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Bizarre anti-hunting article

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by saspic, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. saspic

    saspic Howdy Y'all! CLM

    Jan 20, 2002
    San Antonio
    I know this forum is more for practical information, but it seemed to be the most on topic. I like the "How Stuff Works" website for its educational and how to articles. Then I ran across this piece of work.

    "Is Knife Hunting the Fairest Way to Hunt?" by Josh Clark

    This nutjob thinks that, because there were 4 people mistakenly killed by hunters in 2007, hunters should stop using tree stands, camouflage, scopes, and-are you ready for this?-guns.

    He then misinterprets the principle of fair chase to mean hunters should eschew all advantages and go perhaps literally mano-a-mano with wild creatures. I thought fair chase meant hunters shouldn't use overly unfair advantages, such as explosives or some kinds of traps. Mr. Clark fails to note that the methods he espouses would actually be very painful and cruel to animals taken in these manners. More importantly, taking animals in these ways would lead to a lot more than four deaths a year. There is a small link just under the title to send feedback.

    I had to write twice. Here's my second missive:
    Here is the link so you can let them know what you think. Make sure to copy your post before you submit as it sometimes doesn't work the first time:

    And here's a couple of excerpts from the article:
    There is the occasional good point, but it can't compensate for the sheer lunacy and contradictions in this article. Let them know what you think.
  2. Did it ever occur to this fellow that virtually all game animals already have tremendous natural advantages over humans? They have much sharper senses, are more familiar with the territory, often have superior natural camouflage, can remain still for longer, are more agile, can run much faster, and are often significantly stronger. In fact, our only real advantage is our greatly superior intellect, of which guns, scopes, and cammo suits are a result. So what's wrong with using our one asset to our advantage?

    In addition, the majority of human hunters are unsuccessful, which is additional evidence that modern hunting methods are far from unfair.

  3. TPK


    Mar 13, 2008
    Quesnel, B.C.
    What can ya say, nutjobs everywhere. In their mind a slow and painful "killed with my bare hands" approach is better than a quick kill shot from a firearm or bow. Ya, that's the most humane way to do it alright .. crazies.
  4. maybe "fair chase" should extend to how this guy can spread his ideas. is a computer and the internet "unfair" to hunters and their way of life? to be fair, his ideas should only be spread by word of mouth. ha ha
  5. ditto on all points :wavey:

    People like this should actually suit up and go and try it, before throwin their 2cts around. They have no actual experience and writes off-myths, story tales and what nots.