Best Ammo For .40 S&W

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by SFCGrazier, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Read THIS and THIS as well as all of the other articles, choose one, then practice.

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  2. Hey that was really cool. Thanks for sharing the links. How did you do that?

  3. same here.

    Federal 180 or 165 FMJs for plinking

    accuracy? three quick rounds center of mass at 3, 5 and 7 yards.
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  5. AJSully421

    AJSully421 Armed Citizen

    When I carry my G22, I have 180 HST in the gun, and Double Tap's 180 Gold Dot in the spare mag.

    I do this mainly to have different choices, or if I happen on a situation where I think I might need the extra penetration of the bonded GD I can switch if I have time. I would trust either to tear a car apart on the way through.
  6. I don't buy into the whole lighter is better theory, a standard handgun cartrige such as the .40 s&w isn't shooting 3000 ft per second or anything close to being able to do damage by fragmenting, so all you have is the transfer of energy to work with. For example would you rather be hit by a F150 doing 75 mph or a semi truck doing 55 mph, common logic says a 180 grain will have more energy when it hits because it has more mass, the lighter loads just look good on paper with higher velocity numbers but lack the mass to transfer as much. Just my 2 cents, by the way I stoke mine with 180g Federal HST :cool:
  7. AJSully421

    AJSully421 Armed Citizen

    Caliber (and bullet choice for that matter) are primarily an academic exercise for anyone who is not a LEO / MIL and those guys are mostly issued a weapon and ammo and have no say in the matter anyhow.

    A 115 grain 9mm FMJ in the right spot will stop the threat. I like heavier bullets because they carry the most momentum to punch through things that might need punching through. To that end, I have a habit of selecting rounds that are more on the heavier side for each caliber I own... thus the 180 in the .40 cal.

    Personal choice... YMMV
  8. I am sure you will be served well. The lighter bullets have more energy and adequate penetration. I just posted a link to one chart, you have to make up your own mind. I carry GS 165gr, or 155gr. GD because of their proven effectiveness.
  9. I carry Gold Dot "Duty Ammo" in 180gr and for the range I am now shooting Speer Lawman in 180gr. They shoot almost identical. I was shooting UMC or WWB and GD's have a totally different feel. I am really liking my new practice ammo.

    While we're on this topic, what is the difference between GD "duty ammo" and GD "personal defense" rounds? The p/d comes in 20 round boxes for $25-ish where as the duty ammo comes in 50 round boxes for $25-ish.

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