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Benelli Shotguns...

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by Michigun, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Michigun

    Michigun Miss Michigan?

    Mar 1, 2001
    Michigan, USA
    Any Benelli shotgunners here? I just picked up an M2 myself... so far so good & MAN is it light weight!
  2. GlocksterPaulie

    GlocksterPaulie Perfectionist

    Dec 16, 2003
    Damned if I know
    I own several tactical and hunting Benelli shotguns, I would sleep with them but I don't think the wife would appreciate it.


  3. 2 here

    Both old the M1 series. I wouldn't mind getting one of those M2 but my M1 field does all that I want it tobe. Great shotgun and for a semi-auto reliable aslong as you don't try those lite 7/8oz loads.
  4. Michigun

    Michigun Miss Michigan?

    Mar 1, 2001
    Michigan, USA
    Thanks guys!

    This is my very 1st Benelli although not the 1st Benelli I've ever fired.

    Not really sure how much difference the "ComforTech" makes on the M2, but if it does make a lot of difference I can't say that I'm real jealous of you M1 guys! ;)
  5. GeorgiaGlockMan

    GeorgiaGlockMan Aggie in Exile.

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bad-Lands Ranch
    Benellie makes the best shotguns out there.

    The comfortech on the SBE2 really knocks the recoil down noticeably.

    Congrats on the new shotgun.
  6. BlackBelt


    Aug 23, 2000
    I've got a Benelli M1 Super 90 that I only shot 7 shells out of when I first got it back when they first came out. Then I think they were banned for awhile. Nice tactical shotgun, but not so good for hunting. I tried to find out if they made a barrel for it for hunting. When I talked to the Benelli rep, he told me my gun was from the era when Benelli was part of HK, and those days are long since gone. So 'no go' on the hunting barrel.
    Still use the Rem. 870 camo 12 ga. for birds. Benelli sits in the closet, alone and crying.
  7. AWMP


    Apr 28, 2003
    Just got an M4 Benelli, put 75 rounds down range and can't wait to shoot more, I'm hooked on them for sure.
  8. Dan in Alaska

    Dan in Alaska

    Nov 6, 2002
    I've got a 24" M1 Super 90. It's a pheasant swatting machine. I would like to get the 20ga version one of these days. I think the 20ga version would be the ideal grouse gun.
  9. A_Fletcher

    A_Fletcher Yardwork Ninja

    Nov 23, 2005
    A Nova followed me home from the gun show some time ago. I don't think I'd kick it out, even for eating crackers in bed.
  10. Leigh


    May 22, 2000
    Eastern Kentucky
    Personally, I've had trouble-free operation out of their riot guns but a friend of mine was in Canada a month or so back and a couple hunters in his party (waterfowl) had reliability issues with theirs due to the weather conditions (they were constantly spraying CLP into the actions).

    He told me one fellow gave up, cased his Benelli auto (not sure which specific model), and finshed out the week with a beat-to-heck Charles Daly autoloader with zero ejection problems!
    Go figure.

    Normally I would call BS but this guy is straight-up and knows his gear/guns.
  11. Lowrangerider


    Dec 14, 2001
    I just bought a brand new Super Black Eagle II this last Friday.
    I was planing on buying the M2 but the SBE II was on sale so I thought I would step up and pay the extra $150 so I could shoot 3.5" shells and have the Crio treated parts.
    I went out and broke it in shooting about 100 rounds at clay pigeons and it was faster and easier for me to put on target then any other shotgun I have used. I am only 26 and dont make a ton of money so this was a big investment for me and I couldnt be happier about it now that I have gone out and shot it. Very low recoil, very low weight.
    After I got done with the clay's I went walking down the trail and shot 2 grouse. They were Delicious! These were my first two grouse that I have shot since I was 12 and used to go hunting with my dad. I only remember hearing how to gut them so I gave it a try and boy was that easy. Step on the legs and pull up on the wings; eveything you want stays with the wings and eveything else stays with the legs and you are ready to go.
  12. I have 2 benelli alos ( M1s uper 90 preban H&K stamp and one M1 field model ) both are great and reliable and fun.

    As far as 3.5" shells goes, I think the Beretta eXtrema is much better for $$$$.$$ when compare to the SBE. I personally would be happy with both or heck even a M2. I haven't used a 3.5" shells in ages and do see a need unless you want to hunt a big canada geese ;)
  13. Lowrangerider


    Dec 14, 2001
    Yeah, I can't see shooting the 3.5's very often but for the price I couldn't pass on the upgrade.
  14. Michigun

    Michigun Miss Michigan?

    Mar 1, 2001
    Michigan, USA
    And there was the problem... CLP & cold/freezing Canada weather don't mix... run'em "dry" in cold weather! (Or do what I do & use a very light coat of Mobil-1 which doesn't get "gummy" when cold! :thumbsup: )

    On a side note, my Beretta 390 would have problems in cold weather if not run "dry"... along with a lot of other shotguns I've seen along the way.

    Actually, the M2 has the Crio treated stuff too.
  15. PlasticGuy


    Jul 10, 2000
    The Beretta 390 is not equivalent to the Benelli SBE. The Beretta 390 is the "WalMart Special" Beretta. The 391 is the real deal, and will keep up with the SBE just fine.

    I've used my 391 in conditions ranging from quail in semi-blizzard conditions in the Northwest, all the way to rabbits in dusty 100+ degree Nevada desert. I rarely clean it, and run it nearly dry. It just chugs along.

    The biggest difference between my 391 and my M1 Super 90 is with lighter loads. My Benelli worked great with full power loads, but choked on occasion with lighter stuff. My Beretta doesn't care, and eats everything. The Benelli is theoretically a bit more simple, but the Beretta will work better with lighter loads and seems to have softer recoil. Take your pick. I think it would take someone who hasn't owned both to bash either one, because both are fine shotguns.
  16. Michigun

    Michigun Miss Michigan?

    Mar 1, 2001
    Michigan, USA
    Say what? The Beretta 391 is the gun that replaced the Beretta 390... not ALL Beretta 390's out there are “Wal-Mart specials” (There is more then just one variation of the 390 out there ya know...)... before the 391 there was only the 390 (& older Beretta models of course)... the 391 is simply a redesigned 390.

    Anyway, I used "390" generically as all (4) of my Beretta 390's are AL's & not the "Wal-Mart special" you write of... not that the "Wal-Mart special" thing really has any bearing as the "Wal-Mart special" Beretta 390 is the same as all the others only it doesn't have the manual "bolt hold open" lever. (In other words, the "Wal-Mart special" Beretta 390 is just as durable as any other Beretta 390.)

    I've actually passed on adding a 391 to my shotgun collection in favor of my now discontinued 390's... I think the more complicated 391 design, over the 390's, is unnecessary.