Best night sights for a G19?

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by atlboy89, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, Just recently purchased my first Glock, the Glock 19, and am looking for some good night sights. Any suggestions?

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  2. G26S239

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    I prefer Tru Dots.

  3. The ones from Glock.
  4. GRT45

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  5. I had resisted for years to get Tritium Sights for my G-19 as none I had found had fully adjustable rears. 4 months ago I saw and bought a set of MeproLights that have fully adjustable rears. They are out of sight Great!
  6. Ameriglo Pro I dots

    Next ?

  7. +1, especially with the yellow rear & green front. There are none better, IMO.
  8. Meprolights are what I ran on most of my Glocks. However, my current G19 has Trijicon sights on it and I like those, too.
  9. I just stuck some Trijicon HD's on my G26 and G23. Far and away the easiest front sight to see(day or night) of any night sight I have ever used.
    They aren't cheap(about 130 bucks per set) but I plan on putting them on most of my other Glocks when $$$ permit.
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  10. Toetag

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    Tru Glo TFO's on my 19. Love'em
  11. Aneriglo uses Trijicon sights just so you know
  12. I have tried four different sights on the G19/23 platform and found for my purposes, the Trijicon GL01 night sights to the best. They let the right amount of light past the front post to the rear aperture, are low profile with no sharp edges, and are snag free. Great for a carry gun.
  13. 1-2man

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    Trijicon HDs.
  14. All my glocks get a set of trijicon GL01's
  15. I feel like a goldfish again. I truly dont recall this topic being adressed, like, ever...

    By the way, can I shoot lead bullets through my Glock?
  16. Meprolight tru dot

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