Best Glock competition speed holster?

Discussion in 'General Competition' started by BigMoosie, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. I'm looking for some advice on a speed holster for Glock 17. What would you recommend?

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  3. for production class, bladetech DOH works great for me. blackhawk serpa if you want/need retention (like during a 3 gun match where you're going prone, etc).

  4. What about for steel challenge?
  5. bladetech DOH works for me in any competition where a "production" holster is required and no formal retention is needed. definitely other brands out there.

    suggest you sign up for a competition with whatever you have. then just see what other folks are using and ask them how it works for them and use that info to see if you want to buy add'l gear.
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  7. I have a CR Speed that I'll sell ya for $100, everything included. In fact, kick in an extra 90 and I'll include the inner and outer belt and mag carriers (Safariland).

    It's what I used and it took me to Master. Outta be fine for a new guy! LOL
  8. Blade-Tech DOH for USPSA and Comp-Tac for IDPA.
  9. I've got outerbelts and pouches might be interested in the CR Speed. What are you using now?
  10. bladetech DOH.
  11. I use a Ready Tactical USPSA Production Master for competition and have had great success.
  12. I have recently bought a Ghost Stinger Holster, and I have found that if you are going to shoot a production rig it works well (Not Great), If you are going to run Limited or Open Class it tends to be very finicky and need a number of modification in order to run extended mag releases and the like. Balde-Tech DOH or a Comp Tac may be the way to go. Good Luck!
  13. I don't shoot USPSA any more. I reckon if I did it would be single stack or Production rather than Limited. Kinda conquered that Division aroundhere...LOL
  14. Bladetech DOH, then you can take off the DOH attachment when you need to.

    However, if you're shooting only Open and/or Limited and want the ultimate in speed, I'd go with the Amadini Ultimate Ghost holster.
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