Best bullet for whitetail deer and mulies?

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by moglk47, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. Ok thanks SD, think I'll load up some 180 xtp's and give them a try. That is if I can find some.

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  2. For deer I prefer Underwoods 200xtp. Penetration has not been an issue. However I do not hunt Mulies but if I did it would be the same 200xtp. I also have some UW 180xtps that I wouldn't hesitate to use.

  3. I've used the Corbon 180 sp's. if I could find their bullet's I'd load my own.
  4. nickE10mm

    nickE10mm F.S.F.O.S.


    1) handloaded WFN or hand casted 190-200gr flat / HP like ctious mentioned.

    2). Beartooth or doubletaps WFNGC 200gr WFN BULLET

    3) 200gr XTP at high velocity

    I've used the 200 XTP on my last three deer. Worked well but I now endorse wide nosed hard cast if you can swing it.
  5. A 200gn XTP JHP will dispatch any critter found in the lower 48.
  6. nickE10mm

    nickE10mm F.S.F.O.S.

    **IF** it doesn't hit large none. I had a 200gr XTP @ a chrono 1300+ fps NOT pass thru a buck at about 10y.... And while it worked, I want a bullet that will pass / smash clean thru anything.
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  7. OldSchool64

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    I'd also lean more towards the 200gn, rather than the 180gn previously mentioned.
  8. I agree with nick that the 200 xtp does not pass all the way through. I shot 2 deer with them. Both stopped inside the deer. Not even getting to the other side. Granted I am in Wisconsin and our deer are larger.

    Cast is where its at. Factory gas checked loads like double tap work fine in the glock barrel. If u want to stick to the stock barrel.
  9. OldSchool64

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    A bullet that doesn't pass all the way through releases all it's energy into the target, not a bad thing as long as it reaches vitals.
  10. Thanks guys, you all have really helped.
  11. dryfly

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    FWIW.....and probably doesn't relate much to handgun loads....but... I shoot a 300 grain XTP at 1950fps out of my CVA muzzleloader....

    Not only is it super accurate.....I always see decent entrance and exit holes on all deer I have taken with this setup.

    I have been shooting XTP boolits for a long time out of my muzzleloaders and have had the best luck and results. I could probably water down my powder loads by 10 to 20 grains ... but I am a fan of pass through shots on all big game.

    This is why I carry 200 grainers in my 29sf.
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  12. The ones in the muzzle loader are xtp mags. Completely different. The mags have a jacket 3 times as thick as the 200 gr xtp. I wish they made a 200 gr xtp mag for the 10mm. It would be a wicked hunting round.
  13. dryfly

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    Didn't know this...thanks !
    Makes more sense to me now.
  14. That 300 grain Mag Tip XTP is a tough bullet. Hornady loads it in the 454. Should be a very good hunting bullet. What I have found interesting though is how good the standard 300 grain XTP holds up during penetration tests. One of my buddies loads cast bullets for bear protection but I noticed he loads the standard XTP for moose hunting in the 454. I also think a Mag Tip 200 grain XTP would be a great bullet in the 10mm for hot loads.
  15. You guys wouldn't be able to help me out with some loading data would you?
    Have a new G20 w/ 6" KKM barrel and a heavy recoil spring and steel guiderod. Got some of the 200gr WFNGC bullets and new Starline brass. Just can't get any real clear data. I have Power Pistol, Titegroup, 231, Blue Dot and 296 on hand. Need a hunting load. I did post on 10mm Reloader thread but havn't had any responses. Everything I can find seems pretty anemic for the 10mm......darn near .40s&w level.
  16. 10mmman

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    Ditto the 200 gr XTP

    Absurd amount of venison has passed through my digestive tract thanks to them. Pushed at top end, only the largest of Iowa corn fed whitetails will stop one, and those have only done so with the hide of their off side.
  17. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    Of those powders you might be best off with Blue Dot. Check the Alliant powder section here on GT and you should find what you need. For that bullet I use 3N38 and 800x, but that's not going to help you.
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  18. nickE10mm

    nickE10mm F.S.F.O.S.

    SD is right .... Blue Dot will be best for a hunting load from those powders. You could use Power Pistol, too, but its a LITTLE on the fast side... but a very good powder. 10.5gr Blue Dot will get you over 1200fps and probably VERY accurate. (work up to this load, non-mag primers). As for 231, great plinker light-load powder. 296 is wayy to slow of a powder, better for a .44 mag.

    Have fun!

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