich remain rich and the poor get poorer. It's historical fact but the morons are stupid enough to believe in his insanity. Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. :wedgie:

    Anyone seen my...

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  19. God bless you Jerry!

    If I lived in Louisiana I'd probably have to look you up!

    Concerning the "abortion" issue. I understand why it is difficult for a lot of people. Who REALLY wants to tell someone else what to do if the view themselves in a "difficult" circumstance? Unplanned pregnancies happen every day, and babies are born from those unplanned pregnancies every day and are blessings to those around them. Life, ultimately, begins at conception, not four or five or nine months along. It's difficult for you because you empathize with women who view themselves in a difficult situation, but that doesn't mean you are wrong to think abortion is a bad choice and the taking of an innocent life. The truth isn't always easy for sure.

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