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Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by F_G, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. F_G


    I just picked up my 3rd Benelli M1S90 this morning (that makes 2 tacticals and 1 field), it has a +2 mag tube extension which makes it 5+1. My other M1S90 has a +3 Benelli extension on it. I would like to put a +3 on the one I just got. Who makes the best tubes out there? It needs to have the integral sling mount like the stock one.

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  3. Check out DMW, you use the existing factory magazine cap with the integrated sling mount. After disassemble of the factory magazine extension and spring just unscrew the factory magazine extension from the factory cap and screw on the DMW extension. If you have an 18 1/2 barrel you want the 7+1 extension. The magazine extension is also shipped with the magazine spring cut to the correct length, no trimming.

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  4. F_G


    Thanks again, that's the second time you've bailed me out!

    I see what you did there. :supergrin:
  5. F_G


    Frank, have you used the DMW 7+1 magazine extension? Does it extend out past the end of an 18.5" barrel?
  6. No, it's even with the 18 1/2 barrel. Attached is the forum were I first learned about the DMW extension. You will see pictures of the M2 before the magazine extension was added and after. I’m still undecided if I want to add any extension to my M2, but if I do it will definitely be the DMW 7+1 along with the DMW clamp. The Benelli M2 Tactical in the picture, less the 7+1extension is exactly like mine. you should also get the barrel / magazine clamp.
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  7. F_G


    Thanks Frank. That's perfect.

    I was looking for a link to contact DMW before I posted that last question, of course later I found his email address at the bottom of his site and sent him a query. He said exactly the same, that it is flush with the end of the barrel. I ordered the 7+1 extension and clamp, if everything works out I'll order another one for my other M1. They look very robust and high quality.
  8. F_G Please let me know how you make out.
  9. F_G


    Will do. I ordered the DMW 7+1 this evening.
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  10. Which is the longest tube you can run on an M1 with a 24" barrel without protruding beyond the muzzle? I assume it's the 9+1 tube, but figured I'd double check.
  11. I’m not sure but you could measure from the magazine end cap to the end of you barrel. Then check DMW web site only because they give the magazine extension overall length or send them and Email

    7 Round Extension 8 ½ inches
    8 Round Extension 11 inches
    9 Round Extension 13 inches
    10 Round Extension 16 inches
  12. There may be a (922r) issue with installing a factory mag extension if your M1 has a pistol grip. I have never been able to get a solid answer on this, but I am throwing it out there for you to ponder.

  13. This 922r gets to be a problem!

    On my Benelli M4, I had to dump 3 imported parts to get the imported parts count down to 10. So, I replaced the magazine tube completely with a 7 rounder. An incremental add-on tube would leave the imported part and I couldn't allow that. I also changed the shell follower (inside the tube) and the forend.

    These parts have to be traceable to American manufacturers, not imported from some other country.

    Google around for 922r and see what you come up with.

  14. F_G


    The DMW tube showed up yesterday. It came with the tube, new spring and new metal follower. It fits perfect, Dave must have used a straight-edge as the tube is exactly the length of the barrel. Very well made and the finish matches perfectly.

    I also ordered the DMW bolt handle. Haven't shot it yet, but my initial impression is favorable. It's not to obtrusive, no gnarly knurling to tear up your hands, but with the scallop in the middle your hand doesn't slip off of it during aggressive cycling of the action. I'm actually thinking about ordering one for my hunting M1.
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  15. Great news Thank you
  16. F_G


    Got the Benelli M1 out this weekend. The DMW 7+1 extension worked flawlessly and I really like the DMW bolt handle. Also installed the Nordic barrel/tube clamp, fits like a glove.
  17. :tongueout:
    Glad everything has worked out for you. We are up to our knees in snow here in northwester Pennsylvania so it might be sometime before I get to the range to do some fun shooting with my M2 Tactical. I do have an indoor range I go to when I want to shot my Glock’s but cannot shot my Benelli there. Take care
    F_G and stay safe.
  18. F_G


    You too, hopefully there will be some fairer weather headed your way.
  19. nm

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  20. So, you guys didn't have to trim your DMW spring at all? I installed mine yesterday and the spring seems too long/stiff. The last round is tough to get in the tube and the gun will not eject the first 2 or 3 rounds from the tube due to the spring pressure against the latch. I think I'm going to try cutting the spring down a bit.

    EDIT: Turned out the problem was my DMW speedbar was putting downward pressure on my bolt release button. It wasnt allowing it to "pop out" to let a shell eject. I tried bending the speedbar out a bit and it snapped in half. I replaced it with a GG&G and life is good.
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