Best do-it-all .45 acp?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by wesleysmith, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. wesleysmith

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    I'm building up my collection, the next stop for me is the good 'ol .45 acp. My question is this: what would be the best all around starter to get my feet wet? 21/41/36/30(s/sf/g4)? Any and all opinions and insights are greatly appreciated!

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  2. I'd vote Gen4 G21, unless you're considering it for CCW.

  3. I guess you're dead set on Glock?
  4. Gen 4 G21. Must have in any Glocklection.
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  5. Best "do-it-all"? Without a doubt, the Glock 30 series. My vote would be the 30s because it is easier to conceal than the full width slide on the 30, 30sf, and Gen4.
  6. One ought to at least handle a few different brands before spending several hundred dollars.
  7. My favorite .45s are always 1911s. That said, I carry a 30s, really like my 41 and am contemplating a 21 for my GSSF purchase. The 21 gets tremendous love - rent a G4 30, 30s, 41, and 21 and see what happens. Make your own decision - for range and fun duty - my guess is that it will be a 21 or 41.
  8. Agreed
  9. wesleysmith

    wesleysmith New Guy

    I've shot (revolver and auto) S&W, Beretta, Taurus & Sig Sauer, and honestly I just didn't see enough difference to care. Having said that, my collection is just starting out, I'm sure I'll branch out all over the place, I'm probably just not thinking my handgun purchases through as much as I'm thinking my next caliber through.

    I'm open to ANY suggestions...
  10. I'd pass on the G36, it has it's limitation.

    For an EDCCW you'll appreciate the Glock 30S

    You'll love it for size, weight and performance and because it's a Glock.
  11. My vote is 30SF It's my EDC, but I also love my G4 21.. Ya can't go wrong with any of the Glocks in .45ACP.. Which ever ya get you'll love ...
  12. G21 Gen4 is my favorite Glock, so I would have to recommend it first, and the G30SF/G30 Gen4 next.

    I see that you have a long slide Glock as your avatar, so I would also recommend the G41 :)
  13. Yeah, It's a lot thinner and a little lighter, and it allows you to carry those extra rounds you probably won't ever need in a weak-side mag/holder.


    The G36 IS the perfect Do-It-All .45 ACP Glock.

    Want somethin' else? Get somethin' else.

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  14. HEXE9

    HEXE9 Shootin' Fool

    Gen4 21
  15. OP,
    Since your open to any suggestions, you could try H&K USP, and H&K45.
    The beauty of H&K's are that you have your choice of trigger variants.

    Da/Sa, DAO,& Light Lem, Control Lever: left side, right side, or without etc.
  16. G30S

    The G36 is Glocks flawed bastard child.
  17. I love my 30s & XDs .45.
  18. I've had a G21 since 1991. It's one of the few guns I never traded/sold, etc. It's my ultimate SHTF handgun.

    Been through a bunch of 1911's; still have a couple for Wild Bunch.

    Just got an Advantage Arms .22 conversion for my G21. Have not been able to get to the range due to this Endless Winter.

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