Best price in south florida for a new glock?

Discussion in 'Florida Glockers Club' started by Delcorbett, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Shoot Straight Tampa is selling Gen 3 27's for 485.00 comes with two magazines..The Gen 4 were selling for 525.00 with three mags...

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  2. Again check with Lou's !!!!!

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  3. G26SKUNK

    G26SKUNK Christopher

    Hoow do i join florida glockers? I got both my g17 and my g26 at buckaneer pawn in bradenton . The g17 i got for $380 and the g26 new with box for $ 5oo otd.
  4. Hey guys, thinking about trading my kahr p380 for either a kahr cm9 or glock 19 or 17. Not sure on which glock, I have never shoot either one. I have my 26 which I love but for carrying all day the Kahr looks tempting. What do you think. sorry for posting in wrong place.
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  6. Wait for this gun show, cheapest price you will find any where, I got my G19 G3, $450.00 brand new at one of the shows in Melbourne.
  7. +1

    Terrible service, great prices.
    Will pick up my Sig Scorpion carry next week whit them.
    Can't wait!
  8. I work at Gander now P/T in firearms :tongueout:

    WE have 3 NIB G17's for $549.00

    We also have a 17L and numerous G34's

    No 19's though :crying:
  9. What is the going price for a 9mm Glock in South Florida? And what about a Glock 34?
  10. About $590 for a G34 right now
  11. Palm Beach Shooting Center has always had pretty good prices.

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