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Discussion in 'Gun-Parts & Access.' started by AmonRa, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. I'm not sure if this is the right spot but if not mods can feel free to move it. I need a range bag. I want it to hold 4 or more pistols and of course room for eye eat and ammo etc. I like the looks of the glock bag but didn't want to drop 50.00 without asking the experts advice.

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  3. Looks like a really nice bag. Has anyone used the glock 4 pistol bag?
  4. I have the Glock bag, it fits two pistols with mags, ammo, eyes and ears fine. Four is stretching it, there would be limited room for the other stuff you want to carry. Wife sewed some elastic on one side of each of the dividers to hold 5 mags, so one pistol on one side of the divider, 5 mags on the other.
  5. jakebrake

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    i bought a tool pouch at home depot (swear to god) holds ears eyes, ammo magazines staplegun and 3 pistols. cost me about 26 bucks.
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  6. Jake brake, me too. Works great.
  7. PhilD

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    If you shoot at matches the Glock bag is next to useless. You can't handle ammo at a safety table, so you need to carry your pistol in a gun rug or something to the safety table. The Glock bag has them built in to the inner liner, which is great as you can simply pull the inner liner out and carry it away. Unfortunately that is also were most people put their ammo, and there really isn't enough room to carry the pistol in a separate gun rug in the bag.
  8. jr05


    They don't come with a mesh bottom brass bag now? Mine came with quite a few years ago when I bought mine.

    It is a great bag and I highly recommend it, can't beat it for the price. I use it for IDPA matches and I have used it a lot, still holding up strong after about 5? years.
  9. WRB.
    I have 2 of their bags. Well made & made in Texas, not China.
  10. I have this bag from Tac Force
    Absolutely love it. A bit pricey but has held up very well for the past four years. It has two removable pistol sleeves, storage pockets for 14 double stack magazines, and adjustable partitions in the main compartment. Easily holds all my IDPA gear: G19, 14 magazines, three pair of safety glasses, hearing protection, backup holster, backup magazine pouches, tons of ammo.

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