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Best 1911 for around a grand

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by meyerbj81, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. Well the title says it all. I'm interested in getting a 1911 but am not quite ready to chunk out 2500 for a wilson etc. Can yall give me advice on the best buy for my money on a 1911 around $1000.

  2. drc767

    drc767 Navy CSAR

    Dec 30, 2007
    a down payment for a Wilson CQB.....

  3. FLRon777


    Jan 25, 2008
    Fort Lauderdale
    After doing a bit of research before I purchased my first 1991 a couple of weeks ago, I can tell you that I consistently read and heard from people I respect, to look at the Dan Wesson Bobtail (CBOB) which can be purchased for around $1000.

    I opted to spend a bit more and go with something else, but if I had a cap of $1,000, this would be something I would seriously consider.
  4. flron what did you end up getting? Its not an absolute cap but more of a general range
  5. Narkcop


    Jan 12, 2003
    I'm buying a Double Star 1911 for right at $1100.00 from Bud's. All steel (forged frame) no MIM parts, Ed Brown small parts, match barrel, all hand fitted. Best 1911 bargain out there right now.
  6. den888


    Sep 4, 2009
    SF Bay Area
    Colt Govt Model or Kimber
  7. drc767

    drc767 Navy CSAR

    Dec 30, 2007
    In all seriousness, if you are looking for the best deal for 1k or under, I would say that the best bang for the buck out there is the Springfield Mil-Spec and it is way under a grand. I have both the GI and the Mil-Spec. Get one, take it out of the box, have a basic trigger job and you will have a 1911 that will be a regular work horse that will compete with any thousand dollar 1911, in my opinion.
  8. AZ Husker

    AZ Husker

    Mar 25, 2003
    Everybody needs a Colt sometime in their life. Now might be yours.
  9. thanks for all the help guys. I'm just torn between getting something now or waiting a few more months and getting a wilson. the more I think about it the more I feel I should wait.
  10. For the money, the Springfield Mil-Spec is a very nice 1911. I have one in stainless and it surprised me when I first shot it with its accuracy. For around $1,200 - $1,400, I really like my Springfield TRP.
  11. svtlightning03


    Dec 12, 2005
    I purchased my SA MC Operator for about $1,000.00 - great pistol!
  12. bac1023


    Sep 26, 2004
    STI Trojan

  13. dances with guns

    dances with guns ahahahaha

    Sep 29, 2009
    this is around $900 from springer:

    this gun is one of my best purchases! tack driver, even with cheap ammo, and never jams :supergrin:
  14. WWII


    Apr 20, 2008
    1 RIA
    $600 worth of ammo
  15. trickyvic


    Sep 1, 2006
    Sacramento, CA
    +1 on the Dan Wessons or save a little for a SA TRP.
  16. FLRon777


    Jan 25, 2008
    Fort Lauderdale
    I really wanted something a little special, so I treated myself to a Ed Brown Executive Elite. I realize that there are fantastic pistols available at a fraction of the price, but for me it was something beyond utilitarian.

    For me at least, 1911's seem to be able to transcend practical needs and evoke something ethereal. :supergrin:

  17. ambluemax


    Feb 6, 2007
    What do you want it for? Are we assuming government size?

    TRP's used to be the clear ticket, but IMO they are overpriced now. I love mine, but I wouldn't pay more than $1200 out the door for it. Once you are shelling out $1500, there are better options. If you are willing to spend a grand, you will be disappointed with the milspec and GI. They are definatly solid guns, but you can get something a lot more refined for the money you are looking to spend. If you shoot regularly (like I do) you will appreciate the difference. Now that I'm used to my DW CBOB and SA TRP, I don't really like to shoot my SA GI much anymore. Sad but true!

    You can get into an SA Loaded for a grand. Definatly a solid choice with all the goodies right out of the box. If you don't mind rails, I kind of have a soft spot for the MC operator too.

    Dan Wessons are quite a value, but their prices are heading north too and they can be hard to find. The Valor is worth a look if the pricetag is agreeable to you. Their other 5" guns are more geared toward competion specific applications IMO, but if that's what you want check out the pointman.

    If you are willing to spend the kind of money it takes to get a semi custom, the wait time to save up the money is acceptable to you, and you shoot a lot. Definatly wait, save, and get one. There is a tangible diffence between the $1k and $2K guns but you do have to be a regular shooter to feel and appreciate the difference. I probably average about 200 rounds a month, I've kind of become a 1911 snob, and been exposed to the higher end 1911's. I can feel and appreciate the difference. By contrast, one of my good shooting buddies shoots half as much as I do (maybe). He can feel the difference between a $1k- and $1K+ gun, but the difference between a $1K and a $2K gun is lost on him.

    So you kind of have to decide for yourself. If you get out to the range regularly, espeically if you are a somewhat active competition shooter, and you can swing the money- GET A SEMI CUSTOM. If not, you will be very happy with what can be had in the $1k range.

    Which semi-custom is a whole 'nother discussion. The short version is you really can't go wrong with any of them.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2009
  18. Bm7b5


    Sep 17, 2009
    I don't know what the best one is. But I know I'm happy with my SW1911PD that comes in at just under a grand new. It's my current EDC.


  19. Bm7b5


    Sep 17, 2009
    That's a beauty!