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Best Camo pattern for central florida?

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by wanta68gt, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. wanta68gt

    wanta68gt Savage Nation

    Nov 22, 2002
    SW Florida
    Not much season change, it gets a little brown in the winter- what do you all think for deer/turkey?
  2. Cuse93


    Oct 9, 2003
    Northeast US
    I've seen this stuff only in Florida called Palmettoflage. Very cool looking. Very green with the pattern of all that natural vegation that seems so prevalent in Central Florida.

    In the absence of Palmettoflage, I think Mossy Oak Breakup is good. Especially for hunting from a treestand.

  3. mpol777

    mpol777 Feral Member

    Jul 23, 2001
    Cochise County, AZ
    I truly believe all of those super photographic camo patterns are more for human eyes than those of animals.

    My perfect camo setup has two main ingredients, mismatched camo patterns and some sort of 3D attached to it. The goal of camo is to break up your form so you don't look like one big object, which is out of place to the critters looking at you. Mixing up camo patterns for your hat, face mask, shirt, pants, gloves etc., does this very well. A coyote, who have good eyesight, standing at 200 yards won't care that Mossy Oak put a ash leaf and an acorn on your sleeve, they are looking for forms.

    For the 3D those $150 suits from Cabelas are a waste of money. I made up a poor man's model out of a $10 surplus swiss camo parka and a bunch of 1" x 12" strips of various camo patterns grouped together. With any type of bush/tree/cactus backdrop it breaks up. It doesn't matter if I'm high in the pines or down in the low scub of the desert. All for about $25.

    I've had a coyote come to 30 yards looking directly at me trying to figure out where that rabbit he heard was. He never knew what hit him.
  4. I agreed. Now with that said , get you're stuff in breakup or shadowgrass and you will fit and blend into the nature enviroment.

    Just don't show up with a big RED cap and shirt and with a nice shiny barrel.;f
  5. How about a Hawaiian shirt with palm trees all over it? ;)
  6. I'm sitting here at my computer wearing my Hawiian shirt and when I saw the title of this thread I was going to suggest the same thing.
  7. f1b32oPTic

    f1b32oPTic R4d104c71v3

    Aug 5, 2003
    up close & personal
    i love mossy oak breakup...the color variation is dark and light enough to get a deep contrast...i just bought a face mask to keep the mosquitos off of me without having to wear also adds to my cammouflage because the head mask covers my face in camo without having to use makeup as well as breaks up the profile of my head...i feel turning my head in the stand is less noticeable.