Best Gun Shop in Alabama?

Discussion in 'Heart of Dixie Glockers' started by HauntedAlabama, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. shotgun sports in anniston on hwy 431 in saks.great pricesand allways friendly and helpful

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  2. I called to see what they had and all they have right now are the Chinese Type 53 carbines (M44 clone) for $149 which I guess is a "meh" price seeing as how the 53's were usually left in rough shape with less than stellar bores. Might hold out for a decent and better shooting 91/30 for same or less price. They had no crates of surplus ammo, but had 20 round packs out of the crates for sale for $10 and I'll pass on that when you can get that stuff today for 20 cents a round after shipping. I'll just have to see what else they have next time I'm over that way.

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