Best price in south florida for a new glock?

Discussion in 'Florida Glockers Club' started by Delcorbett, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Am looking for the best price on a new glock 27 3rd gen with standard fixed sites. Not able to get leo prices, and not a gssf member, anyone know who has the best prices for glocks in Miami. Best I have seen is $525plus tax and the b/c for a 3rd gen. Thanks for your help.

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  3. KALD

    Don't think you will beat that price. In Central Fl everyplace I have looked lately is $600+. Didn't really haggle though, just sill kind of looking.

  4. Seems high to me. What about getting a used one? I got a used one for $400 but I also have seen them new for $450
  5. Palm Beach Shooting Center had them for $500 a few weeks ago. $525 is what they run for on my side of the woods. Even Gun shows have them at that price. Sad but, true.
  6. Shoot Striaght in Tampa has the gen3 for $499 and the gen4 for $569. I think the just opened a new store down in West Palm (?). Check their website for the new store. The store in Tampa and lakeland have the same pricing, so I would think so does the store down there. if not, try the gunshows. those guys are always willing to talk price. I got my G27 for $475 at a gunshow NIB gen3.
  7. Do you have an FFL dealer near you who will do transfers? Let me know b/c I can get you a price on a new Gen 3 or Gen 4 that is in line with the prices above and w/o the sales tax.

    PM me if you are interested.
  8. Have had great experience finding the exact Glock I wanted in my area w great price using

  9. Got mine there as well on a whim at lunch one day. Was looking to pick up a G33 .357 SIG for the wife. They had a 3rd Gen , w/the Glock case, 3 mags w/ three extensions and one A&G sleeve to blend the bigger G23 mags into the 27. It was listed at $ 425 and I laid $400 plus the $5 4477 fee and left with it. It was only fired during the PBSO Quals so it maybe had 200 rds thru it.

    I was wearing it in a gun shop when I was picking up a 1911 that the FFL had for me. A customer came in and had been searching all over for a G27 he stated. The shop had one for $570 :upeyes: ..Anyway I follow the guy out and casually show him mine w/the extended A/G sleeve, holster etc,...he about ripped it out of my hands for $525 , he only got the one G23 mag that was in it w/the sleeve, loaded up w/ Ranger RA40T. So I made a touch over $100 for owning it for a month and shot it three times and HATED IT !!. took the $100 and added another $310 and got a Gen 3 G33 .357 :supergrin: That 33 is "the best " EDC Glock makes bar none. It is currently the wifes EDC now.
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    I agree with this, and also would try Florida Shooters network, I have got numerous great deals from the people on there.
  11. KALD

    Shoot straight in Apopka was one of the $600+ guys. :wow:
  12. njl


    That's because Shoot Straight is run by retards for retards. Why do you think people keep shooting themselves in the head at their range? I know...different location.

    They also put up a sign at their massive gun show tables in the Glock area warning that you should not buy blue label glocks, because these are for LEO only, and Glock reserves the right to refuse warranty service on them without LEO ID.

    Their posted prices are generally ridiculous (though occasionally they have good sale prices). If you ask a sales person there "what are these really going for?", they'll go whisper with a coworker and come back and say they can let you have it for $525 or so.
  13. njl


    In the Miami area, you might contact these folks, and see what they can do.

    Security Arms International
    13981 South Dixie Highway, Miami, FL
    (305) 253-7600

    I was in there just after they opened that location, and they claimed they could be very competitive on Glock pricing.
  14. Lou's Police Supply in Hialeah will hook you up.
  15. Consider joining GSSF, then buy through a participating dealer...
  16. Thank you all for your quick replies, and waiting so long just to get a gssf coupon when I no interest in the competition is not worth it.
  17. GoingQuiet

    GoingQuiet FFL/SOT

    Many retailers price at minimums - $549 on Gen 4's. You will not find one advertising one cheaper.
  18. Margate FL, Lee's Pawn, look it up. $520 OTD for any gen 3 Glock, $560 OTD for any gen 4 Glock.
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  19. 2nd vote for Lou's if you are in Miami. If you are close it is probably worth the drive.
  20. trekgod3

    trekgod3 Quad-Glocker

    I picked up a used G27 from Gander for $399.
  21. There is a Gun Show October 15-16 in West Palm Beach, South Fla Fairgrounds, you might be able to get one for 450-500 if you don't buy it before then.

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