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Belated birthday gift to myself

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by testosterone, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. testosterone


    Aug 26, 2003
    las vegas
    Picked up a NIB Delta Elite today. Have wanted one for years now. Last year went to the gun shop to pick one up for my birthday and they didnt have one. Walked out with a used Series 80 Colt for $299 instead. My first 1911.
    Sold a safe queen 629 Classic yesterday and used that money to fund the Delta Elite.
    I'm going to use this as a CCW and a backup hunting/woods gun (hogs/deer) Trying to figure out some good ammo for it. Trying to decide between Doubletap 135gr and 165gr JHP for CCW and 180gr JHP or 200gr FMJ for hunting. Any suggestions?
    Also, what aftermarket mags would you suggest?

  2. Ruggles


    Jun 13, 2005
    $299 for a used Series 80 Colt? Nice indeed! Nice pick up today as well. Congrats.
  3. tous

    tous GET A ROPE!

    Jan 7, 2001
    Plano, Texas, Republic of
    You are aware that regardless of ammunition, your first shot through your new pistol will fracture space-time and cause a temporal distortion, right? :supergrin:

    I suggest that you prefer a heavier bullet over a lighter one. If you want a 135-grain bullet traveling warp 3, get a .357 SIG. If you want a 200-grain bullet traveling warp 4, you have the pistol that can do it.

    Nice nab. :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
  4. FreeAmerican


    Sep 21, 2004
    Ammo? If nothing else gets you into reloading a 10mm will. I have three and the price diff between factory and roll your own is worth it.

    In the 10 I stick to heavier 175, 180, 200. There is 230 out there but to mee that is too heavy.

    My delta really like full house 180s running 1250 fps.

    Mags... I bought a metal form at a fun show, not very happy with it, I had to tweek it and I don't trust it so it is a range mag only. The Colts run very well but wait till you price them... Yikes.
  5. Tejasshooter


    May 30, 2009
    Congrats on that beautiful Delta. I had a Gold Cup back in the middle 90's and loved it. I am lucky to only have a hand full of regrets in my life and selling mine is right up there at the top.
  6. Navitimer


    Apr 29, 2009
    Congrats! I love Delta Elites and would like to have one someday. I can't speak specifically for 10mm Delta Elites, but for my .45 ACP 1911s I've always had good luck with Colt magazines as well as KimPros. Enjoy your new 10mm!
  7. BK63


    Sep 15, 2005
    I have the same gun in stainless 10mm because a good friend left it to me in his will. I have to say first of all it's a nail driver, very accurate. Second, I like to look at it and rub it with a diaper :supergrin: Great gun. Congrats!
  8. testosterone


    Aug 26, 2003
    las vegas
    I just ordered some 180grain loads from DoubleTap.
    I've been looking at reloading equipment in the Midway catalog and all I can say is that I'm confused. I imagine I want to start with a single stage kit rather then a progressive kit. But then looking at all the other components makes my head hurt. I'm just not sure what all I need to start loading. Its something I would really like to do, not only for the 10mm but for 45 and for .223 and 300 winmag.
  9. Free Radical

    Free Radical Miembro Antiguo CLM

    Sep 11, 2005
    Four Corners
  10. FreeAmerican


    Sep 21, 2004
    I started off with a (progressive) Lee Pro years ago with the idea of moving up later. Still using the Lee and loading 9, 10, 38, 40, 45, 44, 45 Colt. Change out turret with your std dies and a shell plate and you move on to the next cal. And Lee sells everything you need to start 1 cal. Then just buy the turrets and dies and shell plates for the next ones. Or just buy and new kit.

    First see if you can lay hands on ABC's of reloading (I may be off on the name of the book). It will give you the ground work you will need for single or progressive. Then you need a load book.
  11. conrats nice find on the 80's series
    I have a colt delta 10mm as well but in blue
    I picked up a few factory mags on gunbroker at around $25 pop but they were used/new factory mags which is ok they usually run $50 and up ea
    Ive been using federal ammo think they are 180's have to check but never had a prob
  12. DLL9mm


    Feb 8, 2009
  13. GVFlyer

    GVFlyer Senior Member

    Sep 9, 2008
    Somewhere in the air.
    Well done! I believe that I need one of those.

    There's a potential conflict, however. Mrs GVFlyer wants to waste money on a media room and exercise room in our basement (the later to preclude GVFlyer ogling girls at the Fitness Center, I bet), while I want to wisely spend money on additions to my armory with things like Delta Elites.
  14. bubbaskyjacker


    Jan 4, 2010
    $ 299 for a series 80!! that is crazy. what store?? ps. thats a nice Elite