Best Night Sights for my glock

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by pridemoreG23, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Trijicon HD are the best by far out of what I have tried (which is between Trijicon and TruGlo)

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  2. Trijicon fan here!

  3. You guys are aware that Ameriglo uses trijicon inserts, their pro-glo front sights are just like Trijicon HD,s, you can get them in different heights (ie you can keep OEM stock height if you want, or go taller), and are cheaper than Trijicon HD's right?

  4. Have had the TFO sights on my Glocks (7) with no problems what ever. Someone probably did an improper install to have them come off.
  5. Toetag

    Toetag Wannabe

    Didn't use loctite on the front sight screw, I'll wager.
  6. nrabnf

    nrabnf NRA Benefactor

    Same as I have on my 23/4. Just what I needed for 60'ish
    eyes:wow:. Very good for what they're designed for.
  7. Giggity-Giggity

    Giggity-Giggity Giggity-Goo!!!

  8. Just orderd a set of Ameriglo operators from TOP GUN SUPPLY. For my G30. Great co. And great prices.:cool:
  9. I really like the Ameriglo Hack sights.
  10. Truglo TFOs on my G23. They are bright and bold without being unwieldy.
  11. For those that have Meprolight NS, how do you like them? Do you prefer green on green, or green on yellow? Thanks,

    P.S. Did anyone send their slide to Glockmesiter in Phoenix,
    AZ for free sight installation? How did that work out?
  12. I use the yellow rear green front mepros.
  13. How many various heights are available? Thanks zipdad57
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  14. How many various heights are available for these sights? Thanks zipdad57
  15. RayB

    RayB Retired Member


    Lots, if you're talking sights in general...

    If you'd care to specify which gun model you're looking to fit, which sight brand you’re interested in, and state your purpose—i.e., CCW, BUG, Home-Defense, Target-Specific, Plinking—then better recommendations and specifications could be offered.

    Otherwise, “lots”...

  16. Sorry about that, it's a glk 23 gen 3
  17. I have various brands in my different Glocks. I would need a flashlight to tell which is which in the dark. They all have held up fine.

    Don't sweat it. Focus on your technique in the dark, and buy a flashlight.
  18. Youve hit the nail on the head. In the dark youll see either two dots or three dots, depending on your preference, and that's about it.

    Choose the sights on preference in daylight (narrow/wide notches and front blades, yellow or orange day glow paint on the front sight, white rings around the tritium vials or not).
  19. Warp


    Those dots you see might be different colors, depending on your preference.
  20. RayB

    RayB Retired Member


    Peruse the AmeriGlo website for an idea of sight heights, widths, and configurations...

    For an all-purpose gun, I'd probably go with these:


    Here you get the familiar three lamps, with a marker on the front sight only.

    But the Trijicon HD's look good too...

    Here's another website with a good selection of sights:


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