** Best AK47/AMD65 Accessories ** A sleek tactical setup

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by C-Dog, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. C-Dog

    My Hungarian AMD-65 looks 100x's better, is more functional & comfortable to shoot.
    I added: a Hogue ergo grip, Midwest Industries quad rail, AMD65tech stock riser, & a magpul RVG vertical grip.
    I really like its new "2-tone" color scheme. The Flat Dark Earth & Black look really clean together.

    Check it out & tell me what you think! The video shows fast paced changes & a cool ending comparison morph.

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  3. Not my thing, but if its what you want, thats cool. Different strokes and all. :)

    Hows it shoot now vs before?

    I like mine a little more stock. For an "updated" (and now, actually somewhat outdated but still functional) version, I just add an Ultimak rail and an Aimpoint ML2 and a little more current camo job. :)


  4. C-Dog

    Oh it shoots GREAT! The ergo grip is super comfortable & retains grip when sweaty. & the stock riser does exactly what it's suppose to. Target acquisition is much quicker & retaining aim is much easier.
  5. Sounds like youre onto something. :)
  6. The_Gun_Guru

    The_Gun_Guru Ban Democrats!!

    Hey, it's your gun, if you like it then that's all that matters.

    For me though, I prefer wood, although I did put a bump fire stock on my WASR-10/63.






  7. C-Dog

    I hear u Gun_Guru... everyone has their own tastes. I really like the wood setups too & I hope to have one pretty soon... I just gotta find something reasonably priced & built... Are those all your AK's in the pics?

    Also, the slidefirestock would be a fun little gadget to have on a spare AK... although my current range doesn't allow simulation or true full auto (STUPID IOWA!!!) I've always wanted to try one of those stocks. Looks like a blast! :50cal:
  8. I have an AMD-65 sbr. I would not change a thing on mine.
  9. NeverMore1701

    NeverMore1701 Fear no Evil
    Platinum Member

    Now we're talkin'!
  10. +1000

    I would have spent $200 to SBR it, put a short MOE light rail on the stock HGs and called it a DAY.

    (glad you like your rifle though!)
  11. C-Dog

    Too bad Iowa doesn't allow SBR... One reason I'll be outa here within the year...

    The surplus grips on it were HIDEOUS!!! I like the blonde woody grips too, I'm going to buy another soon & set it up that way... But I LOVE this setup!!!
  12. That poor AK. It never had a chance at a normal life. :crying:
  13. C-Dog

    Your right, it didn't! Because it has always been more BAD ASS than a standard AK! These Hungarian AMD-65's have it all!!! :cheers:
  14. I dig the upgrades. The AMD is an awesome value right now but it does have a couple of design flaws. It does need that cheek riser and the front handguard gets way to hot.

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