Best bullet for whitetail deer and mulies?

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by moglk47, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. I've taken deer with my S&W model 29 44 mag and used 230 grain hard cast bullets but just wondering what is you guys advice using a stock gen 2 g20.I will be reloading most but also what about factory ammo too?

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  3. The mihec custom shallow hp mold. We designed it on cast boolit forum. Can be cast as a flat, shallow hp, deep hp. I shot a deer with it thos past year. Will out preform all jacked. Deer are pretty soft. So a flat is not needed. Although it does work well. My shallow hp is 200 gr. They offered the mold in 190 also. The 190 does give a slight edge in power.

    My hunting loads are currently the 200 gr at 1440. Last year I had the 190 doing 1510. But down loaded to 1400 due to skidding cause the lead was a little soft.

    For now u would have to buy the mold. Unless u can get one of the guys to cast some for ya and send them to ya.

  4. Being a stock gun I would suggest getting an after market barrel like a kkm for the lead.
  5. AngelDeville

    AngelDeville NoHablaMexican

    Lead works for me, I haven't used a G20 but a Keith type lead would be my only choice.
  6. Underwood 180 or 200 gr XTP or even WW 175 gr STHP should work.
  7. I am down for the 170gr one, if it ges here in time I may use it
    for deer this year.
  8. I'm going to use a jacketed bullet to get started,should I use a hp or soft nose? I do plan on getting an am barrel later and using lead. Thanks for the advise.
  9. AngelDeville

    AngelDeville NoHablaMexican

    For pistol hunting I would chose a sp over a hp. With a pistol I'm looking for penetration over expansion.
  10. If u want a soft point you only option is Corbon. They are the only ones with a soft point for the 10mm

  11. That's my thoughts as well. Thanks
  12. Glock barrel rifling are well documented as being wildly in accurate with handcast lead bullets.

    If the OP goes that route, I concur on getting an aftermarket barrel with standard rifling.

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  13. Take a look at the Hornady XTP. Either 180 or 200 grain.

  14. I don't see anything except HP in the XTP. 180 or 200 grain is what I'm interested in,either one in a HP a good choice? I'm just worried the hp won't give enough penatration.Sorry for all the dumb questions but I'm just not familar with shooting jacketed bullets in a handgun for hunting.
  15. JK Freak

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    What's your state regs on handgun hunting?

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  16. OldSchool64

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    The XTP bullet is a deep penetrating HP. They Do Not expand as much as most newer-technology hollow points, but they do expand reliably and hold their sectional density better.

  18. That sounds like what I want then. Thanks a lot guys. Really appreciate the help.
  19. The xtp I consider ok for deer. It does have a tendency to overexpand and shed its jacket at hot loads. But in the jacketed dept it is the best option for deer. I did shoot 2 deer with them. Worked. Ok.

    I am hearing a lot about noslers lately 200 gr doing better than the xtp though.
  20. What can someone tell me about Berrys plated bullets out of a stock G20?
  21. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    I'd go for the XTP for you're looking for JHP. They penetrate well and hold together better than most other JHP bullets at 10mm velocity. Hardcast wise, my favorite is the 200gr WFNGC from Beartooth. Using 3N38, I was able to get ~1,350 with a 180gr JHP, and ~1,250 with the 200gr hardcast out of my stock Gen4 G20. If you want a 180gr hardcast, try a .38-40 style RNFP since it has a larger meplat on it than most other 180gr bullets.

    But I will say you don't need max velocity in order to be effective. I don't see a huge need to exceed 1,200-1,250 fps with a 180gr JHP bullet, as it's plenty effective at that speed.

    As for Berrys, not bad but watch out to not over crimp or you will keyhole like crazy. I don't think I would choose Berrys as a hunting bullet however.

    Factory ammo, I'd lean towards the Hornady 180gr XTP, it lists 1180 fps, which isn't top speed, but it will put a deer down no problem. The Winchester Silvertip would work too, but I think the XTP is a better bullet design. Other than those, you could always try Underwood ammo or Buffalo Bore.
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