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Benelli SBE and the M1 Field

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by noway, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. How many of you have the SBE and who like them over the M1 Field? How have they held up in the field and who has taken advantage of the 3.5" chambers? Also thoose that have shot typical 1.25oz dove loads, how did yours work? I knew of numerous folks with SBE that have had problems with light 2.75" 1-1.25oz working 100% in the beretta

    I have an oppurtunity to get a SBE with about 20 rounds thru it. This older guy son gave him the shotgun prior to going to Iraq, & the dad plans on not doing any hunting with the gun, so the son told him to sell it. I can get this gun for about $800 or maybe less.

    I was thinking about buying it and maybe selling the M1 field I have or if I don't like it trading in for a eXtrema.
  2. I can say had i spent the 1000$+ that they ask for the sbe i would be piss off bigtime. A friend of mine purchased one a few years ago.So I get to see one in action or lack there of about 30 days a year. I am just sick of hearing the excuses for why it didnt go bang, or cycle the next shell or not eject the first. They range from "im using too light a load, it needs a cleanin, and its pretty cold out" If i spent that kind of money the damn thing better work at the south pole! I later spent 600 on a beretta 390 silver mallard, to date, and approaching 8k rounds through it if not more never a malfunction, not on the skeet range with 7/8 ounce loads, not in 5 degree january. I will say both the M1 and sbe are lighter than the beretta line i hear the extrema has some heft. Something you might wanna look into is just how much will you use the 3.5 inch shells. We hunt a lot of geese and the only time he uses 3.5s are in turkey season. That seems to be the way with most people i talk to. 3" is all you need. and its cheaper! If you can shoot them both thats the best way to choose. Both lines are incredibly easy to take apart and reassemble. benelli is actually assembled by beretta. Best of luck in your search

  3. G22 Kid

    G22 Kid

    Sep 20, 2001
    Eugene, OR
    SBE's are great.

    My dad's has been awesome, never missed a beat, except with one bad load, a remington 3.5 incher failed in it. It popped, didn't go "bang" it went "poop" and the wad shot out the barrel about 10 yards.

    Lots of trap loads through it, lots of hibases and lots of 3.5 inchers. I think if your gonna buy a new shotgun, might as well get the 3.5 incher. It's worth it on ducks, or geese.

    My grandpa has a 3.5 inch citori, also a fine gun. I wouldn't mind that one either. My beretta keeps up ok, except on slow days, when sometimes you have to take a long shot. As far as upland hunting, I like it better. It's a fast handler with it's 26 inch barrel.

    The silver mallards are a nice gas operated gun, my other grandpa has one, nice shooter, soft on the shoulder, good and reliable!

    If I were gonna get another shotgun, I would get an M1 field with the walnut stock, but a short fast handling barrel. Like a dove gun sort of deal. Would be strictly an upland gun, cause I like long barrels on ducks. Long being 26-28 inches...
  4. no jive 45

    no jive 45

    Dec 4, 2003
    I had 2 BROWNING Golds that had cycling problems so I took a chance on Benelli. I own a synthetic as I only use it for waterfowling. It has been flawless although last year I replaced the tube and spring with a sure cycle stainless unit to eliminate rust. The SBE is a great gun as well although I am reluctant to use 3 1/2's on ducks. I do alot of pass shooting and decoying in the rice fields of Ca.. If I hunted geese I would go with a SBE as I would want the 3 1/2's. I typically use #2 steel Winchester supremes for shot shells. I hope this helps. RB
  5. fireslayer23

    fireslayer23 Roadwhore

    Jun 2, 2000
    Here's a secret for all those pondering purchasing a Benelli of any kind, don't clean the action for the first 100 rounds.

    1. Inspect and clean the barrel to make sure that nothing is obstructing it, not much a problem since they went to the plastic case.

    2. If there is excess grease in the action, wipe it out. Since they went to the plastic case they seem to have backed off the grease some.

    3. Shoot the crap out of it for the first 100 rounds.

    4. For the first real cleaning you do make sure that you push the recoil plunger back a bit, spray a small amount of oil around it and let it stand upright to spread it out.

    I'm on my 4th Benelli, the higher rib fixed my problems, my friends and I have used this approach on all ours and they work flawlessly.

    Since they went to stainless steel recoil springs a lot of the problems have cleared up.
  6. No jive, have you used your SBE with lighter loads on dove & quail?

    I mainly wanted to buy another benelli and get rid of the M1 field so that I could have a general purpose SG from " dove to geese" ( one day hopefully).

    I shot that Extrema and fell it love but I have had good luck with my Benelli other than Benelli/USA lack of providing customer post-sales information

    I can still get this SBE but waiting till after christmas seasons.:)
  7. fireslayer23

    fireslayer23 Roadwhore

    Jun 2, 2000
    I should have added that I use light field loads, 7.5's, when crow hunting and I have shot a few rounds of the federal paper hulled shells without a hitch.
  8. How similar are the feels between the extrema and the sbe. I have shot the sbe and my 390 silver mallard and the 390 feels more bulky, for instance where my middle finger and thumb can barely touch when i grip the 390 i can overlap gloved fingers on the sbe. and the fore grip is the same feels skinny on the sbe
  9. Can't really say, but my first time trying out the extrema I was really impressed on the feel. It is surely one of the best autoloaders out on the market and at a good price. A lot of my 1st good impression was probably due to I haven't fired or owned a gas-operated SG in years. But either way, you have to try one of them out. Nice feel and handling plus it like the SBE handle every thing up to 3.5" shells.

    P.S> The SBE that I'm thinking about buying is only because I know the guy and the guy has it at a very nice price.

    Either way, both guns are great.
  10. PlasticGuy


    Jul 10, 2000
    I've never quite understood the attraction of the 3.5" magnums. I've done quite a lot of waterfowl hunting, and I've never seen anyone that I thought was handicapped by using "only" 3" magnums. I'd keep the M1, or get a 391 if your heart is set on a Beretta (I love mine). But I see no reason to switch for someone in your position. Yeah, it's a good price. I just don't think that it's worth switching from an already excellent hunting shotgun. Plus your gun would just be that much heavier and slower when hunting grouse, quail, and pheasant.
  11. {Plus your gun would just be that much heavier and slower when hunting grouse, quail, and pheasant.}


    By the website specs the SBE in the most heaviest model is only 7.6lb vrs the M1 field 7.4lb. I pretty sure I can manage the .2lbs weight difference( my arms aren't tree stumps but they aren't noodles either )

    btw: the eXtrema is even heavier and the SBE would be most lighter than less say a 870.

    Plus I Rather have ( 3.5" ) and not need vrs need and not have. My come in handy for a goose or so. The more lead you can throw effectively helps;f
  12. PlasticGuy


    Jul 10, 2000
    I have to admit that I've been doing a lot of upland bird hunting lately. Even 7 pounds sounds heavy to me -- especially when trying to get my bead on a fast flushing quail. Every ounce over 7 pounds is an ounce I don't want. And an extra half inch added to the guns action doesn't really appeal either. I know that for a dedicated waterfowl hunter it's not much of an issue, but you'll feel every extra ounce after a five hour pheasant hunt.

    I guess it just boils down to what you'll be using the shotgun for the most.
  13. Michigun

    Michigun Miss Michigan?

    Mar 1, 2001
    Michigan, USA
    With all the various loads available in Hevi-Shot, I have no use for the 3.5" shotgun personally. The ‘cons’ outweighed (no pun intended ;)) the ‘pros’ for me.

    I use one shotgun for 90% (it would be 100% if it weren't for muzzleloading & varmint hunting) of my gun hunting needs… the only thing I ever entertained getting a 3.5” shotgun was for goose hunting… now I just pick up a box or two of Remington’s 3” Hevi-Shot #2’s. Besides all that, goose hunting is only a small percentage of the hunting I do with my shotgun… 3.5” just isn’t worth it to me. Hevi-Shot whoops steel anyways & them geese are tuff birds!

    One of my buddies picked up a very early SBE last year, it’s an original made by H&K. The gun had exactly 50 rounds through it shot at a local skeet range… he gave only $800 for that. I think your guy is asking at least $100 too much if not $200 too much.