Black Gun Owners: Rock and a Hard Place

Discussion in 'Gun-Control Issues' started by glockman66, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Part of the problem the Republican's platform is they are forcing their morals on everyone. If they stuck to solving the countries problems and got out from between a womans legs and let her make what must be the most difficult decision in her life they would have more people in their camp. I'm not saying have the government pay for these decisions, but it is not their place to decide. Let the seperation of church and state be as it was intended-seperate. Just because your religious beliefs say one thing, not everybody agrees with them. Let a woman decide for herself what she does with her body. This is coming from someone who will vote Republican inspite of their stance not because of it. I just want this country to get back to it's rightfull place in this world, and I don't think Obama can or wants to bring us there.

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  2. Part of the problem the Democrat’s platform is they are forcing their socialist/Marxist style agendas on everyone. If they stuck to solving the countries problems and got out of working people’s wallet so that they can make a living without having to subsidize all those socialist agenda programs, they would have more people in their camp. I'm not saying that no one should not have to pay a FAIR SHARE of taxes, but it is not the place of the government to tax and spend the US economy into ruin. Let the separation of taxes from a person‘s income be fair and not pay for a “nanny state--from the womb to the tomb” form of government. Just because your socialist agenda beliefs say one thing, not everybody agrees with them. Let the voters decide what they want and not ram a socialist agenda government down their throats(with no concern as to whether they want it or not). This is coming from someone who will vote a straight Republican ticket(at least at the national level). I just want this country to get back to the principles that this country was founded on. I want this country to get back to following the Constitution and the Bill of Rights(especially the 2nd Amendment & Freedom of Religion). I especially want to GET AWAY FROM A POLITICAL PARTY whose only goal is the grab for total power and control of the people in the United States of America. I don't think Obama and or any of the socialist Democrats in DC can or want to bring us there.

  3. Jerry

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    I was always of the belief that a woman should be allowed to make her own decision when it comes to something inside her body and that it was none of the governments business. However, someone said something to me that upset my apple cart and I just don't know what's right or wrong when it comes to abortion. First question that needs answering is... when does life begin. I don't yet have the answer. What I was told, asked was do I agree that murder is morally wrong, not self-defense but murder. My answer is yes. So what's the difference in a woman killing a baby that has been born or one living inside her. I have yet to come to terms with that. I still believe a women's body is her temple but. :dunno:
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  4. You are a slimy one aren't you - Mole Boy. Still trying to promote Obama and the left agenda? Go somewhere else to spread your lies.

    To everyone else here: Gpruitt54 joined a few months ago and has been doing his best to spread discord here by attacking the supporters of the2nd amendment and conservatives in general while painting a unrealisticpositive picture of the current administration.(do a search on his posts) He appears to be a focus group participant who is working to suppress the vote. Hence the designation of 'Mole Boy'. Don't let him win!<o:p></o:p>

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  5. Jerry

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    Thanks for the info. He/she was pretty much pegged from the get go.

    I love it when the Moles, Trolls, Left wing Liberal Socialists come here to TRY to spread their BS. Someone ALWAYS makes of FOOL of the them.

    We really shouldn't feed the trolls but it's soooooo much fun showing them for the IDIOTS they are. :rofl:
  6. Mole??? What? Is this tin foil helmet land or something?

    Dude, I am not tring to win or defeate you. Dude I don't even freakin know you. I read a thread and I happened not to agree with it, so I commented. Last time I looked, I still lived in America, where you can give you opinion. What is so threatening about an opinion here? If I am wrong about something I will be the first admit it. But you will have to prove it first.

    If this is some kind of alternative Taliban universe, then let me know and I'll see what I can do to have my threads translated into Taliban Arabic.
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  7. You dudes need to stop, take breath, and enough with all the hand wringing. Some of you guys seem truly the ipinion of other Americans. Gee, all the name calling, all the flaming. What are you sceared of the peat sakes. I have the right have an opinion that may differ with some of you guys (on some things). I'm not insisting that any of you agree with me. What is so threating about another opinion.

    Look, if you cannot make your point against another opinion without all the flame and name calling, that ain't my problem. I am a gun owner, reloader, hunter, shooter who is not a blind follower of a party that I happen not to agree with.

    Wow, what is
  8. Jerry

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    That would be Bush PROTECTING gun owners not trying to take their guns.

    That would actually have been Demorat Mayor and Demorat Chief of Police... STEALING peoples' firearms.

    I was here before, during and after Katrina. I was armed and no one dared try to take my firearms. They only prayed on the week and stupid.

    Did you actually read the piece you just posted? Did you read it before you posted that the Republicans and George Bush were responsible for the confiscations? You know the post I responded to. Do you realize that Bush signed the bill to stop the Demorats or other politicians from doing it again? To bad the Louisiana's State constitution wasn't enough to stop a Demorat Mayor, Demlorat Chief of police and Demorat Governor.

    Does anyone really believe the bill signed by Bush will stop them from trying it again? The Chief of police made the statement, after being told it was illegal, that if we had another disaster he'd do it again. That wasn't long before he resigned. :rofl:

    Why did I/we flame you for your opinion? Because it's the opinion of someone with their head up their own rectum and we're pretty much fed-up with people who have their head up their own rectums that try to force their emotional, illogical and BS OPINIONS on the rest of us. :wavey:
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  9. Easy response. Obama has been president for 4 years. In the last 4 years, what guns have been taken (by order of this president) from whom?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>

    This has been my initialpoint before all the tin foil helmet talk started in these threads. I admit to getting sucked into the fight by people acting Taliban heathens, demanding that only one point of view is acceptable on this open forum. I think that all the fretting and handwringing are simply ploys to get some low information votes all fired upand ready to go. All fired up for nothing. All fired up over a non-issue.<o:p></o:p>

    I can admit that I could be mistaken on one of my comments. But, my primary point is valid, and my assertion that some here are trumping up a non-truth in an attempt to setup political straw man. This happened when Obama won the presidency 4 years ago. I believe Iread some of those conspiracy theory rants here on this forum. I was not a member at that point. I was not a Glock owner then.
  10. TheJ

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    Obama IS a gun banner and although he has not been very public about it since running for president (the second debate this year not withstanding), he has always been a gun banner.
    The only thing that kept him in check was knowing he had to run for reelection. Once that restriction is lifted, he will be free to impose his view of "the world will be better without guns" nonsense he has embraced. Don't think that he has to go through Congress for this.

    In his first term he used executive orders to put restrictions on gun dealers in states bordering Mexico; .....his State Department blocked the importation of tens of thousands of surplus rifles, saying they didn't want them to "fall into the wrong hands" (though every purchase would be reviewed by the FBI); ...his Secretary of State changed the U.S. policy on the proposed U.N. treaty which would restrict gun ownership, transfer and sales -- from opposing these restrictions to approving of them; and let's not forget that his Attorney General (the one who once said we have to brainwash how people think about guns)was found in contempt of Congress in the gun-running debacle called Fast and Furious, but Obama offered Eric Holder the shield of White House executive privilege.

    ...And all this was while he was having to be careful!

    Imagine what is in store once the specter of reelection is removed.

    No need to imagine. He tipped his hand in the second debate when he not only called for the return of the Clinton Gun Ban (aka, the "assault weapon" ban), but also took a jab at "cheap handguns," which brings back the memory of the gun banners' efforts to confiscate "Saturday Night Specials" (a term that can be expanded to include all handguns) and any other category of guns they could include.

    Barack Obama is a gun banner. But it's even worse.

    He has placed two rabidly anti-gun justices on the Supreme Court. If he is reelected, he will get to put two to four more on, which will move the court away from its decisions in the Heller and McDonald cases, and will have the court support Obama's position that no one in this country has a right to own a gun under the Second Amendment. Yes, that's what he said. The Second Amendment, according to this law professor, says that the government (National Guard) can have guns, but there is no individual right to firearms. That's the Supreme Court Obama is currently building.
  11. I think you just answered your own question, Jerry. :wavey:
  12. Jerry

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    I get really tired of repeating myself and dealing with people that don't seem to have the brain power that God gave a rock.

    BUSH, NOR "ANYONE" IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT "other than the ATF under orders from the Chief of the New Orleans Police Department STOLE FIREARMS. Again it was the Demorat mayor, Demorat Chief and Demorat Governor.

    90% of gun control bills have come from Demorat controlled congresses. Yes, some were signed by Republican presidents. But why not? If he vetoes the Congress will just overrule him and put it into law. You do know how the three branches work right? I doubt it!

    There is only ONE REASON The Obomination has not "SIGNED" any gun legislation. CONGRESS HASN'T SENT HIM ANYTHING TO SIGN. Why? Because they know to do so would guarantee they WILL NOT BE REELECTED. Why didn't The Obomination push for any gun restrictions? He knows it would have GUARANTEE him loosing the upcoming election.

    You really need to stop drinking the Coll-Ade get your head out of your but and research what kind of man you are touting as your savor.

    If I knew for fact Romney was going to "try" to take my firearms I'd still vote for home over The Obimination for the sake of the nation. There isn't a doubt in my mind that the present Republican majority Congress WILL NOT present Romney with any gun control bills. There is not a doubt in my mind that if The Obomanation gets reelected he WILL try something through EXECUTIVE ORDER. The UN is chomping at the bit for his reelection for that one purpose. Perhaps you have forgotten or, I'm willing to bet, you don't even know about The Obominations declaration to the Russians... "I'LL HAVE MORE FLEXIBILITY ONCE ELECTED".

    He bows to Muslims disrespect the Queen of England and heads of state of other European countries. The Europeans dislike him and the Middle East knows how week he is. He and his administration just got our people killed then LIED ABOUT IT for weeks. They also had a man arrested for making a movie. Since when is there a law against making movies?

    I could go on an on showing you what a POS he is but your head is so far up his but you can't see daylight.

    Do I think Romney is the greatest thing since sliced bread. NO!. Do I know absolutely for a facts that The Obomination is the worst president we have ever had. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!

    Get you head out of you arss and do some unbiased research.
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  13. All those people buying guns and ammunition, and all the articles outlining those sales, those people are wrong and you are right ? Naw. Nothing to worry about. Move along.

    I too say pull your head out.
  14. Good article.

    When I first saw the thread title, I saw "Black Gun" and thought Evil Black Guns, as in AR's, AK's, etc...
    LOL, didn't even occur to me that it meant black people.

  15. If you are tired of repeating yourself, then stop.

    I find it interesting that if you knew that Romney take your and my guns,you would still vote for him. So,despite what many here believe about their second amendment, you don’t careabout that. Hummm! These sudo-American leanings appear as a commonand frightening thread among some Repubs, in their love of totalitarians anddictators. This thinking is total oppositeof what the U.S Constitution supports. Doesthis imply that some Repubs are Americans in name only? Meaning that at the drop of a hat, those typeswill revert to their true stripes; Taliban minded individuals who wrapthemselves in the America flag?

    When you listed what you consider the worst president, you forgot to includethe textbook version of a worst possible American president; George W Bush (alsoa totalitarian). All those unnecessarily dead and disfigured Americans areproof of that.
    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p> </o:p>
    It easy to see why totalitarian types love “W”… Birds of a feather.
  16. Jerry

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    As typical of liberal socialists you fail to comprehend what is written. The only parts of a sentence or paragraph you recognize is that which fits your agenda. I said if Romoney was going to try. I even put "try" in quotes.I also stated he couldn't.

    As for Bush. Again he wasn't the greatest thing since sliced break but The Obaminaton isn't equal to a wart on George W's but.

    Your "OPINION" is FUBAR. No one here agrees with it but in typical liberal fashion you are going to insist we agree with you. Time to crawl back under the rock you crowded out from under.
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  17. My insisting that you agree with me is a weak straw man argument. I simply call things as I see them. But, I also call things as they are shown. I commented on totalitarianism and the right. Well, the right has shown themselves to be exactly as I have described. From Nixon with his professional burglars; to Bush with his illegal wire taps, sneak and peak, the attacking the wrong countries. It is all the same un-American totalitarian leanings in this land of freedom. And for those who support such activities, you are tainted by the acts of tyrants you support, be they elected or unelected. I don’t have to make up anything, the actions of these perpetrators and the actions of their supporters are proof enough.

    Do I care if you agree with me? NOPE, don’t care one bit. You guys on the right lie to yourselfs and among your selves, but written history is there for the record. It’s all there. You who support such un-American actions love to shoot the messengers, when you should be condemning the guilty among your group. You don’t have to agree with me at all.
  18. Jerry

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    Ladies and gentlemen, above we have living proof of William Penn's wisdom.

    "If you protect a man from folly, you will soon have a nation of fools. [William Penn]"

    It's obvious that they fail to heed the words of their own "Heroes" even when those words have PROVEN TO BE TRUE. They demand we continue to grow the Socialist programs/agendas that have proven to have failed numerous times in the past. People like Gpruitt54 will tell you in in one breath how great and intelligent a man Lincoln was and in the next that what I have quoted below is the rantings of a right wing nut job. Which bring us back full circle to the quote above.

    "You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
    You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
    You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
    You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.
    You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
    You cannot build character and courage by taking away people's initiative and independence.
    You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves."
    ... Abraham Lincoln

    Can anyone tell me one thing in that quote that Barry agrees with or has not tried to undermine? :yawn:
  19. Nice set of talking points. Thankfully we don't live in the back wood jungle you seemingly prefer. We, thankfully live in a civilized country. However, judging by the comments you are making, the only place you seem to fit in would be 1930's America or for a even better fit, perhaps 1930s Germany.

    So, start up your hot tub or bath tub machine and get back to the 30s quick, before you are stuck here in the 21st century.
  20. Gpruitt54, you must subscribe to the set of talking points from the candidate that is endorsed by Fidel Castro, Vladimir Putin and Hugo Chavez(they would vote for him if they could just move to NYC or Chicago:rofl::supergrin:) and whose likeness appears on this poster(circa 1930s-40s):
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