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Discussion in 'Heart of Dixie Glockers' started by Kingfisher, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. Anybody make it to the gun show in B'ham this weekend?

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  2. I went, just because it was the AGC and not the Great Southern (Rip-Off), prices seemed to have stabilized at ludicrous slightly down from "what kind of crack are you smoking?" from earlier on the year.

  3. Me too.
    Pmags were about $14-$17. The t-shirt guy wasn't there. :crying:
    No web gear.

    Other than that, had a great time hangin' out with friends.
  4. Fear Night

    Fear Night NRA Life Member

    Picked up a Yugo M59/66 SKS in excellent condition for $250 there, I'm quite pleased with it.
  5. mossy500camo

    mossy500camo ammo found

    I'm interested in a couple boxes .32 H&R mag and .357 mag ammo or brass. Holla!!!!!!!!!
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  6. Went early Sat. morning. Found nothing much to write home about. Did get a really nice Remington 742 Carbine, 30-06 $199. Found five pounds powder for $15 ea. There were some pretty good prices on ammo cans.

    Pinson, Alabama
  7. Hmmm...
    I must not have looked at the right place for the ammo cans! I think everyone else saw them except me.

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