best advice we can give to a G30 owner

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by paltic, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. mga pare ano-ano po ba ang advice na pwedeng ibigay dito sa pinsan ko na may Glock 30:

    palagi na siya pumuputok using LEAD reloaded ammos
    -using brass cases na halos 10x na nai-reload.

    im worried baka kako matsambahan ng KB;-(
    ...i'll copy & paste everything na isu-suggest ninyo. para mabasa niya sa text. tnx in advance.:cool:

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  2. sell it and buy an s_i;f

    Kidding aside, as long as he does not fire more than 100 rounds it will be not that risky. but its still risky.

    as for the brass, it should not be shot too much on an unsupported chamber, since its a 45 maybe 10 reloads are ok. but again still risky.

    best advice is buy a new supported chambered land and groove barrel form barsto, etc. then shoot till you drop with lead rounds. as for the brass, shoot till you see a small crack on the brass and then dump it.

    if he insists in using his old barrel then go for teflon, plated, or fmj and do be careful on the brass since a small crack on the base will produce the dreaded kaboom and goodby glock 30

  3. With the 45 I can only offer 2 suggestions:

    1. Be careful with double charged ammo, so know your load.

    2. Make sure you scrub your barrel well after every range session when using lead.

  4. ReccaH

    ReccaH Let's Play

    Let me start. Aside sa usual tender loving care like making sure it's always clean, make it a point not to use wadcutter ammo(i think). Yun bang ammo na meron shoulder on the base of the head. It gets jammed kasi with the ejecting case. Napaaway ako sa stronghand because of that. hehe

    Its not wise also to use very old bullet brass shell. Mine was not even brass coz its silver from the "baul"(old treasure chest) of my dear father. I found that the hard way.. :(

    Aside from that i hope your cousin enjoys it like i do. cheers! ;z
  5. Listen to Reccah even though it seems he's downplaying his experience with his G30. ;f

    Btw, Reccah, musta bul storm mo? Solid pa rin ba, how many rounds na?
  6. batangueno

    batangueno Shock Resist

    Here's a pic of the case failure that Reccah's G30 survived. No damage to the gun, although i think he did have a federal barrel installed. Ewan ko lang kung anong nangyari kung naka stock barrel 'yon.

  7. Replace the barrel immediately with a fully supported barrel usinhg conventional rifling.
  8. nabasa ko yung mga naka post regarding sa glock 30 and it got me kung ibebenta namin mag-kano na ba bentahan ng glock 30 ngayon?? knowing what i know now, me bibili pa ba nun??thanks;Q
  9. batangueno

    batangueno Shock Resist

    Post mo dito yung asking price...kita mo marami pa rin interasado. :)
  10. kristiansen

    kristiansen Birdwatcher

    ah oo much?
  11. he he he will sell it and get an s_i;f
  12. doctabako

    doctabako Gun Aficionado

    Lead and old brass cases? in a stock barreled Glock? He's asking for trouble with a capital KB :)
  13. Guest

    Which caliber is recommended here in the Phils if you purchase a Glock? Definitely not .40 diba? We shoot a lot of reloads here kasi since mahal ang factory. Pati ba .45 hindi rin advisable? (G21s and G30s?)
  14. ReccaH

    ReccaH Let's Play

    Sumikat na naman G30 ko! hehe. The gun still works fine up to now and honestly was amazed that nothing bad happened to my gun. Nevermind my hand...

    MC_O - I'm still in love with my Bul Storm even with the falls(plural) hehe. Primarily because of its nice trigger pull.:cool:
  15. If you ask Judge or Saruman, they'll tell you to get a .40 S(wift)&W(icked) ;f ;f If you ask ppts or homogenizer or even me, we'll tell you to get a 9mm ;f But its really up to you and what caliber you feel comfortable with.
  16. kristiansen

    kristiansen Birdwatcher

    my G22 works just jams,no FTF,no hiccups ,no nothing.its flawless! get something in 40 cal.:) Saruman,back me up here;f
  17. For defense and carry...I'd go with a .40S&W Anytime.... Everytime! :cool:

    For IPSC Production.... well that's another story.... ;f
  18. Must be your premium factory loads and power-puff reloads! ;f ;f ;f
  19. Alexii

    Alexii Janeway Forever

    That depends on a lot of factors which includes, but not linmited to-- the size of your hands, the intended or projected use for the pistol, and the availability of your chosen caliber.

    That said, I would personally consider a 9mm Glock to be the most versatile choice.

  20. hehehe ;z

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