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Best digi cam for $1k?

Discussion in 'Through-the-Lens Club' started by Packin' Heat, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Packin' Heat

    Packin' Heat

    Jan 17, 2001
    Atlanta, GA
    subject pretty much asks it all. I'm going to be moving from my Pro-sumer olympus C-8080 into the DSLR for no particular reason. just cuz I guess. anywho, the Oly has been great, pretty good glass for a non-SLR. So obviously I'm looking for better performance.

    In the price point I'm talking about there isn't too many choice I believe.

    stuff like:

    Nikon D80
    Olympus E330
    Cannon Rebel XSi
    Maybe pentax K10D


  2. nipperwolf


    Oct 3, 2002

    Quick-name that movie. ;)

    But, seriously, it's hard to give opinions, without knowing what you want to shoot.

  3. medic1213

    medic1213 TraumaHawk

    Feb 20, 2000
    Rockingham, NC
    How familiar are you with manual controls and adjusting things like aperture, shutter speed and ISO to give you certain effects? Are you a "program" mode shooter, or do you like to venture into A, S, M modes on occasion? The reason I ask is, if you just want a DSLR to take better photos than your P/S digicam, then the entry level ones are a great bargain. Cameras like the Rebel XT or the Nikon D40 take great photos. They are very compact as well, which means they are much easier to carry around. Remember, the main difference between the less expensive bodies and the more expensive bodies are the features. Don't fall into the Megapixel mindgame. More is not always better, and the difference between 8 and 10 or 6 and 8 is minimal at best. and have good reviews. Ken Rockwell carried a D80 for a long time, but states he absolutely loves his D40 (Not D40x) as an everyday walkaround camera strictly because of it's size. Personally, I have a D80 with vertical grip, but it's not nearly as portable as a much smaller D40. Decide what you want to do with it, and then go from there. They will all take good pictures.
  4. havensal

    havensal Nozzle Jockey CLM

    Aug 14, 2003
    Western, NY
    I just ordered a Canon XSi kit that comes with a 18-55m IS lens and a 55-280mm IS lens from Dell.
    They don't show them on their website, but if you call they do have them (or will have shortly). I got the whole thing with an 8gig SD card (Class 6: 6 MB/sec minimum data transfer rate) for $1100. :wavey:
  5. DeadMansLife

    DeadMansLife Senior Member

    May 7, 2000
    Carlisle, PA
    The XT will take fantastic pics with it's 8mp sensor if the shooter does his/her part. I have prints as large as 11x14 that leave nothing to be desired. Honestly, how many people print larger for home use?
  6. I just recieved my Nikon D40 yesterday and it is almost weightless and easy to hold on to,just switched over from PS digicam myself,but i will still use it.
  7. Glkster19


    May 12, 2001
    Lansing, MI

    Weeellllllllll, I know of at least 1. :tongueout:

    My office consists of a 20x24 scene from a crash (after all pts were transported of course) of our amb that was on scene yet, the rescue and pumper from the local FD and a couple cop cars with the helicopter about 10' off the ground and in the foreground of the previously mentioned vehicles. Cool as hell I might add.

    Also have 3 13x19 borderless photos of a couple lighthouses on Lake MI during the sunset and a nice pic of the Mackinaw Bridge with a generous view of Lake MI.

    Edited to add: I forgot about the 20x24 shot of the scoreboard at Comerica Park that hangs in the hallway leading to the office. (Gotta love a wife that loves the Tigers also!)