Best Way to surf anonymously & hide IP Address?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by 12smile, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. That was fun...I used the Tor browser to get there and clicked 'use new identity' and the site (which reveals your IP address) could show me a new IP address as soon as I requested it.

    Next up is using the TAILS OS w/ the Tor browser.....this is growing on me....I've been a little behind the curve on this level of geekyness.

  2. Good site! I surf with Firefox and NoScript and that does a pretty good job of breaking the Google trail. But I'm going to give the Tails plus Tor a try.
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    also, hotspot shield vpn subscription allows you to install on 5 pc/macs, as well as iPhones and iPads. Great for using public wifi hotspots.
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  6. FireFox has a start privet browsing in its Tools.
  7. Thank you. Great info

  8. so far so good with Tor.

    It starts it's own browser (based on Firefox I believe) and I go to sites that limit access (like a newspaper that has limited free article access per month) and they don't know who I am.

    It is clearly slower that regular browsing but it is going around the world a few times first :)

    Will try TAILS on a flash drive next.
  9. Of all the anonimizers I found hidemy ass to be the slowest. was good
  10. Too bad geekiness is needed for DIY projects. I understand the OP said he's not a geek. Just throwing this out there for general info.

    I set up a VPN+proxy in a Linux virtual machine. Hosted it in a server farm. Created VPN public/private keys for the immediate family so they can also access the proxy via the VPN.

    Didn't do it primarily for autonomy, rather as a way of tunneling pass wi-fi hot/hotel spots when I use my phone or laptop to access websites.

    I did authorize only a few header fields to be passed by the proxy. A dozen or more fields are blocked, including the 'Referer' field.

    Laptops and phones are given a virtual network address to access the VPN's virtual network that the proxy listens to for connections. For the "smart" phone, I installed Firefox-beta and used "about:config" to have it use the VPN virtual network instead of the wi-fi network.
  11. Used this running Privoxy and passed just fine.
  12. Any site that starts out with
    "Your privacy is under attack!" is just full of crap. If it knew what I am running, if it actually tried to probed my system then the response would be different.
    Is this a maleware site?
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  14. I believe 'startpage' is referring to Google and how it helps bypass some of Google's tracking by acting as a proxy that does not pass on your IP address.

    Google is in the business of gathering information on Internet users' interests. It does it in a number of clever, but insidious ways.


    - Offers DNS services. Easy way to logs queries to websites.
    - Gmail to parse email content.
    - google-analytics embedded in web pages
    - Browser "features" to "keep us safe" where our visits are passed to Google
    by the browser.
    - Web development tools with links back to Google.
    - Bought since it's embedded in a lot of web pages.
    - App stores, including several alias sites that don't have 'google' in their name.
    - Search engine.

    'startpage' addresses the last. The rest require you to take some steps.

    Every time you visit Glock Talk, Google logs it. This web page we are looking at now has links to, and

    In my VPN/proxy I took advantage of Linux's DNS resolution features to resolve logging sites to 'localhost'. You can do the same on your local box (even on Windows. e.g see ).
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    If I remember correctly, startpage is the search engine used in TAILS.
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    Interesting thread. I've got to catch up in times. I look at safes and start getting tons of ads that are all safes. Not a big deal...just seems little intrusive.

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