Big deal? Sig M11

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by TxGlock9, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Well said Neoh :)

    Rails should definitely be optional. Sig even ruined (in my opinion) the German X-Series guns because of the rail.

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  2. So I went to a local academy today and held the M11. They're policy is they can't take off the trigger lock so I couldn't dry fire it, but the balance of the pistol surprised me. Seemed pretty tough made as well. Compared to the P229 40sw I had it's not so top heavy.. Now to find one I can fire. ugh..

    Mike where do you live again? lol

  3. I wouldn't like not being able to dry fire a pistol that I probably would buy.:steamed: Well, Sig doesn't make junk. So, I'd say if they are the only shop in your area and, its what you want......
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  4. It's not a huge deal because I've had my share of many Sigs; so I am familiar with how the trigger will be. Now if it was a different pistol that I had no knowledge of such as the CZ P01 then maybe I'd be bummed.

    Glock40man. I think I'm going to take the plunge and buy the M11 A1 to accompany the W. German P228 that I have. Like I said I was surprised at the balance of the pistol. It is not top heavy as the P229 counterpart. Now the hardship of finding ammo. That's going to be the hard part. Thanks for the help on the CZ.
  5. fnfalman

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    SIG doesn't make junk?

    I wish that the 556 owners; especially the 7.62x39 owners, can believe that statement.

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  6. NEOH212

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    I really like the X series but the deal breaker for me was the rail too! :steamed:
  7. The X series is a whole another ballpark for me. For what it is I don't mind the rail. As for the other P-series Sig, no rail is the way to go for me.
  8. Yeah, I didn't think about the 556. But, then again we were discussing Sig pistols. I think its safe to say that almost every company has had some issues. Speaking of things that shouldn't exist, the rainbow finish comes to mind.:puking:
  9. No problem.

    Let us know how the Sig does at the range.:)
  10. I don't like any of Sig's goofy color schemes.
  11. Sure will. Best price I could find is $949 + $20FFL. No tax.

    I should be getting it within the month but I'll be sure to post it here in this thread. :wavey:

    Btw do you guys ever sleep? lol:faint:
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  12. If anything, I'd rather have a rail on a defense pistol than a gun like an X-Five.
  13. you're right bac. I'm just backwards with Sigs.
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  14. If I had the funds and didn't already have two Sig 228 pistols, I might be interested in this Sig. I would like to try one, but then if I do I might want it anyway. I am glad Sig is producing a Classic P Series without a rail.
  15. Haha...I live north of the liberal cesspool area that is Austin. You are welcome to shoot mine anytime.
  16. I'm not sure there's anything classic about the M11A1, Gary.
  17. fnfalman

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    What about the Spartan Plum? Or was it supposed to be bronze?

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  18. I'll pass. I carried a real M11 from 2002-2005. I don't recall a sticker on it. This new model doesn't appeal to me at all. I'd rather look for a real 228.
  19. 12131

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    The M11-A1 is really a fine pistol. It will never be a "real" P228, but it is still a fine gun.
  20. I feel the same way about the new P226 and P220. Fine guns, but not the same.

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