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Beginner Turkey call

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by Neocon, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Neocon


    Nov 18, 2004
    Sweet Home
    Gentleman I want to hunt turkeys. Any advise on buying calls and leaning to use them. FYI I have no friends that hunt turkeys
  2. FD331


    Mar 9, 2007
    Southeast Kansas
    A box call will be the easiest to use. For a wealth of information you can check out

  3. Their's one more call ( box ) that's easier, it's a box striker call like the one you install on a shotgun barrel.

    Slate or Box callers are way easier than a mouth call. Both has advantage but the mouth caller is superior, since it keeps your hands free. Maybe more better for a string&stick hunter or a pistol shooter.

    Also, what you should do is go out in the woods and listen to turkey speaking. Then go home and practice making the same sounds. If it a purr, crack, putt, or yelp, try to figure the motions that give you that same sound.

    Box and slate callers comes in various styles and materials.Boxes are about one of the most user friendly call.

    Also word of advise, once you get the turkey(s) attention, STFU. You don't need to call long or hard in some cases, and if you get to carried away you will scare the birds :crying:
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  4. get a slate friction call. it is super easy to use and makes a racket.

    you want a call that makes your teeth ache like someone is scratching a chalkboard with fingernails.

    practice, and expect your wife to yell :D
  5. duncan

    duncan Millennium Member Lifetime Member

    Feb 15, 1999
    Good advice here. Love my box call!
  6. CanyonMan

    CanyonMan In The Saddle

    Jul 26, 2002

    Wow...! Man, there are a million and one turkey calling products out there, some good. Most ain't, IMO.

    I started out as a youth with a box call. Made noise all the time when walking, crawling etc. So, I put some TP between the lid and the box and a rubber band around all that.

    Box calls are really good, IF you get a Really good box call and learn to use it corectly, and their not that difficult actually.

    The slate call. Less trouble keeping it quite while walking crawling etc, and also works really well if ya got a good slate and striker combo. Some just sound like a rusty hinge on a barn door. haha

    Then the Diaphram call. I current use only those, and started on them (the diaphram) about 38 years ago. Laid all the other ones down. NOT because they are bad or don't work etc... Not at all.

    Because I like both my hands free. (thats me).

    I use the Hunters Specialties Diaphram calls, and have this whole 3 decades +. I live where I can also call up birds and watch and learn, and have forever, and I guided hunts for 25 years, and have called in tens of hundreds of birds, both for clients and for myself as well... Closest shot to date 3 feet. Fact.

    Recurve bow, rifles, 22's, shotguns, you name it. I hunt with them all and the 3 foot shot was made with a little savage over and under .410/22lr. (using the .410 on him).

    I do a good deal of recurve bow hunting, so another reason I personally favor the diaphram call.

    All three of these methods (above) have called up big gobblers, once they were used properly. And to be real honest with ya. Fact. I can just make a half decent yelping noise on any of them and turkeys come.

    BUT, Having them come is great. Having the right birds coming that I want, and how I want, and where I want, needs sometimes much more than the yelp a little kid and can master in 5-10 minutes and still call in some gobblers..

    I only said (the above) that way, to say again, that even a half decent yelp works most times on 'already HOT TOMS'.

    My first attemps as a youth were sickening. haha But they came anyway. Over the years growing up I finally saw that some of these guys ain't coming on just my lame yelping, and switched different boxes, and then into slates, and again, mastered (so to speak) various types of sounds from studying the real deal out on the ranch, listening, (as noway told ya) and mastering those sounds best I could.

    I never had a client go home empty handed, and most shots were real close in over the years for them, and my own private hunting as well, and "still are today.".

    I'm just thowing in the pot here for ya, that all 3 of these type calls work if ya get a good quality box/slate-striker/diaphram...

    There is more to this than the call... I am sure you know that ! haha.

    So many different ways to hunt turkeys, and if we took a poll right now, (and it would be real interesting actually) we would see a host of different methods, calls used, and strategies, gear, guns, loads, etc...

    I got two ways I hunt turkeys and that is it. Developed over maybe 45 years or so i don't know.

    I won't get into all that right now, but just sayin about the calls. All three methods work well with the right stuff, and much practice, and if ya have no practice at all and go out and make a half sorry yelping sound and don't over do it, and be patient, toms will come, IF there are turkey within hearing range, and their hot. I assure you.

    But, to get in the really hard boys stuck on lookin at the real thing in front of them, or those guys later on in season that are getting "call shy," ( i hate that term, but for lack of better description here and space and time) or to just get some better results on let's say "harder birds," this takes more than just the yelp ya learned 10 minutes ago. (and again that does work, so do NOT be discouraged thinking you have to be an ace here).

    Keep your eyes and ears open here as you have been, and guys giving you some good advice, and also decide ... "Do i want both hands free, or do I want a box or slate ???

    They all work, they all have their place, and they all will do the job when ya learn them. I just got tired of the bulk and movment (again for me now) of the box/slate calls, and felt much more freed up with the diaphram, so I jumped on that, and stayed.

    I will say there is IMO a learning curve with all three. There are different sound qualities with all three. There are some really sweet box calls that I can make 'romeo' come running to that sound soooo sweet. Can I do it on the diaphram ? Yes. But for the "moment," there was just a real sweetness about that wooden box call.

    I have one ( a box call ) that was a "presentaion gift to me" from the manufacturer about 33 years or so ago, in a really beautiful walnut case. Only a few were made. (long story)

    It really sounds sweet, and I can personally tell the difference between it and slate and diaphram. I can. I will never believe the turkey can.

    You see, just as with a human, their tones and voice box's are not perfect either ! That leaves us some room for NOT having to be perfect in our calling ! ;)

    Well, enough of my meandering here...

    Which ever one you choose, just learn the birds, and their language, and the area, and be still and be patient, and do not over call, and don't not worry about being a champion caller..

    That is the REAL short version. haha

    You'll do fine amigo, I am sure.

    It's getting close to turkey time most every where, so get what your gut tells you two, and if all you can do is yelp yelp yelp. And even if that ain't perfect. Fear not. Just try and go where there is a good flock of birds of course, and conceal very well, stay still as a statue, and be real paient, and don't over call.

    This is the first time out the gate reeeeeallly short version for ya to at least 'encourage you' your first time ! I hope ! ;)

    Bless ya.
    Good hunting.

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  7. low octane

    low octane NRA Endowment

    Feb 8, 2007
    St. Louis...USA
    Lynch 101 one sided box call. Best out there and easy to master. When it rains, I put mine in a bread bag for use. TP to quiet it when walking. Use the correct chalk. Killed many turkeys with mine! Yelp, purr and cluck is all I use. Once he answers, he is hunting you, so disappear! Remember: he knows everything in the woods wants a turkey dinner!!! :)
  8. Opener is 30 days away! Already annoying neighbors with my cuts and purrs.
  9. sourdough44


    Jul 23, 2007
    The #1 priority is location, a place where turkeys frequent. Set up a decoy or 2 & call a bit, but location & maybe a decoy are the biggies.
  10. low octane

    low octane NRA Endowment

    Feb 8, 2007
    St. Louis...USA
    No doubt! Can't kill a turkey if yer the only one there!:supergrin:
    Scout the area and listen/watch, and check for good ambush areas...remember, you will be the hunted.