Best ammo for the 380 pocket guns?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by WEATHERBY460, Feb 11, 2013.

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    Great post - thank you!

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  2. Expansion for the sake of expansion is worthless. Penetration first, expansion if necessary to dump excess energy second. I have done enough of my own testing on .380 to realize I'd rather have 10" of ball penetration as opposed to an expanding round that actually expands on contact with, and bounces off of ribs.

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    his info was not meant to state a preference but to show what various bullets do in jello. i think he does good work and keeps any personal bias one way or another supressed enough to makes his work objective.

    in my LWS32 i carry win sthp, not for expansion but because of ammo fact in my own back yard testing through hard plastic jugs of water the .32acp hollow points dont expand from a the function like FMJ but work in the gun because they are shorter than FMJ.
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    That's right - good for max penetration.
  5. after seeing the pics I'm good with GD. I use to use Fed Hydro Shoks and it looked like those did well also. both had controlled expansion.
  6. I went round and round with ammo when I owned a .380ACP and I finally became convinced that anything below 9mm/.38Spl needs to ensure penetration above all else, especially during 7-8 months of the year when an attacker likely wears layers of clothing.
  7. I was impressed with a test vid and now I have Hornady Critical Defense in my LCP.
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  9. Why no penetration numbers on the Gold Dots and The Win load below the GD's?

    I'm liking the numbers on those old school Fed Hydra Shoks.
  10. Those blocks calibrated too soft, so I scrapped the penetration depths rather than publish bad information.
  11. Buffalo Bore 100 gr. hardcast @1150 fps
  12. When I decided to pick up a LCP for those times when I couldn't conceal one of my J-frames, I looked around to see what ammo I could find at my usual sources. I tried some Winchester RA380T 95gr (T-Series), Speer 90gr GDHP and Remington 102gr Golden Sabre.

    All fed and functioned just fine in my LCP. The Golden Sabre exhibited some erratic ejection patterns compared to the other 2 loads, though.

    I know another instructor that settled on Hornady (because LAPD authorizes it, and he carries a Bodyguard 380), after he fired enough to confirm function in his BG 380. If the Hornady load was available in quantity and discounted pricing, I'd try it sometime.

    I settled on the Win T-Series & Speer GD, as I can get those loads in quantity, and they both work fine in my LCP. (Enough for training, practice & carry, although I still have access to Win FMJ, as well.)

    Yes, the potential for less penetration in situations involving intervening limbs and cross torso/shoulder capsule situations is always in the back of my mind, but there's always some degree of compromise to consider in dedicated defensive handguns.
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    GOOD thinking! :cool:
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    I don't have a .380 but if I did that would be my carry load.
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    Same here. Sometimes I wonder if my 115gr 9mm +p+ bullet will penetrate enough.
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    Dump the .380 and get at least a small 9x19mm.

    Then come back and talk ammo suggestions.

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    Come on now - he is asking for our good advice about .380 ammo. It could be the only gun that he can have now.

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