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Discussion in 'Religious Issues' started by Skykings2, Feb 8, 2014.

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  2. Being an American is different than being a Christian although I, as you may have guessed, believe in America was founded on Christian values. Being an atheist doesn't mean you're a Communist or far leftist or any other "ist". I am truly sorry that you have experienced hate at the hands of some Christians. Christ did not teach hate but love. I know many Christians who are very zealous in their faith and truly love God but through their zealousness, harm their testimony to Christ. Does that mean that we as Christians are not supposed to speak the truth? No but the truth in love. It's difficult and I am sorry that you have had to experience that discrimination. That's not the America that I know and love.

  3. Thanks for giving us insight into your life Dave. Of course my hope would be that you would come back to Christ but I'm sure that comes as no surprise to you. I believe in relationship with Christ and not religion as practiced through rituals and doctrine. This has already been tried and although we as humans love our rituals, that's not where it's at. Before you ask; do I practice rituals and believe in doctrines? Yes, but that is not what draws me to the Christian faith. It is Christ himself.
    Dave, Gecko, and Hooligan, I appreciate getting to know a little bit about your beliefs. Would I be assuming too much by believing that you both support the 2A and have a significant interest in firearms?
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    For my part, of course! :supergrin:
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  5. Fair enough, and I certainly won't try to argue against the fact that people DO use those sort of tactics to gain some perceived advantage.

    Thanks for the reasonable discussion.
  6. I do, and I do.

    Although, I'll admit I haven't owned a Glock in many years - the 1911 sub-forum is what brought me to this site.

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    I'd call you a heretic, but I sold my G30 years ago and now have four 1911s.

  8. Geko, I've experienced this same discrimination because I was a Christian. Not because I was sharing Christ during work hours but because people of various beliefs knew me outside of work. One particular person in question, who practiced homosexuality but who I worked well with and appreciated as fellow human being, suddenly, became quite agitated at me. He would make snide anti-Christian remarks in meetings and became uncommunicative. He barely spoke to me when I asked him what was wrong. Through a co-worker I found out that she had told him that I was a Christian and she began to insert her own prejudices about my beliefs on homosexuality. He viewed all this through the decades of hurt he experienced through decades of life. Can you blame him? This led to gossip that I didn't believe in gays in the workplace, (what does that have to do with work; I thought). I suffered for that but it confirmed that many people confuse being an American with being a Christian. Did I ever share anything about gays at work? No. Did I ever share my Christian beliefs with unbelieving co-workers outside of work? Yes. Are Christians discriminated in the workplace because of their beliefs? All the time. That's just a little something about my experience with non-believers.
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  9. My hope, once a gun lover always a gun lover. It doesn't matter the make or model. I wonder if there are any former gun lovers on this forum who have rejected firearms of all kinds? If so, I would think this would be a multi-page debate.
  10. Good one.

  11. :cool:

    I did like my Glocks, though. I'd have a new G19 in a heartbeat.

  12. Yep. People are people. Everywhere you go, every group/niche/clique ever created - there's good and bad.

    Sorry for your troubles. Hopefully your coworker came to understand after a time....
  13. I got off track Skykings. To answer your question: the law of Moses, i.e., the Ten Commandments (yes I know there are many other Mosaic laws in accordance to religious practices but I try to practice the Law as summed up by Jesus) not the law as stated in the Talmud (these in and of themselves can be very burdensome but why shouldn't they be; they were written by men). I know Steve has different beliefs and I'm not posting to argue my beliefs with his. I only commented because you posted the video and I gave you my opinion.
    To reiterate no one can be righteous before God by following, rather attempting, to follow the Law (whether it's the Law as I perceive it or the Law as followed by the Orthodox Jew).
    Isaiah 64:6 6 All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags; we all shrivel up like a leaf, and like the wind our sins sweep us away.
    The only way to righteousness is through the work of Christ on the cross not through any works of our own. Are works important as we walk the Christian path of faith? Yes. Is faith without works empty? Yes But this doesn't mean that a person in the throes of death can't proclaim Jesus Christ as Saviour and not be rescued from eternal death. On the contrary look at the thief at the cross, he was neither baptized or practiced the Torah (at least at the time of his conviction and sentencing), nor practiced any of the rituals that weren't in existence at the time of Christ's sacrifice. Yet, the thief would come into righteousness and Paradise with Christ because of his belief in Him.
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  14. Very true hooligan. I appreciate the kind words and I have the same hopes for her.
  15. ETA: Skykings2 to further add to the warning in your original post about being deceived, if I am deceived, it is no more or no less than that of the thief on the cross. If Steve Berkson chooses not to believe in this Jesus (Yeshua) on the cross, then I say he is mistaken and needs to come to a realization of the truth.
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    I think you misunderstand. He does believe in the Messiah presented in the Bible. What he disagrees with is the false Messiah that the church has ripped from the New Testament and twisted into a lawless, blue eyed, blonde haired, gentile adonis.

    Paul preached the same Gospel that Abraham heard and that Israel at Sinai heard to the Bereans, who checked the Torah to make sure everything he said was true. Now if you can find a Sunday Sabbath and an abolition of the dietary laws, Holy Days, or any other commmandment in the Torah, I'll change my faith. If you can prove that the FALSE accusations against Paul for preaching against Moses in the Book of Acts were in fact true, I'll change my faith. If you can prove that in Mathew 5:17-21 that the Messiah Himself lied when He said NONE of the Law or Prophets would pass away till heaven and earth does, I'll change my faith. I could go on for pages, but you get the point. Do you have a love for the Truth or for man?
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  17. Soooo, you don't eat hot dogs if they're made of pork? Do you have to do that whole Kosher meat thing?
  18. Brasso,
    I appreciate your fervor and dedication to the law. To clear up any misunderstandings only someone with little knowledge of the Middle East would think that Jesus was a "blue eyed, blonde haired, gentile adonis." As for Christ being lawless never! Do I believe that the Kingdom of God has left earth? No, (speaking of the invisible spiritual kingdom that is in the heart of every believer) Do I believe that it is possible for you or me to keep the laws as the Torah and Talmud presented them? No Do I believe that it is possible to follow the Law and remain righteous? No, only one person did that and that is the person of Jesus Christ. He was, is and always shall be the unblemished, perfect sacrifice for our sins. You are correct that you no longer have the temple or the imperfect sacrifices that were offered for the sins of the Jewish people. A perfect sacrifice has already come but He was not recognized by His own. As I stated in a previous post, my purpose was not to come here to debate/argue my beliefs against those who are seeking their truth. As I have posted earlier, I have a love for the Jew which I believe came from God. I know my beliefs may offend you but by the grace of God through our Messiah, I am no longer under the condemnation of dietary laws. Yes, I think they served a useful purpose and maybe to this day they still do, eg. oysters and other filter feeders with the terrible shoreline pollution we face. Also, in the pre-FDA days (maybe even post-FDA) the prohibitions against pork could prevent me from contracting trichnosis. But how do your laws protect me from the beef tapeworm? Beef is kosher isn't it? See, I think the dietary laws involve more than just health issues and if you can enlighten me on these things I would be interested. I won't debate or argue as to the validity of the law in this day. I can't keep the Ten Commandments as Jesus explained them, can you? If you're saying that you don't believe in the New Testament and the Words of Jesus, then the only basis of discussion we have is the Old Testament. I only repeat what I asked in an earlier post, do you who believe in the Law as your way of righteousness to salvation or ignore the prophetic teachings of the Old Testament Jewish prophets as they pertain to the Christ of whom I speak. Tell me what you believe because what I am getting is that you are righteous because you keep every bit of the Law and that you believe that your Messiah has not come. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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  19. Brasso,
    I'm not sure I understand your beliefs based on your posts in other threads. Perhaps you would restate them for me. Thanks.

    What I read about Steve Berkson is he believes salvation comes by keeping the Law (works) and we don't know if we are saved. I will list more but are you coming from the same belief. If so, these are the beliefs that I learned that the Messianic Church teaches.
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  20. For those who feel you can separate "The Law of God from The Law of Moses" this is a good teaching on the subject that will challenge you to rethink your position. A Psalm 119 ministry teaching.

    [ame=""]The Law of God Vs. The Law of Moses on Vimeo[/ame]

    The Torah (righteous instructions) is the same today as it was in the beginning. Why do we have a problem with 613 eternal laws, when there where 40,000 new U.S. laws passed in 2013 alone.


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