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    I know likely been asked before, but with Winchesters Ranger line you pretty much need score card, calculator, and thesourus on to figure out whats what.

    Recently got a box of 9mm Ranger SXT (RA9SXT) from Cabelas as a gift, but the bullets are coated in black with brass cases. All the Ranger ammo I've seen for years had copper colored bullets, with no black coating.

    Just trying to figure out if I got new ammo, or some old stock from some time before???

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  2. Think that's a law enforcement version of the Black Talon. Slightly different bullet design than the Black Talon bullet in a more "politically correct" name.

  3. Sounds like an older version.

    Does the case-head stamp have a year date? Some do, some don't.

    I still have some earlier production boxes of the 127gr +P+ loads, with the box end flap labeled SXT and RA9SXTP.

    Here's a couple different revisions of the standard pressure 147gr load. Notice both are labeled as SXT, but one has the Symbol Code RA9SXT and the other one is RA9T. I have boxes of each, and I think I also have some of the more current T-Series/RA9T, as well. (Although no picture)

    Aside from dropping the black Lubalox coating, they've also made some revisions over the years. Some can be seen when you look carefully inside the nose cavity, comparing the jacket petal cuts/shape.

    Hotpig's a better resource for the info, as I don't try to keep up from one revision, refinement or tweak to the next. ;) I mostly take it from the boxes and just use it.
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  4. SCmasterblaster

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    Excellent photos!
  5. Ranger357

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    Nope just "9mm LUGER" with "WIN" above it. It does look like the middle round though. Mine is 147 standard pressure.

    Good info though thanks!
  6. WiskyT

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    Be advised, they stopped making the black coated Rangers in the 1990's. I still carry the balck 147's in my G17 but I carry the newer T Series in my LC9 as it is designed to expand better at lower velocities.
  7. If I recall what the rep told us back toward the end of the 90's, it was the revision which dropped the SXT from the Symbol Code (ie RA9T instead of RA9SXT), which benefited from the lowering of the expansion/velocity window. He said this was done due to the increasing presence of the shorter barreled guns among LE users.
  8. WiskyT

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    Yeah, you're more knowledgable on this stuff than I am. My black coated stuff was our old duty ammo. We switched to the 165 grain black Rangers when we went to 40, and then they turned brass colored and with a nickle case. The newer stuff I have I bought from the local police equipment shop recently so The changes in 9mm didn't happen in front of my eyes. I have old stuff and new stuff, but none of the stuff in between that may have had subtle changes.
  9. I didn't get interested in the older BT after seeing it's performance in some early fed testing.

    It wasn't until a fed agency that sometimes used our range was using their 127gr +P+ RA9SXTP that we started to look at it.

    I carried the RA9SXTP until the SXT/RA9TA came along, and then later on I carried an issued .40 with the SXT/RA40TA (165gr).

    Since that time I've carried RA40T 180gr (in both the SXT & T-Series versions), as well as the different RA9T versions, and the RA45SXT, RA45SXTP, RA45T & RA45T, depending on what was available whenever we were ordering duty ammo.

    Production & supply being what it is from time to time, though, I've also carried issued the Remington HPJ/Golden Sabre (non-bonded) in all 3 of our duty calibers.

    If ATK's Speer GDHP or Federal's HST or TB loads were more popular/available in my area of the state, I'd have been carrying those as issued loads, too ... so it's not like I have any particular "favorite" when it comes to any of the more modern, quality hollowpoints. ;)
  10. I have a box of 25 SXT 45ACP 230g with the box marked S45.
    The case head is just stamped W-W 45 Auto with a red sealant around the primer.The cases are nickel plated and the bullets are the copper colored not black.

    I thought the SXT line was just the Black Talon line with the tips of the petals on the bullet rounded instead of coming to a sharp point.

    The best thing about this box is the price for those 25 rounds..........$12.99 !!!
  11. WiskyT

    WiskyT Malcontent

    The original commercial Black Talon had "SXT" on the packaging which was an acronym for "supreme expansion talon" (I think). When Black Talon was pulled from commercial sales, they changed the meaning of SXT to supreme expansion TECHNOLOGY. The talons are gone, and you basically have a "regular" JHP with some spiffy marketing. I have a box of the non-BT SXT in 147 9mm and it has a nickel case and copper colored bullet with eight serrations on the tip. That is probably what you have, the SXT replacement for the original SXT Black Talon.
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    The Black Talon rounds got too much false press stories early on. They look so evil.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, aren't the RA9SXT rounds considered collectors item's?

    I know I have two boxes of that stuff around here somewhere.
  14. SCmasterblaster

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    The liberal point of view is:

    Why make such awful bullets against a poor and destitute man just looking for his next meal?
  15. That's right. for it is not his fault that he refuses to work and pay his taxes, It's society fault.

    What's really sad, is that they actually believe this crap.
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  16. More or less, yes. They bring around $50 per box of so on Gunbroker.

    I still have two boxes of .40 in my ammo locker.
  17. ULVER

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    I have like like 500rds., of the original order loaded for the N.Y.P.D., before they got "cold feet" over "talons."

    Can't ever remember what generation they are. "Hot Pig" knows, but I forgot what he told me! :embarassed:

    Any ideas?:dunno:
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    And they voted for the Kenyan BHO twice!
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  19. hotpig

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    They are the SXT without the lublux.
  20. Does it really matter? A bullet with any coloring is still bad news.

    Pastels may sooth the hippies.

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