Best 10mm powder, lowest pressure with highest velocity?

Discussion in '10mm Reloading Forum' started by 21Glock, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. I've been reloading a long time for other handgun and rifle calibers, but have just started reloading for my Gen 4 20 10mm.
    My recent loads were using AA # 7. I know it has a history of flattening primers, as it did with some of my loads.
    I know some folks like AA# 9 and some like Longshot, Blue Dot, Power Pistol, etc.

    I'm looking for the best overall powder for the 10mm with the lowest operating pressures with the highest possible velocities. There will be some trade offs, just wanting to reach a happy median.
    Looking to get other opinions before I get my next batch of reloading supplies at the next gun show in a few weeks.

    I'll be using bullet weights from 165gr. to 200gr. cast and jacketed.


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  3. From my reading, Longshot is held in highest regards. I plan on picking up a pound soon.

  4. As far as pressure, I only have the manufacturers published data to go on, so that really doesn't factor into my choices. My hurdles for powder selection is accuracy, velocity potential, metering and finally cost.

    I load 180gr jacketed. I have tried Longshot, Blue Dot, 2400, VV-N105 and #9 with these bullets.

    I had gotten down to three powders for 10mm a while back (BD, #9 and N105). I now only buy Blue Dot and #9 in the large bottles. Likely, eventually I will be down to large bottles of #9. I always seem to come back to #9 in magnum velocities, it is such a dreamy powder.
  5. Thanks for the input. I also didn't mention that I recently got a KKM 6" barrel for my Gen 4 20 as well, so I won't be shooting these loads in my stock barrel.
    I'm trying minimize any smileys, pressure wise and still get high end speed.

    I'm sort of leaning toward AA#9 or Longshot as well. I've heard some good things about the VitaV powders, but boy are they expensive!!
  6. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    If you add cost to the decision vs. presure vs. velocity, I think it would be Blue Dot or Power Pistol. With the AA#9 you use so much more powder to get results with AA#7 doing a little more work with a little less for some bullet weights.

    Blue Dot has worked very well across a broad spectrum of cartridges and bullet weights and shotgun shells. It remains my mainstay.

    Recent purchases of LongShot and IMR 800X have tipped the scales at $30 + per pound.

    800X has been a good performer actually better than LongShot with heavier bullets and LongShot performs better than 800X with the lighter bullets from what I can tell.

    I like LongShot in the 9x25Dillon cartridges but will start workups with 800X to compare.
  7. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    P.S. Speed is not the only determining factor...Accuracy and cleanliness also play into the mix, and again Blue Dot has delivered in this arena as well.
  8. I have a handful of KKM barrels and I think they make a really good product.

    If your experience tracks mine, you will see a marked improvement in velocity potential with that longer barrel, especially with the slower powders.

    On the smiley and case support thing, I am not certain this amounts to much. My experience seems to indicate that smiles are not as much a factor of where the ramp enters the chamber (at least in the later 10mm barrels) or the ultimate size of the chamber and more related to how the timing of the gun is affected in the upper reaches of pressure. That 6" barrel has to help with the unlock timing, so it likely will help keep smiles at bay while loading in the twilight zone.

    What I am unsure about is the difference between a stock 6" hunting barrel and an aftermarket unit with tighter chamber and a steeper ramp and when smiles start showing up. I suspect there is some marginal difference, but in the realm of precision I load, have my doubts it is a first order concern.

    In any case, for me, I have done my nuke loading and am now back to loads that top out somewhere in the 1250fps range with the stock barrel (with 180gr slugs); in that category, with the components I am using, smiles are not on the agenda if the gun is working right, so I find my KKM barrels ended up being nice paperweights.
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  9. The Reloaders Bench in Mt. Juilie, TN. has 1lb. of Longshot for about $20. I'll probably pick up some at the next gun show here in ATL area when they are there.
  10. The price you posted for local Longshot powder sounds pretty good.

    I went into a local gunshop the other day and bought 3 - 1lb contains of powder (not VV's) and a brick of 209 primers. $161 + tax!

    I love to support local guys and do feel for them with regard to the competitive disadvantage they have over the online guys, the nutty regulations they have to put up with, etc. , but holy cow! I think if I had to buy all my stuff local, I would likely stop reloading, just couldn't make it work fiscally speaking.

    VV powders are some of the best I have tried in every application, but like buying local, it is just too much money. A normal Powder Valley invoice when I am buying Alliant, AA powders is normally $400, if I am going with VV it is $700. Ouch!
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  11. CanyonMan

    CanyonMan In The Saddle

    My short answer is: BD and AA#9 for XTP's, to my Blue Dot 200gr HC loads in G20, and the stock barrel has seen 99.9% of all my use, and 'never one problem', and never had a smile in a Glock with OEM barrel... Ever. Very hot loads or not. I also find the OEM barrel extremely accurate at long range, for being a 'close up combat gun', and we shoot at play time out here on the ranch, at some really long distances.

    Those G20 OEM barrels are good enough with hard cast or XTP's, for clean 100yd deer shots ! Can't get any sweeter than that. ;) The AM barrels are fine for a tad more brass life, but I am not yet sold on them from my experiences with them. The OEM barrels have for the 14/15 years I been shooting Glocks, never gave issue with Hard Cast Bullets up to 200grs in 10mm, and as i said, very accurate at 'long range' with this set up. I only use Beartooth and Hunters Supply, for my HC bullet needs..

    So, for me, Powder wise, BD and AA#9.

    Hey, good shooting and have fun with your 10mm !

  12. I may get a chance to do load testing tomorrow a.m. and want to make up some test loads for my G20 tonight. I have a couple of lbs. of Blue Dot on my loading bench I use for my S&W 500 for practice rounds.
    What do you recommend to be a good warm to hot load for a 165gr JHP using Blue Dot for my 10mm? I'll be using by new KKM 6" barrel. I was thinking of about 11-11.5 gr. of Blue Dot. My Gen 4 20 has their new dual spring RSA, it feels alot stiffer to rack that other stock RSAs.
  13. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    I like the 11.2 grains Blue Dot loading for that weight, they should be very accurate. If you drive the JHP's too hard they will over expanded and some will shed parts of the petals or the jackets. If the jackets roll back too much then bullet's diameter effectiveness can suffer.

    Best regards!
  14. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    In 10mm, I have used Accurate 5, 7 & 9; Alliant Blue Dot; Hodgdon Longshot, and IMR "Hi-Skor" 800-X.

    Accurate no. 9 best fits the description of lowest pressure and highest velocities as far as I can tell. Like WeeWilly mentioned, we don't have pressure testing equipment. What I do know is if you stick reasonably close to manufacturer data, you are going to get the best velocities for 165 gr + bullets with Accurate no. 9. Blue Dot is close behind. I can get a 200 grain XTP to 1200 fps in my 4.6" Glock barrel at 2 tenths less than book maxes with A9. Book data velocities for a 155 gr XTP @ 1425 is pretty sweet too.

    Longshot is a good powder as well, but one must venture a good ways beyond book data to get velocities up to #9 performance. A lot of folks do, and they have good results. I have not pushed Longshot that far. 800-X and Longshot are closely matched. 800-X does not meter, so I find no reason to chose it over Longshot.

    #9 groups very well with warm to hot charges too. It also meters superbly. The downside, as has been mentioned, is that each charge consumes much more powder relative to other 10mm powders. However, I have found it to be less expensive than Longshot or Vihta powders.
  15. CanyonMan

    CanyonMan In The Saddle


    +1 ;)

  16. I tried some loads this a.m. in my new KKM 6" barrel. I loaded 10 rounds of 11gr. of Blue Dot and also 10 rounds of BD 11.5 gr. behind a 165gr. JHP bullet. I chronyed both of them . They 11gr. was avg. around 1310fps the 11.5gr was avg. 1360fps. The strongest loads so far in my Gen 4 20. I love the KKM barrel, looks like the brass hadn't been fired, no bulge, no pressure signs at all.

    Blue Dot is a good powder, I might try AA#9 or Longshot, but Blue Dot isn't bad at all, doesn't meter like the AA powders, but a strong propellant nonetheless.

    Thanks for the info.
  17. nickE10mm

    nickE10mm F.S.F.O.S.

    The more I play around with powders, the more I like Blue Dot as a mainstay. Its cheap, plentiful, accurate and gets good numbers, even if it is a bit flashy and boomy (I'm not using handloads for CCW anyhow). There is also TONS of BD data around as its been around a long time. True, it doesn't meter like Accurate, Power Pistol or even Longshot but it does well enough considering that, even though it doesn't meter as well as some, it CONSISTENTLY produces the most accurate loads over a WIDE spectrum in 10mm from light to heavy, cast and jacketed.

    I think BD is simply "just right" for 10mm in burn speed and particle density.... although you can get more MAX velocity out of various other powders under many cases (PP w/ light bullets, LS with light to heavy, 800X with any weight or AA9 which I haven't used personally, etc).

    I have narrowed my powder choices in 10mm down to Blue Dot and Longshot, as well as HP38/W231 for target level loads. Backup choices for me will always be AA7 and Power Pistol as do-all powders and I'll eventually at least TRY some AA9, WST and WSF. 800x gets the best velocities across the board but doesn't meter so I don't have too much use for it anymore.

    Clear as mud?
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  18. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    That is pretty much where I am. I keep trying to leave Blue Dot for other powders that meter better, have less, flash and boom, etc. I keep coming back to it because, like you said, it meters ok. But even with some high/low spreads on velocities with thrown charges, it still is the all-time groups champ out of my G20. It is also about the least expensive of the high-performing 10mm powders. I have used more BD than any powder by a long ways.

    There is no reason why a guy couldn't live entirely on a diet of Blue Dot for 10mm auto and have the entire spectum covered (except mouse fart stuff).
  19. nickE10mm

    nickE10mm F.S.F.O.S.

    Yep.... one thing that keeps me with BD is this: ACCURACY. I've tried to refute or ignore the results ... but I just can't do it. Target shooting isn't interesting if you aren't hitting the bulls!
  20. CanyonMan

    CanyonMan In The Saddle


    I just knew that one day you would wake up on morning with a BD revelation, and come on over and join Shadow and TH and I and yell "calf rope." haha !

    Hey pard, was just crusin through on my way to the recliner to watch a Sam Elliot western and know I'll fall asleep as tired as i am, but could not resist the chance to mess with ya. :supergrin:

    Bueno Noches' Mi Amigo !

    Try Counting 1# BD canisters tonight while trying to get to sleep... it will help ! :rofl:


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  21. nickE10mm

    nickE10mm F.S.F.O.S.


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