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Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by willowofwisp, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. I have been using my grandpa's olympic arms matchmaster for my service PPC match for about 3 years now and i feel i need my own 1911.

    So i have been looking around and i wanna stay under the 1,000$ range. The gun will be used in IDPA, PPC and just overall range use. So far i have looked at the Sig 1911 target, the STI trojan 5.0 and the Para p14.

    I really am liking the spartan and i have seen some great reviews of the gun and another plus i saw Bac in a thread say it was a great 1911 lol. I am wondering though can u find the gun for under msrp at dealers? the cheapest i found it is 990$ on gunbroker.

    thanks for any advice guys

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  3. The Trojan is, in my opinion, the best $1000 1911 on the market.


    I like it marginally better than the Dan Wessons in the same price range, which are my second favorite $1000 1911s.

    Compared to your other mentions, the Trojan is in a whole other league. Para and Sig 1911s leave a lot to be desired, in my opinion. Paras quality is not up to par, while I just don't care for the Sigs. Its a personal preference.

  4. Bac is right on the money with his suggestion. I don't own a Trojan but I read enough the know they are a good buy. Like he said, Dan Wesson is a good one for the money.
  5. How would you compare the trojan to the olympic arms match master? i don't think its a semi custom 1911 but it has great built quality and an awesome trigger, in my indoor matches i am able to make 1" groups with it at 50 feet pretty easily?


    i am not even sure if they still make this gun though and if they do its probably not the same as the one im using, which i believe is maybe 20 years old?

    I also came across a dan wesson razor back, is this the same quality as the STI? i heard the dan wesson's don't use MIM parts which is a plus.
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  6. I don't own an Olympic Arms 1911. The finger grooved frame never sat well with me. All I can say is that I've handled one and it seemed decent, but I can't judge it.

    As far as Dan Wesson is concerned, they're outstanding. I like the Valor better than the Trojan, but it is a couple hundred more. You're right, Dan Wesson doesn't use any MIM, as far as I know.

    HAIL CAESAR Senior Member

    Dan Wesson would be an excellent choice for you willowofwisp. The STI or Sig would surely serve you well also. Between the three and what you want it for.....pick the one you like for whatever reason. You won't go wrong.
  8. I have an STI Trojan and it is awesome.

    It's one of the guns I will never get rid of.

    Plus, if you are military, you get a good discount from Dawson Precision.
  9. I have a Glock 26, and I am looking for another handgun. I have always loved the look of the 1911 style, but it seems like every quality 1911 is $1,000 and up. I prefer not to spend that much on a 1911 right now, even though I probably will spend that much when I get older:)

    Any opinions and suggestions would be great.

    HAIL CAESAR Senior Member

    You can get a Rock Island Armory GI for under 4 hundred and a Tactical for under 5 hundred dollars. They are not the most buetifuuumust 1911 for taking pictures of and posting all over the net........but they work.

    A used Springfield loaded should run around 600 and that would be my choice. Lifetime guaranty and good quality.

    Or get a scratch and hickey Colt Series 80 for 500 to 600. Again a GREAT choice.

    A new Kimber Custom 2 is right over 7 bills and a used one around 5.

    Lots of choices my friend.
  11. steelerfan

    steelerfan Country Roads..

    i bought my springfield loaded almost 10 years ago for about $700 and it's been absolutely awesome.
  12. Para GI Expert for $500. Lots of 1911 for the money.
  13. I like the STI Spartan as an entry level 1911.
  14. If you want the most for your money, buy a used 1911. With two kids in college, etc., I am on a tight budget. I have been looking for a good 1911 that wouldn't cost a arm and a leg. On line, I found a number of good looking SA 1911-A1's. I wanted either a GI or an enhanced SA 1911. Last week I found one in a local shop that was virtually unfired. It was $400 OTD w/ a box of ammo. I fired it yesterday (good bye ammo) and it ran perfectly. JMHO. Sincerely. Brucev.
  15. Here are some very decent 1911s in the $600-$800 range.

    Kimber Custom II


    STI Spartan


    Smith & Wesson SW1911


    Thompson Custom 1911

  16. The Firestorm/Metroarms 1911 is a great 1911 under $500. The Citadels also seem nice.
  17. I also like the Filipino 1911s.



  18. I agree.

    GI 1911s are great. I have some others, but my favorite GI replicas are from Springfield and Norinco.

    Other than being stainless, the Springfield GI has a great look and feel reminiscent of the real USGI 1911A1s. The parkerized version is more authentic looking.


    The Norinco GI is built like a tank from old railroad steel in China. They may not be pretty, but are very tough and solid.

  19. zdragon23c

    zdragon23c s&w&me

    SA GI forged frame/slide for just over 500 bucks is certainly affordable.

  20. The problem with a inexpensive 1911 is it leads to more and more 1911s. Talking to/with Bac will probabley hasten this process. Although there have been reports where all it took was someone looking at picture posts by bac. :rofl:

    Seriously though
    Smith and Wesson
    Springfield Armory

    All have great emtry level 1911's in your price range. Keep an eye out for used Springfield and Smith and Wessons. They have a great warrenty and I see them by me used alot.

    I have great things about the Rock Island 1911s but never shot one. I would like to get one, the ones I have held seem good for the money. Like other said you can get one pretty cheap.

  21. Yeah, I love the Spartan.

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