Best mags for a SLR107-21?

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  1. Hello guys, I have purchased an Arsenal SLR107-21 and should be picking it up within 4 to 5 business days. It comes with a 5 round magazine and I would like to add about 10 thirty-rounders. I have unsuccessfully searched google and this forum for my answer, so here goes. Who has the best value on mags going right now? I honestly don't care what material they are made out of, as long as they work. I need to keep it around $150 total so looking for best mags at best value.
    In the AR world it's easy, just buy p-mags and be done with it. Here it seems more difficult to figure out what's good and what is junk.
    Thanks for your help guys.

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  3. [​IMG]

    I agree. The AIM mags are brand new; I have 8 and all run flawlessly. (AIM Chugo on right)
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  4. I have the AIM mags, works great.
  5. Another vote for the AIM mags. I use them in my Saiga and they're perfect!
  6. At least with surplus steel mags if anything goes wrong you can beat someone to death with a Bob bag full of loaded magazines.
    Seriously great deal.
  7. Thanks guys, I have never seen such a consensus. Y'all talked me into it. Ordered 5 this afternoon.
  8. Awesome choice for your first rifle. Load up on mags and ammo before the election panic really kicks into high gear.
  9. Thanks guys, This ^ is my decision to make now. I will have about ~$125 left over. I have 1K of ammo and 5 good mags enroute, do I need more?
    Or I also have an Aimpoint H-1 that I am considering putting on the AK. I am considering replacing the AR with the AK for my SHTF/bump in the night rifle. To do this correctly I will need a way of mounting the H-1 and a light on the AK.
    So, more ammo/mags or an UltiMAK type mounting system?
  10. I would want at least 10 mags but it seems like you are off to a great start. I have some Russians but I would love to try out a Bulgarian rifle.
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    The question of magazines gets brought up frequently. All you need to know is here: Magazine Primer

    In summary:

    Circle 10 waffle magazine > Chinese steel surplus > Eastern Europe steel surplus > U.S. Palm (ranked low due to cost) > Tapco or any other US made polymer crap.
  12. Thanks guys, WayaX, are you saying I should put all of my money in mags, over more ammo or the Ultimak?
    I will have 2 of the best mags available loaded with ammo.
    So the next question would be;
    What is the best, most dependable, available mags right now, and from where?
    What is the best 7.62x39 ammo for HD?
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  13. The best mags available are the Bulgy Circle 10s from Copes or Kvar. They are $34.99 for one so you are better off getting 3 steel surplus mags from AIM instead of one Bulgy mag in my opinion. They aren't that much better than steel military mags, they are just lighter weight. Hornady probably makes the best home defense rounds.
  14. WayaX

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    Mags w/o ammo are useless, and ammo w/o mags is not all that much better.

    You need to balance your supplies with your budget and your need. Chicom surplus mags might not be as light as a Bulgarian circle 10, but they work, and are half the price (or less). If you're on a budget and don't mind a little extra weight, these would be for you. If I had only around $150 to spend on mags, ammo, and accessories, I'd buy a 500 round pack of Wolf or Tul ammo, 3-4 surplus magazines (add more as time and budget permit), and a box of Hornady TAP ammo for HD (if you choose to use an AK for HD). The rifle is quite capable out of the box without an Ultimak. The Ultimak is something for down the line. If you want to put together an HD carbine, your next purchases after ammo and mags would be a sling and light (in that order). You may want the Ultimak to mount the light.

    There is another excellent write-up on these things at M4carbine.

    The one thing that is mentioned there briefly is opening up the sights. This is best done with a small triangle file that you can get at Lowes for $7. It's the best $7 you'll spend on an AK, just take your time and keep it straight and even. Stop when the tip of the large triangle starts to cut into sight.
    I may post pictures and a tutorial some day.

    My two cents.
  15. Thanks for all of your help guys. I received my AIM mags today. This is my first experience with commie stuff. All I have bought for the last few years is P-Mags (wonder how long it will be before Mag-Pul starts producing AK mags?) Well anyway, do I need to do anything (ie clean) these mags before I use them. Should I inspect them (if so, what do I need to look for?) Thanks for helping a noob.
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    Check for dents, remove any rust, and then go shoot.

    Magpul will most likely not be making AK magazines. AK magazines need steel liners, that's not really magpul's thing.
  17. Thanks WayaX, I inspected them last night, they look new, couldn't find anything. I will go shoot when my AK comes in. Is supposed to be today.

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