Best place to buy i-Dot Pros?

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by berfles, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. All the posts I read about that had coupon codes to certain sites are pretty old, does anyone know off the top of their heads which sites have discounts or anything?

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  3. I got them at my local gun store but I thought cheaper than dirt had a good price on them..

    Just make sure to get the right one for whatever model you need

  4. CTD doesn't seem to have the green front with the yellow rear... Ameriglo is sold out direct, any other places?
  5. Everyone is out for at least a week or so more until Ameriglo gets in a new shipment.
  6. Yellow lamps are notoriously dim.. I wouldn't go that route but ymmv
  7. They only make green and yellow in the i-Dot Pros, right? Eh, maybe I'll go with green/green then. I guess if worst comes to worst I could just buy another rear at some point, not like they're terribly expensive. My sight pusher should be here next week some time, hopefully I can order the sights and get them by next weekend.
  8. Ok, CTD has the green ones for $65. I guess I'll take the plunge.
  9. fourrobert13

    fourrobert13 I am the law.

    They are all over ebay.
  10. I can never seem to find anything on ebay and only came up with one pair that would fit on a Glock 23, and they ended up being more money anyway.

    I did get my sight pusher today though.

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  11. I put a set on my 17 with the green front and yellow rear, and
    this is just my opinion, but the yellow rear is much dimmer.
    I wish I had gone with the green/green.
  12. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    Yellow is much dimmer and dims much faster as compared to green. I've always bought mine from CTD or off of Ebay or Amazon, the Pro's should run about $65-70, around $60 for the regular I-dots.
  13. I prefer the yellow rear because they are dimmer. I like the front to jump out compared to the rear. When the front and rear are of equal brightness I find it slows me down trying to differentiate the two.
  14. Huh? Differentiate? It's a dot "above" a dot... You can't have the rear dot above the front dot or you wouldn't be able to see the front dot at all.

    What are you talking about :upeyes:
  15. It is not a question of who is on top, but who is next to who. When shooting in very low light at multiple targets, you have to make fast small adjustments to get the dot on dot view. Maybe its just me, but I can make the small adjustment faster if the dots are of different color. I have tried both. Must be my visual cortex needs a crutch. I hate the three dot system. It takes me longer to figure out what dot goes were. :)
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  16. The idea for the dimmer rear sight is to help you focus on the front sight. If the rear vials are the same size and brightness as the front, they will appear brighter and larger. This makes it harder to pick-up the front sight. But it's a mute point in a real situation your eyes are going to focus on the threat.

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