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beginner to reloading.

Discussion in 'The Bull Dawgs Club' started by Trey83, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. Trey83


    Feb 28, 2010
    I am interested in reloading .45 GAP. I have been doing some research and found that the Lee Precision single stage press seems to be a good beginner press. I have just a few questions before I get started.

    1: Lee's sight is says you need a Case lenght gauge for the proper caliber but it doesn't list one. is this really necessary? What are you current GAP reloaders using for this step?

    2: Am I missing anything from this list that I should be looking to get?

    Lee 50th Anniversary challenger kit
    Lee .45 GAP carbide die set
    Hornady m2 tumbler

    I am completely new to reloading and just want to make sure I get the right gear I need the first time around. I will be reloading .45 GAP and 9mm initailly but may later reload .380 ACP and 7mm MAG. I really appreciate any/all advice. :wavey:
  2. DannyR

    DannyR Moderator Millennium Member

    Dec 17, 1998
    Roanoke, Virginia
    I've never, ever used a case length gauge, but I do "barrel check" every round I reload or purchase. I started with a Lee and graduated to a Dillon 550B about a year later.

  3. dbarry

    dbarry Silver Member

    Feb 15, 2010
    the Buckeye state
    Trey, I looked up that kit and it looks great. Some like to bash the lee scale, but it is very functional / accurate. I'm with Danny on the case length gage. I bought one for every caliber I reload, but found in the pistol calibers, I've never had to trim any. (Rifle is a different story).
  4. jeffreybehr

    jeffreybehr Silver Member

    Mar 14, 2009
    Phoenix, AZ USA
    If I were going to be reloading only handgun cartridges, I'd buy the Lee 4-hole Turret Press...again. It'll produce the same high-quality reloads as the single-stage press in about 1/3 the time. It can quickly be turned into a single-stage press while you're learning and going slowly.

    The Lee Cardibe dies are excellent. I'm one who fairly quickly tossed the Lee powderscale; I bought a Lyman digital.

    Be sure to read lots in our own reloading forum... .

    Oh yea...find a local friend who reloads (carefully! Some reloaders are STUPID, IMO). Having someone to watch and help get you started is really comforting.

    Here's a pair of mine.
    Left--a new Starline nickled case and a 185 Speer Gold Dot. Right--target load with a 200g. Rainier plated bullet.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2010
  5. BOGE

    BOGE Millennium Member

    Mar 21, 1999
    I use the Lee FCD but check OAL on every 10th round or so. After implementing the Lee FCD I´ve never had a round fail to chamber.
  6. srd


    Apr 4, 2009
    Same as Danny...i barrel ck every round. I agree with jeffreybehr ..but the Lee LCT wont regret it as far as ease of use and being able to learn the process.
  7. dbarry

    dbarry Silver Member

    Feb 15, 2010
    the Buckeye state
    per Jeffrey, you cant go wrong with the turret press... I've got one and the beauty is - set it and forget it on your dies. Never unscrew a die again (unless you dont have enough turrets...)
  8. miatank


    Mar 29, 2006
    Sahuarita, AZ
    Rather than buying case length guages, spend what you can for a digital or dial caliper. You can measure the case length, the LOA of your reloads and just about anything else to do with reloading.
    I'm sure that you could get suggestions for a current product here on the forum. My Brown and Sharpe, like this one:
    has been the most used tool on my bench for over 30 years.

    dave - but I doubt I could afford one today