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Best sights for dangerous animal defense??

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by bronx79, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. bronx79


    Nov 24, 2011
    Any one have any good suggestions for sights to use on a 20sf for woods protection? Pictures would help a great deal. Thank you:wavey:
  2. profiler999


    Jan 20, 2010
    Birmingham, AL
    JP enterprises

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    Last edited: Dec 27, 2011

  3. Any Cal.

    Any Cal.

    Oct 27, 2008
    In my armchair opinion, it depends on what you are protecting yourself from, in what kinds of conditions.

    I am beginning to lean to the opinion that it doesn't matter much, as generally distances are close and shooting would tend to be more hurried than surgical. Just put something in the front that you can pick up easily and call it good. Brass, white, gold, fiber optic. Even that is splitting hairs...
  4. wrenrj1


    May 22, 2002
    This, and practice. Aim point is nice if you are ready and expecting a confrontation, however IMHO being able to point and shoot from holster to target, practicing with a good front site would be a good thing.
  5. Ethereal Killer

    Ethereal Killer

    Aug 24, 2011

    If you are being charged or attacked by a dangerous animal (even a person) trust me when I tell you... you wont be using or seeing your sights AT ALL. It'll all be point and shoot.

    Sights are for everything else.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2011
  6. 21Carrier

    21Carrier Until I Gota 29

    Feb 4, 2011
    Hoover, AL
    I would say something like the XS Big Dots, or anything else that has a front sight that's VERY easy and fast to acquire. That's the biggest thing. But I'm gonna agree with Ethereal Killer here. I don't think sights are gonna have much to do with you shooting in self defense, especially when we're talking about charging animals. That's gonna happen REAL fast.
  7. bronx79


    Nov 24, 2011
    Yeah, thats a good point. i don't think i asked my question as detailed as i planned. your correct on the charging animal and not really looking at sights. this gun will also be used for deer hunting. but i didn't want to have two diff sights to use. just want one good all around set for both things.
  8. Jitterbug


    Aug 27, 2002
    Night sights with a nice white outline, I find Meprolights to be good. One of these days I need to swap out a set of Trijicon's that don't have the white outline.

    The XS Big Dot's are probably a good choice, but I've read it's difficult to do any precision shooting with them for load development, etc., so I've avoided them for that reason. But for a strictly CCW pistol they are probably a good solution.

    Yep, you'll probably not have the time to focus on a clear sight picture, but finding that front sight and holding to the old mantra "front sight press" ...could very well make the difference between a hit and a miss.

    The best sight is a Laser in my opinion, and I have them on 4 CCW guns. There is no way conventional sights can be faster or at least in my many years of shooting for me.

    They can be expensive and not always the best grip shape if it alters the grip, but worth it if you can afford them. No need to even look at the sights, just focus on the threat and the red dot...pretty natural and very fast.

    Of course one needs to be proficient with regular sights as well since stuff fails and the red dot can wash out on certain backgrounds and bright light, but overall the CT Lasers we have do surprisingly well. Most of the time bad things happen in low light. Flashlights are a good thing, but can be burdensome or difficult to be quickly brought into play.

    So, I find the Meps with a laser the best overall combo.

    Another benefit of the Laser is that you can shoot from the hip or other difficult positions, no need to bring the gun up.

    You can't miss fast enough to come out on top in an animal charge. Take your time to shoot accurately...but do it quickly.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2011
  9. Ethereal Killer

    Ethereal Killer

    Aug 24, 2011
    using whatever you are used to is gonna go a long way. if you have not developed a flavor yet, then look around at some stuff.

    Personally after messing around with a lot of stuff, I just stuck with a good old three dot tritium setup like I have on all my pistols. it does what I need it to do and it's not hard to use and is precise enough for everything so far.

    sometimes simple is just easier.:cool:

    if you need more range or more precision, then a red dot might be what you seek.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2011
  10. I found my ATS sights to be great for quick aim in SD situation and also for slow precise bullseye target shooting. I chose yellow insert for rear and orange for front sight. These pictures maybe don't represent best what my eyes see because w. eyes I easily focus on front sight so I see front sight some bigger, but hard to convince camera to do the same :supergrin:
    IMHO highly recommended and very versatile sights ! Bullet impact rides on orange point peak at 25 meters (27 yards) w. 200gr/1250fps XTP projectiles
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2011
  11. arushus

    arushus Biggest Member

    Jul 22, 2011
    NE Oklahoma
    Never seen ATS sights before! Interesting, they do seem like they would be good for target shooting. I may have to look into these a little more!
  12. TDC20


    Apr 11, 2011
    Whatever sights you get, practice...a lot! And that means dry fire practice with drawing and quick sight alignment.

    I'm also a big believer in learning how to point shoot. It's not as hard as you might imagine with a little practice, especially when things happen in close. You won't always have ideal conditions to see your sights or time to get a good sight picture. Having confidence that you can shoot accurately without using any sights at close range may save your life someday.

    But none of it will help you if you don't practice to develop those skills and keep practicing to maintain them.
  13. bronx79


    Nov 24, 2011
    what do you think about the metprolight sights compared to the trijicon or truglo? i like what i read about metprolight but i just don't find many user reviews.... They look great to me!
  14. nickE10mm

    nickE10mm F.S.F.O.S.

    Apr 13, 2004
    Wichita, KS
    I suppose I'd go with a smoothed slide with no sights ... and covered in Vaseline... for when the bear rams the pistol where the sun don't shine.
  15. XmmAUTO

    XmmAUTO 10mm Addict

    Dec 31, 2010
  16. Yes, 1 picture worths more than 1000 words but YMMV, so choose sights that work best for you. On my EDC Glock 17 got Glock Tritium night sights and also on baby Glock 26 as well. But for IPSC or IDPA matches I kept plastic/white rear sight and have put Hiviz red fiber front sight on second Glock 17. Twice a year I shoot a match w. that EDC Glock 17 w. NY-1 trigger. Not big difference under adrenaline pressure :supergrin:
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2011
  17. CDW4ME


    Jun 5, 2009
    I found XS Big Dot sights to be advantageous for 6-7 yard double taps.
    Here is my drill:
    -put a stick on 6'' circle onto a larger target and place at 6-7 yards.
    -both shots must hit the 6'' circle for the time to count (it's not horse shoes)
    -I am only concerned with 1st-2nd shot time, not elapsed time.
    I'll average about a dozen "qualifying" pairs.
    Subjectively the XS Big Dots seemed easier to get / keep on target.
    Objectively the fastest pistols in my hands were a Glock 19 with regular Meprolights and a Colt Lightweight Commander with XS Big Dots.
    I was just as quick & accurate with the Colt 45 acp and 230 gr. factory ammo as the Glock 9mm using +P.
    Both pistols had average 1st - 2nd shot times (pairs that kept both shots on 6'' target) of .19 sec.
    I have not done those drills in a while and my time improved with practice, so I doubt I could match it without a few practice runs.
    I like the XS Big Dots for a SD pistol where I anticipate the threat will be 7 yards or less.