Best Melee weapons to stockpile?

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  1. Hello all.

    I know that this is a gun forum, but this is a survival sub-forum.

    There are many conceivable events where a person MIGHT need a melee weapon to survive, if things get bad enough.

    For example:

    1) You somehow get separated from your firearms and/or ammo in a SHTF event.
    2) The government confiscates your firearms and/or ammo, and it is not prudent to resist at that moment (for whatever reason),
    3) Your firearms and/or ammo get destroyed (flood, fire, etc).
    3) Your firearms break, or crucial parts/accessories break.
    4) You eventually run out of ammo, in a prolonged SHTF.
    5) Your firearms and/or ammo get stolen.
    6) You need a melee weapon to defend yourself without making lots of noise.
    7) You need to take weapons into "gun-free" zones.

    These are all potentially valid reasons, however unlikely. You can probably think of other scenarios as well.

    Now, I've never really owned or researched any modern melee weapons, aside from small folding knives.

    What kind of melee weapons would it make sense to stockpile? Are there better types for different situations?

    I want the most effective, most practical, most deadly choices. Nothing unnecessarily fancy or expensive.


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  4. Baseball bat has been a standby for years. Fixed blade knife also a oldie but goodie.

    But for cool factor a sword is the ticket!
  5. I lol'ed at the Half Life reference.

    As to melee weapons I've always felt nothing is better than a good quality fixed blade. I am personally a fan of SOG knives but any upper tier brand works.

    Stay away from a "survival knife" kind of deal as you should already have that stuff in your BOB. I will say that as for carrying the knife, I had Raven Concealment make up a IWB sheath for my SOG Seal Pup and I love it. Very comfortable and I enjoy having it as a backup or at work which is gun free.

    Just my two cents, research what you can and go to a store and feel up some knives.

    Here's a link to special order a sheath

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  6. The fixed blade knife is a good standby. Recently added a Tomahawk to my collection, my wife thinks I'm going flashback to "Last Of The Mohicians". Louisville slugger is good, and so are the little ones sold at the ball fields as souvenirs. Length of chain w/ padlock on the end, claw or straight hammer, crowbar, and the "Handi Bar", pepper spray, fire extinquisher, piece of black pipe, etc. all lethal if struck. Lots of ideas.
  7. Tomahawk is a sweet choice, I also have to say that Last Of The Mohicans (Daniel Day Lewis version) was awesome :)

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    Yup the machete....
  10. MadMonkey

    MadMonkey Spershul Furces

    Just buy a few Tramontina machetes and you'll be good to go.
  11. I like my golok (army machete) but a board with a nail in it could be just as effective
  12. I know lots of stuff will "suffice".

    I'm seeking what is best.
  13. LandMonster,

    You asked... "I want the most effective, most practical, most deadly choices. Nothing unnecessarily fancy or expensive."

    The short & Sweet answer is, in an extreme crisis - whatever you can get your hand on!

    If given time and a choice - Back in my day the good old fashion switch blade was always your best friend in a close quarters fight. You can stash it most anyplace on your person, bring it into action with a push of a button and (please don't mind the pun) get your point across very quickly!

    If fact I still have one today, and just like my CCW - I "don't leave home without it."

    Does that constitute as a Melee weapon?
  14. Machete. Look up James Keating for training.

    Cheap, effective. easy to carry, and the skills can be used with other weapons.
  15. 18" Tramontina would be my pick!
    I've got about 10 of them...and not too long ago had a whole bunch of my buddies at my property helping me clean the fence line. When they were all coming in for a drink break I imagined how much it would suck to live in a 3rd world country...or SHTF situation without a gun!!!
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  16. MadMonkey

    MadMonkey Spershul Furces

    "Best" is highly subjective. Why don't you tell us exactly what your requirements are, what you'll be fighting, the reach you need, etc and then maybe we can be more specific....
  17. For me, a machete is a pretty cheap, practical tool that can also be used for self defense.

    I also like small japanese hand picks/hoes - good for yard work. Could also be used like a tomahawk.

    My buddy says a guy he knows uses a spear. The spear guy was a former fencer. Anyway, the guys started messing around. The fencer used a long staff and dominated all the other guys using wood "swords".
    (5' reach vs like 2' brainer there)

    Makes me think if buying one of those cold steel Bushman knives that can be easily attached to a staff.

    I think a Bushman knive could be your ticket - a knife and spear in one - just add a staff
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  18. another gun
  19. Bag of golf clubs - "dual purpose".
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