Best Gun Shop in Alabama?

Discussion in 'Heart of Dixie Glockers' started by HauntedAlabama, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. I was just curious who everyone likes? I grew up going to Simmons with my dad so it is one of my favorites. They have good prices and are good people to deal with. I like the selection at Southeastern Guns, but the customer service is hit or miss. The Gun Cellar is fun to visit, but I have not bought a gun from them in years. Woods-n-Water has a big selection but they are expensive. What about ya'll, where do you shop and why? Thanks.

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  2. Willard

    Willard Who, me?

    Larry's Pistol and Pawn, in Huntsville is legendary. (in a good way)

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  3. I went in there a couple years back when I was in a bowling tourney. It was raining, cold, and right before Christmas so it was packed out. I have never seen so many people in a gun shop at one time. I actually bought a used Glock from him, we were going to shoot at the range and I asked if he had what I was looking for. He had someone get it, I checked it out, bought it and took it back to shoot it. The range guys were really helpful with my wife, she won't listen to me but she did them and her shooting improved from what they told her. I need to get back up there to check them out so I can actually see what they have, we really could not look because of the number of folks there.
  4. B&B Pawn in Gadsden. Super customer service, huge selection and fair prices.
  5. FM12

    FM12 I need AMMO!

    Larry's,NMemorial PKWY, Huntsville: A gun show every day!
  6. I'm NOT a fan of Gold Mine Pawn Shop in ... Fairhope.... I believe. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. However, Styx River Shooting Center is good (near Malbis), on the Mobile Side there's a "Steve's Gun Shop" and I've always gotten great advice etc. from them. I hate going to Bass Pro to shop/research: despite the fact that I'm just starting out in the competitive shooting world, I still know WAY more about Skeet guns and semi-auto pistols than most of their staff (there are some exceptions).

  7. I've been to Larry's in H'ville, great shop. I go to B&B pretty regular, great shop. DO NOT GO TO SHOTGUN SUPPLY IN SAK'S. I have a post in here telling about my experience with them. Sportsman's exchange in Gadsden was a good shop at one time, but they have gone downhill recently. I have heard alot about Hoover tactical but i havent gotten down there yet.
  8. I went up to Bham today to look for my wife a new carry piece. We ended up getting her new gun at Hoover Tactical Guns. She has been in all the gun shops I go to and she really liked this one. The staff was very friendly and it was a laid back place with a large selection of carry guns, self defense weapons, etc. I would say give these guys a shot if you are in the area or passing through. The prices were pretty good too.
  9. I like SE, no LE discount kinda sucks, but I go to Gulf-States (Montgomery) and One-Stop (Jasper) if I was buying anything worth the trouble to get the discount.

    Never went anywhere else for regular purchases... Known Mike (the owner of SE) since forever it seems... Known everyone else there for 4 years or so... got to the point where if they are busy I just get someone's keys and get what I want and do my own 4473 and wait on someone to ring me up...
  10. So what about One Stop Pawn in Jasper?
    I was thinking about a trip down there since they are an authorized Glock dealer and give you the LEO/military discount.

    A road trip to Gulf States is an all-day road round trip from Huntsville, but it is not too far to Jasper.
  11. One stop in Jasper is good and the discount is there. Hudson Pawn in Jasper also has great prices on Glocks and a decent selection of everything else.

    Simmons in Bessemer has had the best prices on Black Guns close to me in Jasper the past couple of years. Bought a Bushmaster and M&P there this past year, got both rifles for about 1700.00.

    +1 for Hoover Tactical, been there 3 times in the past 2 months and left 300 with them on rifle accessories. Great selection and knowledgeable people. If they don't have it they can get it, as well as Simmons.
  12. Got to stay with Gulf States in Montgomery. (Only draw back is 10% sales tax) Fair prices, good all-around stock, and personal notification if they are about to sell a large lot of police trade- ins or seizures. Wetumpka Fish & Game is also good for inventory and prices.
  13. Hoover Tactical Firearms in Hoover, AL is a great shop. I just picked up a G19 from them Friday.
  14. My three favorite places:

    Mark's Outdoors in Vestavia
    Hoover Tactical Firearms
    Gun Cellar

    All three have good selections, and Mark's has been giving me all sorts of discount certificates in the way of a birthday card each year. :)
  15. I like SE Guns in Trussville. Hoover Tactical is owned by an ******* and his employees are rejects from other gun stores around town and their prices are way too high.
  16. kabob983

    kabob983 "Mostly" Dead

    Wow, a little bitter?

    Hoover Tactical is a great place. They're not reject employees, they left the Gun Cellar because they thought the cramped conditions were detrimental to a good shopping atmosphere. I really like the place, employees are good/knowledgable.

    Marks Outdoors is also great, I've bought the majority of my pistols/rifles from them.
  17. Actually, 2 were fired from different shops and one was about to be.

    Regardless, the owner is a jerk and their prices are way too high.
  18. Agreed OD. 900 dollars for a WASR and a case of ammo is a freaking joke, a guy where I work was asking if it was a good deal lol. An example of Hoover Tacticlols deals.

    Anyone that's been to Gulf States know if they stock 5906TSWs for LE sales still?
  19. I HIGHLY recommend Birmingham Pistol Wholesale (BPW) on Hwy 11 in Trussville. Johnny Walker is the owner. I've bought and traded with him for many years and always found him to be honest and his prices competitive. But the MAIN reason I like to do business with him is the fact that he highly values his customers. Many (not all) gun shops around Birmingham are owned and operated by conceited jerks, and they employee conceited jerks, as well. I like feeling like I'm not considered just another "goob" wandering around the store.
    Also, BPW has a huge variety of firearms, and if Johnny doesn't have it, he'll do his best to track it down for you.
  20. The Gun Cellar kinda wend down when Tom, retired and then his daughter took over the bisness, now they've mooved to MOODY, Alabama. Tom is actually in a nursing home.

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