Best 10mm Hunting ammo

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by Deenerman, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. Just bought a new Glock 20 SF. I love this pistol. The recoil is very manageable. With that said, I am looking for the most bad ass hunting ammo I can buy. Looks like there are 4 main players.....Double Tap, Buffalo Bore, Underwood & Atomic. Ok Glock nation.....what say you????

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  3. Cant really go wrong with any of the above mentioned. If I were pressed to choose though, I'd have to go Underwood.

  4. Welcome!

    Cor-Bon is no slouch either.
  5. Thanks. I really like Cor-Bon & Federal Hydra-shock personal defense loads..... With that said, do they make max heavy loads when you need to shoot a 250 pound Texas wild hog.
  6. My other question I have. I am thinking heavier bullets like 180, 200 & 220 would be better as hunting rounds. I do like the crazy good energy the 135 gr. & 155 gr. generate - 775 foot pounds or so. Wow......The heavier bullets.....more around 690 to 700 foot pounds. Still.... Wicked bad.
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  8. Underwood if you can get it!! Or buffalo bore is a close second .

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    Welcome aboard I've been shooting whitetail deer here in New York with my 10mm for years with hornady xtp in 180 grain. New York whitetails are pretty large resilient animals and I have had great results with this round
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    :welcome: Enjoy GT....................
  11. Thanks.....I am going to order some online soon.
  12. Awesome. I am a gun hunter. I have normally used anything from a .270 to 7mag to 45-70. Pistol hunting is new to me. In watching some of the YouTube videos....the 10 mm will bring down a Big buck or big hog. Your Deer are bigger bodied in New York than here in Texas.....with that said.....I have been a little nervous about using a handgun on deer and/or hogs. My 45-70 will lift them off the ground! Love it.
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    Deenerman I have been a hand gun hunter for quite awhile, I started with a 44 mag then I got the 10mm and I don't feel that I am underguned. I have taken deer out over a hundred yards with my g20 with a 6 in barrel. I would feel comfortable using this gun on any North American game. Good luck and happy hunting.:cool:
  14. Cool stuff. I've used .44 mag handgun on deer, but never shot a pig.

    Do soft points always penetrate ok on pig, from pistol velocities?

    I joined the NRA, have you yet?
  15. Welcome from North Carolina!
  16. For Pigs go with UW 220 gr hardcast. Deer, you can also use hardcast but XTP 200 gr. will work as well.
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    :welcome: From Michigan!

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