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Best place to buy in Nashville?

Discussion in 'Through-the-Lens Club' started by hickok45, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. hickok45

    hickok45 Millennium Member

    Oct 17, 1999
    Anybody have a recommendation for where to buy quality SLR's in Nashville? I'm familiar with Wolfe, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.

    Contemplating a nice Nikon SLR, possibly the D90. Maybe even a D300.
  2. pt945

    pt945 GLOCK 17

    May 7, 2002
    i am a big fan of Dury's they are behind the old sears building now the nashville rescue bldg. off lafayette. they will usually price match anything from adorama or b&h great people to deal with and cromolux for my speciality size prints or gatorboard pix.

    what kind of pictures do you take. i like nature/landscapes primarily if you want check out my site... and if you need help with anything at dury's or want someone to ride there with you shoot me an e-mail or call me i love in murfreesboro 615-542-0437 if i dont answer leave a voice mail i dont carry my phone in the school systems where i work.

    chris oakley