Bittersweet Day At The Range

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by mist, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. I picked up a new Gen 4 G26 last week and have been having very slight feelings of buyers remorse since then. My Kahr PM9 has been my EDC pistol of choice for more than ten years and I didn't think anything would ever take its place. It's been flawless in reliability and performance. I finally got to the range today with the Glock. This thing is absolutely awesome. There's still a place in my carry regimen for the Kahr, but it's no longer the King Of The Hill. The new sub-compact "Black Knight" has thrown the gauntlet, challenging the Kahr to move over and make room at the table.

    My son, whose EDC is a Shield 9, was able to join me at the range and put a few magazines through the G26. He's now contemplating picking one up for himself.

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  2. I recently added a gen4-26 to my handgun family. I agree that it is an awesome weapon. On several occasions, I almost bought a PM9. I hear good things about them. I bought a PM380 once, but could not make it reliable. As a result, I eventually sold it.

    What holster(s) are you using with the 26?

  3. Just bought my first G26 last week. Put 70rds of +P and +P+ stuff through it last weekend.
    Very nice. Makes me wonder why I waited so long to buy the baby 9X19.
  4. Right now all I have is a Desantis Pro Stealth with the spare magazine holder removed. It was a holster I used for some previous pistols. I'll be getting a Galco Ankle Glove, like I've worn with the PM9 since day one, and looking for another type of IWB for it.
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  5. I have several holsters. The standards such as Crossbreed, Minatour, Don Hume, along with others, yet I often find myself heading out the door with an IWB Kydex. I purchased mine from
  6. Enjoy your 26. Probably my favorite Glock overall especially in the Gen 4. If you like the hybrid type IWB holster, I recommend Tommy Theis's holsters. Great quality and no 2 month wait. My 26 rides in one daily and no regrets.
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    It was all sweet for me...when I picked up my G26 Gen4, I was like "what Nano!"..."what's a Nano?!"

    Then when I shot the G26...I wanted more! The G26 just handles like a full size...but I digress...I'm preaching to the choir! ;)
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    Why, yes, yes you are!:supergrin:
  9. So sorry for your dilemma. I shot-gunned a Kahr P9 for a G26, and never looked back.
  10. Were the Shields more available (Just before the current drought on all things firearms, that is) I never would have bought my G26 Gen 3. Now I'm glad that the Shields were so scarce!
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  11. I 2nd that notion. Wanted a Shield, ended up with a G26 Gen4
  12. Enjoy your Glock 26. I know I like mine.
  13. Congrats on your new G26! I carried the PM9 for a while also and prefered the G26 much more so for CCW. It was just too small for me to feel comfortable in removing it fast enough in a SHTF scenerio vs. the G26. I also prefer the Glocks trigger instead of the long pull of the Kahr's.
  14. Since the Shield first became available I've had four of the 9MM model at different times. One went to my son, one to my wife and the other two were sold when I decided I liked my PM9 better.
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  15. Congrats on the G26. I just used mine at the range this weekend. It's the perfect Ccw piece with the +2 mag extensions. I'm going to pick up a G27 soon.
  16. I like my Kel-Tec PF9, but I don’t shoot it well because of recoil. I rented a G26 and just could not believe how well I shot it and how well it handled recoil. I’m considering one, but the thickness is what makes me hesitate. I’m a small guy, and I can feel the PF9 carried IWB, so I wonder what the G26 would feel like. Sure wish there was a way to carry before buying. :crying:
  17. glock1769

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    I purchased a G26 Gen4 last weekend but haven't had a chance to get it out guys are making me anxious ! I must somehow make time this week !!!
  18. Each has its place... I own both, and others. For concealment, you can't really beat the Kahr PM9.

    Hate to burst your bubble, but if you are not worried about concealment then for sugar content G17=G19>G26 :cool:

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